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Gilmanton NH News

February 24, 2016

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To Gilmanton Year-Round Library Neighbors:

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the strong show of support at the deliberative session.  We would also like to update everyone on the outcome of the meeting and outline our path toward voting day on March 8th.


Warrant Article #4 on the ballot is our petition article requesting multi-year funding for the Year-Round Library.  As you know, this article is the result of collaboration between Town Officials and the GYRLA Board of Directors.  This joint effort has involved cooperation and compromise.  We feel that getting to this point has been a huge step in a positive direction.


The original article was for three years of funding at a total cost of $150,000.  This required a public hearing and a 3/5th majority to pass.  The amended version, which was approved at the Deliberative Session, is for two years of funding at a total cost of $95,000.  While this article will still require a 3/5th majority to pass, there is no requirement to have a public hearing.


Article #21 is our request for $50,000 to fund the Year-Round Library for one year.  This article only requires a simple majority to pass.  It will be void if Article #4 passes.


Every vote is going to be crucial in order for us to reach the 3/5th majority.  It is also extremely important to note that “Yes” votes are needed on both articles.  We are fortunate to have both articles recommended by both the Selectmen and the Budget Committee.


We encourage you to help spread the word to neighbors regarding the value of the Year-Round Library to your community.  Your vote will make the difference on March 8th!


 Chris Schlegel,

The Gilmanton Year-Round Library Board of Directors



Laconia Adult Education

Chinese Cooking Class


Laconia Adult Education will offer a (5) five week Chinese cooking class beginning on Thursday, March 3, 2016. The class will meet from 6:00-8:30 p.m. Cooking Chinese food is fun, taste great and smells delicious during the cooking process said Peggy Selig, Program Director.


In this hands-on class, Yan Li will introduce students on the basics of Chinese cooking. The sessions teaches students how to choose, use, and care for woks, cleavers, and other Chinese cooking utensils.


Students will learn about Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques, including spices, stir frying, folding won-tons, and roasting in a wok.


Come and learn how to create easy recipes and tips for every day Chinese cooking in your home. Healthy cooking is only a few steps away. Learn to make Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, handmade wonton soup, vegetable and seafood stir fry and perfectly steamed jasmine rice plus lots more.


Secrets to master Chinese Cooking are only a phone call away! You will learn techniques which can be adopted in your own every day home cooking. All new recipes will be introduced during this fun five week adventure into Chinese Cooking. Bring your appetite as each week students in the class will enjoy the delicious Chinese dishes that are made in class. 


Call the Laconia Adult Education Office at 524-5712 to enroll in this exciting and innovative Chinese Cooking Class that begins on Thursday, March 3, 2016.



Laconia Adult Education Offers Workshops In REIKI / ENERGY HEALING


REIKI healing is one of the most ancient methods known to man. In its simplest terms, REIKI is a natural, gentle, non-invasive healing method. It is used to heal physical, emotional and spiritual issues that many people are coping with. It allows the body to re-establish its own natural balance by restoring order to the body, clears energy blockages and detoxifies our physical systems. We receive many benefits from the deep relaxation that the REIKI process brings to a person.


The classes train you to perform REIKI healings. Level One (I) training gives you the ability to do healing on yourself and your family. Level Two (II) training extends your healing capability to help balance the mind, body and spirit and gives you the knowledge to heal others as well as animals.  A REIKI Review and Re-Attunement class will also be offered.


The instructor, Carol Wallace, is a certified REIKI Master instructor and has a private practice in Alton Bay, NH. She has extensive experience providing one-on-one client counseling, using the REIKI healing process and teaching all levels of REIKI.


A “FREE” Energy Healing/Reiki: Come & Learn About It demonstration will be offered on Monday, March 7th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Laconia High School. Please call the Laconia Adult Education Office at 524-5712 to register.


REIKI Level I Certification will be held for one week on Monday, March 14th and Wednesday, March 16th from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. The REIKI Level II Certification will be held for one week starting Monday, March 21st   and Wednesday, March 23rd from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. The REIKI Re-Attunement class will meet on Monday, March 28th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  All classes will be held in the Media Center at Laconia High School. Call the Laconia Adult Education Office at 524-5712 for tuition information and to register.



Harvest Bible Church News


The winter cold has not stopped the families at Harvest Bible Church from enjoying some social events. In January a fun night of family games, pizza and great fellowship was enjoyed by a joyful group of people of all ages. The pizza was homemade and delicious!


On February 14th a potluck dinner was served after the service. A large variety of yummy looking food was enjoyed by all in attendance. One could certainly feel the love of God at this feast on Valentines Day. Speaking of a feast the ladies at Harvest Bible will be enjoying a time of fellowship and learning about the feasts of Israel. We will meet once a month for this teaching and also be sampling traditional Jewish food. A greater understanding of the feasts of Israel helps us better grasp the Old Testament and how it points to Christ. There is also a men’s theology bible study group that meets every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesday. We have a bible study group that meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday which is currently studying from the book of 1 Thessalonians. All of these studies are aimed at offering enlightenment, encouragement and hope as well as a greater understanding of God’s word.


Pastor Nate continues to preach through the gospel of John, giving us all a greater understanding of the life of Jesus Christ. On January 31 we enjoyed a sermon from one of the elders, Terry Melle who preached a powerful sermon entitled “Men and Leadership”. I would encourage all men and women to listen to it and all the other sermons that are available on our website Our services begin at 9am and we offer nursery services for babies and toddlers and junior church for children 4 years old to 3rd grade. If you are looking for a place to worship we are located at 1803 NH Route 140, Gilmanton Iron Works.





Gilmanton Voters,

I have been a Gilmanton resident for almost 50 years and I have been the closest to the bio solid operation. I am very surprised that my husband and I were overlooked and unaware of the underhanded and secretive petition brought around against the bio solid operation without any questions being asked of those in the know about its uses and any possible dangers. The people who spoke against and signed the petitions are not backed up by facts, but only personal opinions.


The bio solid trucks come and go across our driveway and as a Mother, Grandmother, and Great-grandmother of family right here in the area, I am insulted to think that anyone would even think that my husband and I would put our most prized possessions in any kind of danger.


As to the smell, we live in the country and have accepted neighboring manure smells (not endorsed by Avon), helping to round-up pigs, horses, cows wandering on our property as well as early morning roosters, chickens, and more noises. The bio solid smell only lasts a short time.


I suggest that those ignorant of bio solid values for the preservation of beautiful fields, and its non-harmful effects, to read up more closely on the issues and perhaps they will better understand its necessities and be able to vote intelligently for its non-interrupted continuance in the coming election voting. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL FARMERS.



a concerned voter,

Janice McWhinnie






Attention Gilmanton residents:

The minutes from the Town Deliberative Session held on Jan. 30, 2016 are on the town website.  They are concise, but I believe they missed a few key points of the discussion of Article #3 regarding  Bio-solids (aka Sludge).


First, the definition of the term sludge should have been included.  It means “ any solid, semisolid or liquid waste generated from municipal, commercial or industrial waste water treatment plant.” (EPA RCAA (26A)).  These are the remains after the liquids have been removed from sewage.  The contaminants in this sludge could include hazardous waste, chemicals, viruses, bacteria and heavy metals such as mercury, zinc and lead.


Secondly, the reason that I mentioned the article regarding over 600 tons of sludge being spread on a field at a cost savings of less than $600.00 over commercial fertilizer was to also state the REAL cost to the area residents of Greenland, NH.  Conditions included respiratory/breathing issues and rashes, but I think the worst tragedy was the death of 26 year old Shayne Conner (See


The health and welfare of our families, pets, water, land and that of our neighbors is too valuable to risk.  Any cost savings that the use of Bio-solids may claim to offer our local farmers is not enough to sway my vote this time.


On March 8th, please join me and vote YES on Article #3 to ban the use of Bio-Solids (Class A and Class B) in our town.


Thank you,

Barbara E. Swanson






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