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July 1, 2015


The Scriven Arts Colony


Please welcome The Scriven Arts Colony, which has just launched to host sporadic cultural events in a circa 1790 barn in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. The Colony is located at 452 NH Route 140 in Gilmanton. It is named in honor of Jane Scriven Cumming (1904-1998), a publicist, interior decorator, and bon vivant best remembered as the author of the 1993 classic, Gilmanton Summers, still in print and available through The Gilmanton Historical Society. The Colony is the brainchild of Jane’s grandson, Bill Donahue, a Gilmanton journalist who has written for The New York Times Magazine, among other publications. Here is a link to a 2008 essay he wrote on the barn and his grandmother.  Here is a link to the Facebook page.


The 2015 calendar features two events, described below. Both events are suitable for adults and children alike. Admission is free and open to the public.


Silent Movies

Friday, August 14 at 7 p.m.

Gilmanton Silent Movie.jpg

Pianist Jeff Rapsis plays a live soundtrack to two Buster Keaton classics, Sherlock Jr. (1924; 40 minutes) and Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928; 70 minutes). Rapsis is co-founder and associate publisher of The Hippo, New Hampshire’s weekly journal covering the arts, entertainment, food, culture, and lifestyle. Prepare for this event by reading the definitive biography, Keaton, written by Gilmanton’s own Rudi Blesh in 1966.


History Talk By Gilmanton’s Own Rebecca Onion

Friday, September 4 at 7 p.m.

Gilmanton Onion.jpg

19th-Century Boyhood on Paper: Homemade Books by the Nelson Brothers of Goshen, New Hampshire

Rebecca Onion grew up in Gilmanton Corners and is now the history writer for Slate Magazine. Please join us in the barn as she gives a 45-minute talk about three little-known New Hampshire authors—the Nelson Brothers of Goshen, NH. The Nelsons were late 19th century farm boys, and in their early youth, writing on spare scraps of paper, they created a fictional universe replete with its own land masses (the Big, Round, and Long Continents,), as well as its own farm fields and wars. 


Rebecca is the daughter of longtime Gilmanton residents Anne and Perry. She is an alumna of Gilmanton Elementary, Gilford Middle School, Milton Academy (Milton, MA), Yale University, and the University of Texas at Austin (in that order). She holds a Ph.D in American Studies. Her book, Innocent Experiments: Childhood and the Culture of Public Science in the United States, will be published by the University of North Carolina Press in 2016. She currently lives in Athens, Ohio.


Gilmanton Nelson Brothers.jpg

The Nelson Brothers at home in Goshen.


Gilmanton Scriven.jpg

The Colony’s namesake, Jane Scriven Cumming, celebrating her 85th birthday in 1989.


Vintage Hill




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