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Northwood NH News

November 13, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Suncook Valley Sno-Riders

13th Annual Ham & Bean Supper

When: Saturday, November 16th from 5 to 7 p.m.

Cost:  $8.00 Adult

$4.50 ages 6 to 12

Free ages 5 and under

Where:  Barnstead Parade Fire Department

305 Parade Road

Barnstead, NH  03218

Meal:  Ham, Variety of Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Cole Slaw, Roll, Drink & lots of Desserts.

Attending the dinner also gives you the opportunity to win one of our 3 frozen turkeys that we give away.



The Northwood Crankpullers Snowmobile Club will be hosting a Snowmobile Safety Course on December 14, 2013 (8am- 2pm) at the Northwood Community Center, 135 Main Street in Northwood.  For registration and to reserve your child’s spot (ages 12-15) please contact the club President Jeremy DeTrude @ 833-7063 as soon as possible as space is limited.  There is no charge for this course, lunch will be provided and no riding gear is necessary; however, please dress for the weather as we will be venturing outside.  Parents are encouraged to attend also.



Thank You


In the spirit of thankfulness Atlas wishes to thank his kind and generous Northwood community.


Atlas a “throw away” horse at the young age of three, was found at his second rescue center. He was in a state of starvation, lame, infested with worms, and very depressed when he was purchased three and a half years ago and brought to a startup farm in Northwood.  There he found a community of kind and generous Northwood residents. 


At his arrival on the farm the neighbors came out in droves to welcome him. Special homemade organic cookies were brought to him by one neighbor, apples by another, black licorice by yet another neighbor. A stall was built for him with material and labor donated by a caring carpenter. People across town thought of his needs and gave hay, corn and vegetables. 


Most of all the people in Northwood gave him love, all for a horse that has yet to give a soul a ride. Atlas has two indented ribs and therefore will never be much of a ride, but this doesn’t seem to bother the people in Northwood. 


So that being said Atlas wishes to thank his many Northwood friends for their ongoing kindness, unconditional love and generosity.  Molly Detrude, Tammy Detrude, Dylan Detrude, Laurie Lalish, Ann and Bob Knowlton, Barbara Tuttle, Ann, Barbra, Eric Stevens, Piece Time Puzzle owners Mark and Rose Stevens, Ben and Lucy Edwards, Jim and Colleen Ryan, Byron and Kathy Peck, Kathy Bono, Priscilla Merrill, Debbie, Russ Belau, Cheryl Pritchet …  Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite horse!



Cazenovia College Makes Their Mark At

First Horse Show Of The Season

Northwood horse.jpg

Haley Bell and Samantha Bogart of Cazenovia College show off their 1st places in their jumping classes.


The Cazenovia College Equestrian team hunt seat riders traveled to their first back-toback IHSA shows hosted by SUNY Geneseo at Leg Up Stables of Geneseo, NY. IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) was established in 1967. This type of horse showing for intercollegiate competition is to invite fair competition in the form of catch riding, which is when competing riders pick a random horse’s name (provided by the hosting team) out of a hat and then must compete the horse in a jumping or flat class, depending on the level of the rider.


IHSA riders are not allowed to practice on the horse. College team scoring is determined by the placement that their point riders win in their certain classes. On the morning of the show, coaches pick their certain point riders for each level and class offered and ribbons won (1st = 7pts, 2nd = 5 pts, 3rd = 4 pts, 4th = 3 pts, 5th = 2 pts, 6 = 1 pt) go towards the team’s overall score.


All team members of Cazenovia College represented the school very well by earning Reserve Champion Team at the show on Saturday, only three points behind St. Lawrence University. Captain and sophomore, Haley Bell, of Northwood, NH was the designated point rider for both the Novice fences and Novice flat classes, which proved to be beneficial as Bell went on to win both classes, contributing 14 points to Cazenovia College’s overall score. Those


ribbons not only benefited the team but also qualified Bell for the Zone 2 Region 2 competition that will be held in March, 2014. Later in the day Bell and freshman, Samantha Bogart, also of Cazenovia College, competed in a ride-off to determine the champion high point rider of the day.


Bell earned the high point title with her teammate, Bogart, coming in as the reserve champion high point rider. To round out the day, other Cazenovia College riders also joined Bell in qualifying for the Zone 2 Region 2 competition: Tayler Rohling and Amanda Graf for the Advanced Walk, Trot, Canter class, Natania Diamond for Novice Fences, and Hannah Mueller for Intermediate fences.


On the following day the Cazenovia College Equestrian team of hunt seat riders continued to dominate at the show and ride the Geneseo provided horses well. Great jumping classes were had by all Cazenovia College riders as well as the flat classes with three of the point riders winning their respective classes (Erica Sparks for Open Flat, Haley Bell for Intermediate


Flat, and Kierstyn Duggleby for Novice Flat). Karl Carichner ended the day with a solid 2nd place finish in the Walk Trot division, clinching the win for Cazenovia College over St. Lawrence University.


After this double header horse show, Cazenovia College is leading the Zone 2 Region 2 point standings over the nine teams competing in this region. The team is back in practice gearing up for their upcoming horse shows for the rest of the fall semester.



Second Grade Goes Shopping!

Norhtwood School_store_1.jpg

The second graders at Northwood School are very excited to be participating in a math unit involving money!  Students are earning coins each day and are able to shop at our second grade school store (soon to be named)!  


This project has students identifying coins, counting money, trading coins for like amounts, and making purchasing decisions.  As the year progresses, students will be responsible for making change.  


Volunteers from the community come in and help us with our banking on Thursdays and shopping on Fridays.  The second graders and their teachers would like to thank these volunteers for helping make this program so successful!


Vonda Cunningham

Ellen Gibson

Meghan Libby



Letter To The Editor


Dear Editor, 

Just how much, really, do parents in this or any other community care about their children’s education? 


As a parent, or grandparent for that matter, is it worth taking a few seconds of your time to answer that question?  I ask this because however well intended, a teacher can never care about an individual child as much as the parents. In theory.  That is, if a parent cares little then it is possible that the teacher cares more.  (The ‘care less’ are probably not reading this). 


For those parents who care a lot, regardless of any good intentions or effort by your child’s teacher,  you are about to lose any real say as to how or what your child will be taught.  School boards will become   rubber stamps for mandates on curriculum not  generated from even Concord but from Washington D.C.


These new controls are what is called the Common Core Curriculum.  The CCC has been a long time the works advocated by those that want centralized, one designed national education.  This advocacy is in spite of experience and fact that there are no masterminds anywhere - especially in Washington -  that know better than the vast variety of educators across the country. 


Oddly some teachers, not all, who were upset with the dictates of ‘No Child Left Behind’ are not objecting to the CCC which is NCLB on steroids.   CCC is being sold quite disingenuously as a national effort to improve educational standards.  It does not.  In addition it institutes a massive student data sharing program from K-12 with many other government agencies supposedly with anonymity.  Not true, your children will be tracked, in detail.


That anyone would willingly turn over the education of their children to a distant bureaucracy is irresponsible.  If you’re insulted perhaps  you deserve to be.


Joseph McCaffrey




Letter To The Editor


Dear Editor,

I would like to than Richard Doucet for the well thought reminder and review of some of the history of Veteran’s Day. We are constantly in jeopardy of forgetting.


Joseph McCaffrey




Coe-Brown Northwood Academy

Quarter 1 Honor Roll


Headmaster David S. Smith is pleased to announce the honor roll for the first quarter.


Grade 12 – Highest Honors


Jessie Carney, Samantha Corwin, Cassidy Gagne, Emilee Gancarz, Kyle Turcotte


Grade 12 – High Honors

Joseph Anatone, Grace Axelrod, Emily Blad, James Bowden Jr., Benjamin Butcher, Willden Butler, Ashley Calef, Katie Cilley, Justin Demers, Benjamin Flood, Mary Fowler, Erik Gunderson, Katlyn Hanson, Trevor Harcourt, Tyler Haroutunian, Hannah Heselton, Hannah Heyliger, Gwyneth Horne, Joshua James, Alexis LaChapelle, Derik Landry, Reno LaPanne, Tyler Lebel, Hailey Mann, Zachary May, Donald McCallion III, Shannon Mommsen, Jessica Moreshead, Liam Nunes, Taylor Olsson, Emily Reiff, Samantha Rogier, Erik Rolser, Peter Slowik, Daniel Somers, Kyle Stevens, Brandie Valentine, Sophia Wensberg, Alexander Wimsatt, Mariah Wright


Grade 12 – Honors

Samantha Bailey, Leanne Baratier, Devin Barrett, Alexandria Buiel, Devin Connors, Katharina Cozine, Emily Davis, Domenica DeLuca, Alesha Donovan, Thomas Esdale, Melissa Fallon, Samuel Fortier, John Grace, Julia Helton, Lauren Jones, Allyson LaFrance, Aidan Leavitt, Dylan Leclerc, Anna Leclere, Alden Leed, Ashley Lewis, Abigail MacCallum, Patrick Marie, Scott McGibbon, Jacob Mele, Amy Mercedes, Travis Newton, Erin Percy, Asha Plumpton, Michelle Poisson, Alexander Prevatt, Chelsea Ramsdell, Daniel Rivera, Nathan Rouff, Megan Rouillard, Alexandra Savioli, Virginia Scarponi, Tiffany Sherman, Eric Shorten, Jon Shorten, Courteney Shultz, Jordan Shurtleff, Haleigh Simmons, Michael West


Grade 11 – Highest Honors

Audrey Getman, Ashley LeBlanc, Elizabeth MacEachern, Katherine Martel


Grade 11 – High Honors

Kerry Baratier, Samantha Beaupre, Jillian Burrows, Sophia Chartier, Joshua Conrad, Liam Corless, Kyana Currier, Sarah Curtin, Claire Decker, Cierra Demers, Hjalmer DeVarney, Gregory Doane, Olivia Drew, Nicole Durell, Emma Easler, Hannah Eaton, Bryan Ekstrom, Brianna Ferreira, Caitlin Foley, Aurora Goodwin, Hannah Grady, Erika Grand, Alexander Hafez, Brianna Hanson, Katheryn Huckins, Jacob Jackman, Crystal Janvrin, Allison Jones, Anthony Jones, Bianca Ketenci, Garrett Kunz, Alicia Lee, Nicholas Lounsbury, Kyle Nelson, Gaelyn O’Dwyer, Jessica Ohrenberger, Ashley Perron, Marielle Pomerleau, Benjamin Porter, Cassandra Rogers, Nicholas Rolser, Haley Ruth, Sadie Sabina, Ashley St. Pierre, Veronica Swindell, Connor Tasker, Kate Tomaszewski, Nicole Torosian


Grade 11 – Honors

Abigail Ahern, Alyssa Bussiere, Ariel Clachar, Tyler Comte, Kianna Daudelin, Molly Gibson, Aisilyn Guivens, Hannah Herter. Anna Jennison, Quinn Kelley, Megan Leduke, Austin Leith, Lacey Locke, Hannah Mausteller, Lauren Montgomery, Jamie Pratt, Dalton-James Reynolds, Katelynn Scannell, Amy Searing, Carrigan Smith, Jacquelyn Stevens, Joseph Stevens, Jenifer Stickney, Cameron Watson, Alexander Yonchak, Luke Zollman


Grade 10 – Highest Honors

Chloe Bettencourt, Molly Boodey, Hayley Dunn, Megan Elwell, Tayla George, Arianna Gunderson, Ryu Kondrup, Brooke Laskowsky, Zachary Rheaume, Meredith Roman, Jake Scarponi, Julie Souryavong, Henry Turcotte, Hannah Woodward


Grade 10 – High Honors

Brandi Allen, Hannah Arroyo, Parker Aube, Ryan Bailey, Nicole Beaupre, Kayleigh Bounds, Callie Brochu, Hannah Carlson, Jared Carlson, Nathaniel Chagnon, Dalton Colman, Andrew Comte, Julia Cormier, Laura Cozine, Elisabeth Danis, Bailey Docko, Erin Docko, Caleb Dowe, Randall Dowling, Noah DuBois, Sydney Fisher, Lavender Goodwin, Rosemary Goodwin, Taylor Goodwin, Quinn Grady, Emily Greene, Brittany Guillemette, Claire Hammond, Julia Harcourt, Nicole Hodgdon, Cameron Lamarre, Ezekiel Langevin, Cara LaPlante, Fergus Leclere, Bethany Levenson, Collin Levenson, Jolene Levesque, Jordan Lippmeier, Damian May, Thomas Mellor, Bianca Nardi, Jared Nelson, Brianna O’Connor, William Ohrenberger, Samuel Olewine, Meghan Percy, Hayley Pierce, Billie Pingree, Jacob Pogorek, Bailey Poland, Mackenzi Prina, Maria Rainey, Max Ravenelle, Ashley Reiff, Carter Rollins, Holly Roman, Tyler Schroeder, Kristina Seavey, Kayleigh Sherman, Cole Short, Micah Sims, Megan Spainhower, Liam Taylor, Drew Tessier, Emily Therrien, Abigail Turcotte, Josef van Gerena II, Sydney Wilson


Grade 10 – Honors

Nicholas Chase, Christie Clause, Jacob Conway, Jessica Cooper, Nicholas Cutter, Casey Davies, Michael Davis, Gage Desrosiers, Jacob Dunkerley, Christen Gallant, Brian Gordon, Matthew Guckert, Michael Haddock, Sara Harris, Lily Hunt, Daphne Jordan, Wyatt Jozokos, Emily Kreps, Daniell LaFlamme, Cortney Lewis, Grace Mele, Ambar Mercedes, Jessica Miles, Kristina Mitchell, Ryan Oliver, Jason Palmer, Kayla Patten, Blake Peterson, Julie Renner, Megan Scannell, Kayci Serino, Stosh Szatko, Phaleap Taing, Andrew Therrien, Ryan Wadleigh, Dylan Wood


Grade 9 – Highest Honors

Emelia Cronshaw, Davio DeLuca, Joshua Hall, Mallory Perron, Caitlyn Pitre


Grade 9 – High Honors

Miranda Adcock, Dylan Andrews, Brody Ashley, Ryan Barnard, Emily Barnes, Summer Barnes, Cassandra Barnhart, Taylor Baxter-Orluk, Elizabeth Bisson, Amanda Bolduc, Matthew Brown, Lauren Burrows, Kira Cameron, Nora Canepa, Camryn Chick, Donovan Corless, Abigail Dupuis, Connor Edgerly, Shane Fillion, William Girard, Jillian Gordon, Alexander Gray, Nathan Griffiths, Callie Heselton, Tristan Jardon, Nicholas Jensen, Arianna Jones, Morgan Lebrecque, Jacob LaChapelle, Catherine Langdon, Caroline Lavoie, Samuel Lupinacci, Donald MacCallum, Chelsea McCallion, Sophia Menjivar, Michael Mulligan, Cassidy O’Dwyer, Noah Olewine, Anne-Marie Peacock, Zackary Pine, Nathan Pinette, Allison Pratt, Tanner Richards, Kerry Riley, Cody Schwieger, Thomas Sheehan, Joshua Sims, Jacob Snow, Shawn Spenard, Ryan St. Hilaire, Jensen Stam, Patrick Thurston, Kaylee Toleos, Sarah Turmel, Kelsey Wallace, Kylee West, William White, Noah Wiggin, Noah Wojtkowski, LilyGrace York, Abigail Zollman


Grade 9 – Honors

Isaiah Allen, Sierra Brady, Nicholas Burleigh, Alexander Bussiere, Lynzie Chase, Ryan Cunningham, Sadie Donnelly, Zacary Fraser, Sheridan Gancarz, River Groves, Brenda Hayes, Jackalynn Joy, Andrew Leas, Amanda Lee, Rebecca Masison, Derek Meyer, Gwynevere Norris, Steven O’Donnell, Katlyn Palumbo, Andrew Pease, Zachary Richards, Shannon Riley, Tatum Santos, Emery Travers, Kayla Whitcher






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