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Gilmanton NH News

June 19, 2013

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Gilmanton Softball.jpg

Congratulations to the Gilmanton Youth Organization Girls Minors Softball team sponsored by Piches Ski and Sport Shop on their undefeated season. The GYO Girls Minors Softball team ended their season with a championship trophy in their league. In the picture, starting in the top row from left to right are Assistant Coach Sarah Meserve, Alexis Flynn, Kyla Mercier, Maddie Rector, Coach Dennis Rector, Alyssa Gosselin, Sydney Rainville, Teá Rodney, Natalie Brown and Assistant Coach Michelle Heyman. In the first row from left to right are Kylie Rector, Madison Heyman, Paige Meserve, Hannah Lord and Stevie McSharry.



Stockwell Scholarship Awarded


On June 6, 2013, the Ellis-Geddes-Levitt, Gilmanton Unit #102 of the American Legion Auxiliary awarded the Stockwell Scholarship to Brianna Bowen. The Scholarship is awarded annually by the Auxiliary to a Gilmanton graduating senior high school student who is pursuing further education.  Ms. Bowen’s award-winning essay, “Proud to be an American,” was chosen from among the eleven applying senior submissions. The Auxiliary’s purpose is to further Americanism and support Veterans, military and their families. This annual award encourages students to consider the importance of contributions to the community and society.



Proud To Be An American

Brianna Bowen


On Veteran’s Day this year, my teacher asked my class, “How many of you have parents that have served our country?” I quickly stuck my hand in the air and was shocked when I looked around the room and saw that no other hands were up. It was in that moment that I felt an overwhelming pride for my dad and all he had done for our country; I was one of the lucky few to grow up in the wake of a true hero. 


People take advantage too often of being able to live in the United States of America. Maybe it is because we have grown up our whole lives with freedom, we have forgotten what it is like to have none at all. We have forgotten that there was a time not too long ago when women didn’t have the right to vote and African Americans were slaves and children could not speak unless spoken to. Even on holidays dedicated to remembering and giving thanks to our American heroes, like my dad, people do not truly appreciate what has been given to be able to live the lives we do today. 


Every day I make it a point to step back and be grateful for all the small things that I can enjoy thanks to the courage of our American troops. Brave men and women risk their lives each and every day so we continue to have our freedom, but most people don’t give it a second thought. I am thankful for being able to read the books I want, and for being able to go on the internet and not have the government control what I see or do. I am thankful for being able to have a vote in who leads my country and for being able to travel whenever and wherever I please. I am thankful for being able to choose a political party and not being forced to have certain beliefs. I am thankful for being able to have the opportunity to pursue higher education and having the right to choose whatever I want as an occupation. America is truly the Land of Opportunity. I am thankful that I can freely express my opinion without fear of punishment and can worship any religion I choose, if any. I am thankful and proud that my country is the world’s super power and that I can feel safe walking around outside even when other countries threaten to destroy us. I am even more proud to say that my dad is among the many great Americans who would, without thought, sacrifice their own life to protect these same freedoms many people take for granted. 


Nothing makes me more proud to be an American than the bravery of this country’s people. I wake up every morning and could not be happier to call this place my home. God bless the USA, and God bless all of those who have given their lives to make mine the way it is.



Gilmanton2 Baseball.jpg

Congratulations to the Gilmanton Youth Organization Boys Minors 2 Baseball team sponsored by Piches Ski and Sport Shop on a great season.  The GYO Boys Minors 2 Baseball team ended their season in third place in their league playoffs. In the picture, starting in the top row from left to right are Assistant Coach Bill Booth, Coach Jason Vachon, Devan Puoplo and Assistant Coach Jay Poire. In the second row from left to right are Connor Caldon, Danny Cameron, Peyton Vachon, Kyle Poire, Dylan Booth and Romulus Harris. In the first row from left to right are Remus Harris, Derek Wirth, Joey Dubois, Zacary Bittle and Blake Descoteaux.



Gilmanton Women’s Club 

Submitted By Phyllis Danby, Tech Person


The Gilmanton Women’s Club will meet at the home of Helen Hawkins, 96 North Road, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH on Monday, July 1, 2013, at 1:30 pm. Remember to bring your food items for the GCC Food Pantry.


We are always looking and happy to welcome all women residing in Gilmanton to join us. Come a few minutes early for coffee and fellowship with this fun group.


Also, come and visit us at our table outside of the Tavern Inn at the 4th of July Parade, Gilmanton Corners, and treat yourself to freshly made donuts, coffee, water, baked goods, raffle tickets, etc.  


For more information please call Bernadette Gallant, President at 364-7709 or visit our web site at:  Community  Gilmanton Women’s Club or: [The second web address takes you directly to their page].



The Old Country Fiddler At Gilmanton Historical Society

Gilmanton GHS_Adam_Boyce.jpg

Adam Boyce brings “The Old Country Fiddler” Charles Ross Taggart to the

Gilmanton Historical Society on Tuesday, June 25th, 7:30 pm.


Enjoy some real country fiddling and learn about the career of Charles Ross Taggart, who toured the country with his fiddle for more than 40 years in the early 20th century. Adam Boyce brings his story to the Gilmanton Historical Society on Tuesday evening, June 25th, 7:30 pm at the Old Town Hall on Route 140 in Gilmanton Iron Works. The program is supported by the New Hampshire Humanities Council.


Refreshments and social hour begin at 7 pm; the program begins promptly at 7:30.  The Society’s Museum is also open at 7 pm.  The program is free and open to the public; donations to support the work of the Society are gratefully received.


The Society’s summer series is presented on the 4th Tuesday of each month, May through September.  Gilmanton Architecture is Richard Guy Wilson’s subject in July; Pat Clarke presents the history of the Gilmanton Academy in August. The summer’s final program, in September features New Hampshire in the Age of Clipper Ships with Glenn Knoblock. 


The Gilmanton Historical Society offers a number of publications on the history of the Town.  They are available at all Society programs, at the Town Clerk’s Office, and at the Brick House in Gilmanton Corners.   The Society’s Museum, at Old Town Hall is open Saturdays from 10 am until noon, and at 7 pm before each of the summer programs.  



Local Middle Level Students Receive Prestigious Awards


Lauren Dean and Ethan Warren, students in Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, were honored at the Fourteenth Annual Scholar Leader Awards Banquet, held at the Center of New Hampshire in Manchester, New Hampshire, on May 30, 2013. Each student was presented with a plaque recognizing his or her achievements. The criteria for being chosen to receive the Middle Level Scholar Leader Award include demonstrating academic initiative and scholarship, providing service to classmates and school, exemplifying positive attitudes, and demonstrating leadership in the classroom and school activities.


Over three hundred seventy-five guests, including students, educators, and parents, attended this year’s banquet, which celebrated the achievements of middle level students who are representative of the many outstanding young adolescents in middle level schools in New Hampshire. The guests included eighty-one students from forty schools from all over the state. 


The Middle Level Scholar Leaders Award is organized annually by the New Hampshire Association for Middle Level Education (NHAMLE) and the New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS), with supporting sponsorship from Lifetouch National School Studios. 


For more information about the Scholar Leader Award program, please contact NELMS. 



Gilmanton School’s Most Improved Students


Carol Locke, Principal of the Gilmanton School, congratulates the following students for being selected as most improved student of the 2012-2013 School Year. Listed is student name followed by their teacher’s name.


Hunter Kingsbury, Hollingsworth; Emily Knibbs, LaCroix; Aidan MacLeod, Zack; Audrey Thurston, Smith; Mason Cotnoir, Comeau; Isabella Cottrell, Comeau; Calvin Center, Akerstrom; Shannon Burton, Friend; Jackson Rouse, Perrin; Ethan Hunt, Tothill; Blake Descoteaux, Phillips; Katie Hackley, Harbilas; Maddie Rector, Harbilas; Noah Bolduc, Osmer; John Hunt, Osmer; Michaela Worral, 6th Grade; Sarah Fillion, 7th Grade; Cynthia Gagnon, 8th Grade.



Gilmanton School 2012-2013 Citizens Of The Year


The following Citizens of the Year lists student followed by their teacher.


Logan Rouse, LaCroix - K; Miah Siravo, LaCroix - K; Jared Beale, Swiezynski - K; Tessa Richardson, Swiezynski - K; Blaiden Brown, Hollingsworth - K; Ella Kelliher, Hollingsworth - K; Lily Hufschmid, Smith - 1; Jacob Young, Smith - 1; Zachary Dube, Comeau - 1; Jovie Smith, Comeau - 1; Kaylene Messer, Zach - 1; James Vallee, Zach - 1; Autumn Maltais, Akerstrom - 2; Izaak Walton, Akerstrom - 2; Alex Burnham, Day - 2; Ashley Sanderson, Day - 2; Claire Bartley, Friend - 3; Danielle Giardini, Perrin - 3; Stevie McSharry, Phillips - 4; Atyra Perry, Tothill - 4; Ramsey Landry, Harbilas - 5; Baylee Gill, Osmer - 5; Emily Waite, Hayes - 6; Joey Laurendeau, Macdonald - 6; Connor Adel, Grade 7; Lauren Dean, Grade 7; Hayden Peaslee, Grade 8; Rachel Williams, Grade 8.



Gilmanton Summer Fling

Gilmanton facepainting.jpg

Bring your family to join us for The first Gilmanton Summer Fling on June 29th from 9-5. The event is on the Gilmanton Year-Round Library grounds and will provide a fun-filled day full of activities for the whole family. From antique cars, live music, food from the grill, face-painting, book and plant sales, local crafters, a petting zoo, raffles, field events, crafts for the kids - it’s a day full of events to put a smile on everyone’s face! 

All proceeds will benefit the Gilmanton Year - Round Library’s fundraising efforts. There is still vendor space available. Any questions can be directed to [email protected] or 603-364-6400.



MacDonald Family Singers To Perform In Gilmanton


On Sunday, June 30th at 6:00 p.m. The MacDonald Family Singers will perform a concert at the United Church on Route 140 in Gilmanton Iron Works, followed  by a time of refreshments and fellowship. 


The MacDonald family performs a variety of music at each concert ranging from bluegrass gospel to sacred classical and more.  They bring fifteen to twenty instruments with them to each concert including a standard bluegrass band (banjo, guitar, mandolin, and upright bass) and a brass quartet (a trumpet, french horn, tuba, and trombone).


The MacDonald Family Singers is a homeschooling family made up of nine members; the children range in age from thirteen to twenty-eight and started with just a vocal program. As the children grew, instruments and more musical styles were added. Their repertoire includes original Scripture melodies, a cappella hymns, traditional, gospel bluegrass, and sacred classical. They sing at churches, nursing and retirement homes, community events, camps, senior centers, and other various venues.  With the purchase of a bus in 2003, the MacDonald family has had the opportunity to make several cross-country singing tours per year. Their albums, Honey In The Rock, Power In The Blood, and Glorify The Lord With Me are available for free download.  The MacDonalds count it a privilege to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ where ever they go. 


Samples of their music, their schedule, photos, as well as detailed profiles of each family member can be found on their website:  


Laurie met Victor’s parents, Dr. William and Madeline MacDonald, back in 1981 during the last year of her studies with Dr. Paul Rutman at The Hartt School of Music. Victor had already finished his Biblical Studies at Gordon College a year before. Both being very active in their church and school music departments while growing up, it became a joy to serve the Lord together with their family.


For additional information, please call 267-6346.






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