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July 17, 2013


Pittsfield’s 2013 Citizen Of The Year


Congratulations to Daniel Schroth Piermarocchi on being selected as Pittsfield’s 2013 Citizen of the Year. Dan was a past Select Board member and has volunteered on or been elected to many Pittsfield Boards.  Dan is also a truly dedicated, self-less volunteer for our community.


Dan is known for his many stonewall projects – these walls are the corner stone of his volunteer work and his connection and involvement with many different groups in town.


The two Chamber of Commerce owned billboard signs on Rte. 28 needed some improvement to the bases that held them and Dan volunteered to build them out of stone and has continued to maintain them.  Dan, as a Chamber member, has also “worked” at the Children’s Store during the annual Christmas Tree Lighting event for many years. He was in the crowd control role when the event was held at the (now) PYW building. He entertained the long lines of kids (and parents) waiting outside in the cold. We now hold the Store at PES so it’s warm, but he still entertains the crowd.


He has worked tirelessly with the Beautification Committee – constructing stonewalls for the various flower beds around town and is currently working on a retaining wall at the Washington House Lot.


The Historical Society built Lyman Park and Dan volunteered to help do the stonework. It was said that he and his team worked long hours nearly every weekend during the summer for two years.  He kept everyone on the job into the fall and even during snow storms to complete the project in a timely fashion.


Dan has also volunteered his time to repair and build stonewalls at the Pittsfield Youth Athletic Park on Tilton Hill Rd.  On all of his projects, he spends quite a bit of time finding the right rock and placing it in the right place to build something that will last for years.


It’s not only groups and organizations in Pittsfield that benefit from Dan’s sense of community. We were told that a couple owned a house in town that needed paint and they were not able to do the project.  Dan rounded up some volunteers and painted the house.  Another property owner needed help fixing up a barn and Dan again, gathered some help and took on that project.  


Dan loves his community and spends a lot of time working on projects that beautify our town. He is always willing to help and doesn’t wait to be asked – he usually volunteers first. 


Thank you, Dan, for taking the time to be a great volunteer in Pittsfield!  We appreciate all that you have done.





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