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Gilmanton NH News

March 6, 2013

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Read Across America At Gilmanton Corner Library


Read Across America is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss. Motivating children to read is an important factor in student achievement and creating lifelong readers. 


Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend more time reading do better in school.


The Gilmanton Corner Library has over 25 Dr. Seuss books and DVDs. Please join us in our celebration of Read Across America with Dr. Seuss and receive Free hats, tattoos, badges and activity pages.


Looking for something to do on those cold weekends? Pick up free museum passes to the Currier Museum, Manchester with the Samari Exhibit, The SEE Science Kids Museum, Manchester, that lets the whole family plus grandparents in, and the New Hampshire Historical Museum a beautiful museum to learn about New Hampshire’s past.


Please call 267-6200 to request a book or renew a book, Mondays & Wednesdays 3:00-5:00 pm, Saturdays 10:00 am-12:00 pm.




Please Vote Yes On Article #38. “It’s A Matter Of Dollars And Sense.”


Dear Gilmanton Taxpayers:

Article #38 provides an opportunity to make and save money for our community. It’s a simple matter of dollars and sense.  Here’s how it adds up. 


By recycling, we increase income from the sale of recyclables. If recyclables are kept out of the dumpster (waste stream) we decrease our trash expenses. It’s as simple as that! FYI: about 50% of our transfer station budget is used to haul and dispose trash. Feeling overwhelmed?


For new recyclers, help is on the way.  A 3-part support system will help get you started.


1. Our Select-Rep’s will outline simple to follow guidelines that will help us transition to unified recycling.


2. Our Transfer station employees will provide support, encouragement and education.


3. A team of volunteers will help get you started. We’ll work with you to set-up a recycling system that works for you and your home.


The steps to make this a successful program are in place. All we need now to make it possible is your support. Please vote “Yes.”



Lori Baldwin




Two Peas In A Pod


Dear Fellow Gilmanton Resident:

We have a three person Board of Selectmen so it is very important that we elect selectmen that are truly independent. On March 12th, we can elect Betty Ann Abbott to serve as a truly independent voice as our next Selectman!


Betty Ann is not only knowledgeable, dependable and thorough; she will not be unduly influenced. She has previously served us as Selectman including as Chairperson. She was not a rubber stamp for anyone and delved into issues to reach the best results for the Town. She will be a good steward of our tax dollars and bring much needed professionalism to the Board.


While I am thrilled to vote for such an outstanding candidate as Betty Ann, I am worried that my fellow voters will listen to and fall prey to glad handing and good old boy promises from her opponent, Don Guarino. His prior record as selectman shows inconsistency in terms of attendance, punctuality and follow through on issues.


We don’t need a selectman that is unorganized or inattentive to details. We need a selectman who is independent and not a rubber stamp for another selectman. Don Guarino actively campaigned and supported Brett Currier last year and it is clear to me they would be two peas in a pod. This is not the kind of leadership our town deserves.


I encourage you to vote for Betty Ann Abbott for Gilmanton Selectman. She will be an independent voice!



Terri Donovan




Letter To The Editor


I write in support of Don Guarino for selectman in Gilmanton. Town folk should ask themselves one question before casting their vote: do I want to be represented by a believer in small, efficient government and local control or is it better to be represented by a quixotic promoter of centralized governmental power?


With government now consuming in excess of 40% of gross domestic product and the ever present cry for more revenue, I hope that the voters of Gilmanton will opt in favor of a man of common sense who will place his community and its needs above any sense of personal entitlement.


Don is tapped into the very fiber of Gilmanton and has served the community with honor and attention to duty.


Please give him your vote on March 12.


Dick Burchell

State Rep. Gilmanton and Alton, District 5



NH GOP Chairman Jennifer Horn To Address

Belknap County Republican Committee


The next meeting of the Belknap County Republican Committee will be held on Wednesday, March 13 at 6:30 pm at the Top of the Town Restaurant, 88 Ladd Hill Rd, Belmont.  Guest speaker at the meeting will be Jennifer Horn, recently elected Chairman of the NH Republican State Committee. Chairman Horn will share her plans for the NH GOP, provide insight into how she intends to accomplish them, and then lead a Round-Table Discussion with members and guests at the meeting.


Belknap County Republican Committee meetings are open to all Republicans and like-minded Independents.  Although the county Republican meeting begins at 6:30 pm, if you’re interested in having dinner (at your option) and/or wish to socialize before the meeting, please plan to arrive as early as 5:00 p.m.


In an effort to help those in the community who are less fortunate, the Committee asks that each attendee bring a non-perishable food item to the meeting for distribution to local food pantries.


For more information, please check or send an email to [email protected].




Under Utilized Community Resource


Gilmanton – does it make economic sense to separate recyclables from your trash?


First, Gilmanton is ideally positioned for separation of recyclables because of its population, current recycling facility and associated land, and ability to market processed recyclables. 


From 2007 to 2011, our cost to incinerate trash has gone up $24.25 per ton. The 2012 rate was $66.80 per ton. Costs to haul have gone up $5,234.60. This contract is to be negotiated this year and the hauling company has been sold. As you can clearly see, disposal costs have and will rise. That’s the downside of trash. 


In 2011, we spent $290,000 plus on the Transfer Station. This year we are budgeted for around $267,000, but with contract negotiations for hauling and disposing pending, who knows? What we do know for sure is that the more we divert from the waste stream, the more we process that material, the greater the savings and higher the revenue. So I feel the answer to my question is yes. If we come together as a community with a common goal of reduction in volume of our trash, it does make sense.  Let’s not let that revenue stream, our trash, become a whirlpool that sucks our dollars down the drain.


Action now (voting) is wiser than sitting aside and sighing and waiting and watching the costs rise.


Don’t waste your waste. Vote Yes on Article #38.


Tom Scribner






Don Guarino is campaigning for the position of Selectman in Gilmanton so I’d like to give you a little information about him before you vote in a few weeks.


I’ve had the opportunity to attend many Selectman meetings while Don was Selectman a couple of years ago and saw him work to keep our Town budget low, understand and work side by side with all town departments and commissions, and still find time to help anyone who came before him at the Selectman’s weekly meetings.


Don is not someone to shy away from any issue and does his research when he needs to know more.  He was terrific when the pressure was on between the Town and our School District and handled that, and all related meetings, with understanding and control.  He is a hard working person who will not overlook anyone who comes before him and gives them all due respect and attention.


Please consider his record and vote Yes for Don Guarino as Gilmanton’s next Selectman.  


Our town elections are on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, from 7 am to 7 pm at the Academy Building.  See you at the poles.


Elena Ball

Gilmanton Iron Works



Letter To The Editor


We urge our friends and neighbors to join us in voting for Betty Ann Abbott for Gilmanton Selectman on Tuesday, March 12.  Betty Ann has extensive experience in the workings of local government, both as a Selectman and working in the Town Clerk’s office.   We know that she will keep in mind the best interests of all of the Town’s citizens, and will be open to suggestions and input from a wide spectrum of opinions.


Carolyn and Peter Baldwin, 






Dear Gilmanton Residents:

I would like to be, as your Selectman, more proactive in attracting business to the business district on Route 106. The State of New Hampshire has a Film Board that works to attract production companies to this beautiful state.  I would like to establish a board of professional business leaders who would assist the Selectmen in this venture.  The Speedway is next door, maybe a large hotel chain would look at Gilmanton.  I imagine that in the future this business district can be a great source of property tax revenue.



Don Guarino



Letter To The Editor


Dear Editor:

We are writing to support Betty Ann Abbott who is running for Selectman in Gilmanton. She previously served as a Selectman from 2008 to 2011 and has decided to run again. She has a record of being informed on the issues, following through on commitments and providing leadership.  She also has served as Deputy Town Clerk and Tax Collector prior to that for 3 years.  She is very familiar with our town operations and the laws and regulations that govern it.  She has an impressive prior career in business, working for large and small companies.  We need that kind of skill and talent on the board.


It is important to have a balanced board. We believe varied work experience, skill sets, interests, and gender work to enhance the committees in our town. We feel Betty Ann will bring the balance this Board needs. She has the independence, determination and skills to address the increasingly complicated issues our town is facing.  She will not be influenced by politics and personal agendas that undermine the integrity of the office to the detriment of the town.


In the last year, there has been an inordinate number of nonpublic sessions to deal, allegedly, with so-called personnel matters or items that would affect a person’s reputation.  We have no idea what has been said in those sessions, but it is important that our Selectmen, when acting, are mindful of our state and town regulations and respect the laws of due process. Betty Ann’s experience in Human Resources will be a valuable needed asset. 


We believe that Betty Ann Abbott is the best person at this time for the job.  Please join us in voting for her.


Deborah Chase and John Funk 

Nancy Girard 

Gena Sapiro and Graham Wilson

Meg and Joe Hempel 

Robert Ronstadt 

Meg Nighswander

Ella Jo Regan

Nancy Ball and Mark Mallory

Heather and Christopher Hottel

Nancy Way

Stan and Alice Bean 

Mary Alice and Allan McCulloch





Dear Gilmanton Residents,

My name is Malcolm MacLeod. I am asking for your support as a candidate for the Gilmanton School Board. 


I have lived in NH for the majority of my life.  I have a degree in accounting and I currently work in business to business sales.  My wife and I moved to Gilmanton three years ago. We have been blessed with four children, two of whom are currently attending Gilmanton School and two more who will be attending in the future. My wife and I have enjoyed our experience as parents of Gilmanton School students. Our school is a welcoming and positive environment for our children.


I applied to fill-in for a short time as a member of the school board and I was honored with being selected to fill that position. This was my first experience in public service and I spent the time learning about the processes involved in running our school, as well as some of the opportunities and challenges we face as Gilmanton residents. 


Our school needs to be managed in a fiscally conservative way to minimize or reduce the tax burden while providing each student with an education which meets their individual needs. I don’t have all the answers, but I believe in the power of people to work together to solve problems. I have learned to expect some lively discussion and strong opinions while we work to determine the best path to take for the people of Gilmanton and its school. If elected to continue to serve on the school board, my goals will be to improve communication between the town and the school, and to find the balance between fiscal discipline and maintaining the quality education and positive atmosphere which exists at our school.


Please vote for me on March 12. 2013.


Malcolm MacLeod.

Gilmanton, NH






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