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Gilmanton NH News

March 2, 2016

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Letter To The Editor


Biosolids is a nice name to what is actually “sewerage sludge.”  The name was changed to make the public feel safe using them.  It is still sewerage sludge no matter what name you give it.


My farm, Fernwood Farm, LLC, has been in my family for over 100 years and maintained without chemicals. Being a Certified Organic Producer I must adhere to the National Organic Standards.  These Standards prohibit the spreading of biosolids.  Even if I were not Certified Organic, I would still adhere to these Standards because it is good Stewardship of the Earth.  I want my granddaughters and future generations to have a safe and healthy environment.


I have researched the EPA website in addition to watchdog sites, but no matter what they say, I still  have reservations when it comes to using biosolids.  I have been a student of Environmental Science and we discussed pros and cons of biosolids.  Despite the statements regarding biosolids are safe, I still have grave concerns and will have these concerns until these treatment plants can GUARANTEE biosolids are safe.  


Are bio-solids safe?   The National Academy of Sciences has reviewed current practices, public health concerns and regulator standards, and has concluded that “the use of these materials in the production of crops for human consumption when practiced in accordance with existing federal guidelines and regulations, presents negligible risk to the consumer, to crop production and to the environment.”   (  FAQs).      


The key words here are “existing federal guidelines & regulations.” This is NOT a guarantee that biosolids are being used according to guidelines and regulations.


When you vote: 

The way the article is written can be confusing.  If you DO NOT WANT biosolids to be spread in Gilmanton you MUST VOTE “YES.”


Paula L. Gilman



Gilmanton Food Pantry & Thrift Shop News


Winter is almost over and we here at the Gilmanton Food Pantry & Thrift Shop are looking ahead to Spring and time of renewal.  As such, we have started collecting for our annual Easter Baskets. 


Included in those baskets are turkey or ham, cranberry sauce, or pineapple, stuffing, gravy, canned vegetables, potatoes, onions, pickles, olives, sugar, coffee, cereal, muffin mix, cocoa, coffee, juice, eggs, milk, margarine, rolls, cake mix and frosting.  We also try to make something special for the children.  Materials for “bunny baskets” consist of plastic or felt containers, grass, egg dye kits, plastic eggs, Easter candy, chocolate crosses, small toys/trinkets.


If you know of a Gilmanton family in need, that could use extra assistance with food, please contact Bethany Lavin @ 267-1934 or the Gilmanton Food Pantry @ 364-0114.  Please be sure to leave a call back number.


During the month of March, the Thrift Shop is featuring a $7 bag sale.  Fill a paper shopping bag for only $7.


For your added convenience, the Pantry and Thrift Shop will be open on Monday afternoons starting Monday, April 11th.


If you wish to assist with items for the Easter Baskets, or you want to be supportive at any time of the year, non-perishable food items may be dropped off at the Academy building, the Year Round Library, and at the Pantry during open hours.  Monetary donations may be brought to the Pantry or mailed to Post Office Box 16, Gilmanton, N. H. 03237.


Gilmanton Food Pantry & Thrift Shop is an outreach program of the Gilmanton Community Church.  Visit us on Facebook at: and we thank you for your patronage and support.


Hours: Wednesday, 3-6 pm and Saturday, 10 am-2 pm.

Telephone:  603-364-0114.

Location:  Route 140, Gilmanton Iron Works.

Parking & Entrance:  Gilmanton Community Church Parking Lot.

Mailing Address:  Post Office Box 16, Gilmanton, N. H. 03237.



Gilmanton Year Round Library

March Calendar Of Events


Adult Programming

• 4th – Yoga 4:00

• 10th – Magic the Gathering 6pm

• 11th – A Night with Spirit! 6:00

• 17th – Magic the Gathering 6pm

• 18th – Yoga 4:00

• 24th – Magic the Gathering 6:00

• 25th – Crafting with the Clumsy 3:15

• 31st – Magic the Gathering 6:00


Children’s Programming           

• 2nd – Story Time 10:30

• 3rd – Story Time 1:30

• 9th – Story Time 10:30

• 10th – Story Time 1:30

• 16th – Story Time 10:30

• 17th – NO STORY TIME

• 23RD – Story Time 10:30

• 24th – Afternoon at the Movies 1:15 – Hotel Transylvania II

• 30th – Story Time 10:30

• 31st – Oh! The Places You’ll Go! 3:15






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