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Gilmanton NH News

February 13, 2013

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Dear Residents of Gilmanton:

I am running for the position of Selectman.  Many of you remember me from the years I spent behind the desk in the Town Clerk’s Office. Since that time, I have served one term as Selectman and three years on the Budget Committee.  Over the years I have learned a lot about how the Town works, how it is financed, and how it is managed on a day-to-day basis. I also have heard a great deal from many people about what affects them and what is important to them.


I know that the challenges are great, that there are often, perhaps always, conflicting interests at play.  I come to the decision to run again for Selectman with no self-interest, no agenda other than to try to balance the needs of the people with the wants of the people, but first and foremost, promising to abide by the existing rule of the people, as set down in ordinances and laws.


I further promise not only to pay heed to the loud and present voice, but also to seek out the silent voice of those not present, as well as the quiet voice of tradition and history.  I seek to listen respectfully and to decide fairly.


I hope you will show your support for me by voting for me on Tuesday, March 12 and, no matter what, pay attention to what the Board is doing and make your voices heard!



Betty Ann Abbott





My wife and I received a call from the Gilmanton Year Round Library. It is similar to calls made in previous years. “Support the Year Round Library at this year’s election, scheduled for March 12, 2013. Forget about the rest of the town’s expenditures; just vote to support the library.”


I am ashamed of the GYRL committee’s choice to behave in such an unprofessional manner.  


I then realized something I had not thought of before: It is not that the GYRL is ashamed of their tactics. It is that they are ashamed of the Library! Why else would they sneak around behind the town’s back and contact the citizens of Gilmanton like lazy Uncle Joe, who calls family members for money to help him get through his daily crisis.


It is better to let Uncle Joe starve a little to appreciate how hard work can really be satisfying.


Stop calling me for handouts and work a little bit harder to appreciate your rewards. This Library did not have to be as divisive if things had been handled correctly in the first place, like being honest with the taxpayers and working hard and taking pride in your own efforts.


Rick Lucas




Gilmanton Fire Dept. News


The Gilmanton Fire Department now utilizes a new communications service that allows us to send important, valuable community information directly to residents using the latest technology.


The Nixle Community Information Service allows us to create and publish messages to be delivered to subscribed residents instantly via cell phone text message and/or email. Notifications can also be accessed online at Nixle’s website at


Messages may include alerts about impending weather conditions, large scheduled or emergency events as well as other relevant safety and community event information.


Chief Hempel hopes that the residents of the Town of Gilmanton will utilize this service. “This is a free, yet valuable service that we can provide to our residents to keep them notified about emergency or routine issues that may affect them.”


The service is secure, reliable and easy to use for our group.


The messages can be sent specifically to residents registered within a ¼ mile radius, giving them the opportunity to receive trustworthy information relevant only to their neighborhood. Residents decide from which local agencies they want to receive information. Subscribers can also choose the way in which alerts are received, whether it is by email, text message, or over the web.


Nixle builds on the foundations of other public-to-public communication services, such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, but adds a key component: security. When citizens receive information from our agency via Nixle, they know it can be trusted.


Residents of the Town of Gilmanton and those in neighboring communities can immediately begin receiving pertinent information via text message, email, and web by registering at


We are very excited to have you experience it for yourself.



GCC Food Pantry And Thrift Shop News


There are still several weeks of cold weather left even if Punxsutawney Phil did predict an early spring.  So come on down to the GCC Thrift shop between Monday, February 4th and Saturday, March 2nd and grab some great winter clothing and accessories for the entire family at our winter Bag Sale. You get a brown paper bag for $5.00 and you can fill it with anything in the shop.  


We have lots of beautiful clothing for the whole family still available and many brand name items.  Come on down and get some really great bargains and help to support a great cause at the same time.  We look forward to seeing you at our semi-annual Bag Sale that runs Feb. 4th to March 2nd !


As always, if you wish to make a donation of food or clothing to the GCC Food Pantry and Thrift Shop, we ask that you bring it to the shop during our business hours. Food can be left in one of the collection boxes located at the Academy Building, the Gilmanton School or the Year Round Library.  Checks can be mailed to us at PO Box 6, Gilmanton Iron Works, 03837.  


We are located on Route 140 in Gilmanton Iron Works, across from the Iron Works Market.  We are open on Monday 1pm – 5pm, Wednesday 3pm – 7pm, and Saturday 10am – 2pm.  Parking is located in the Gilmanton Community Church parking lot just west of the shop.


We thank you for your continued support of the Food Pantry and all of its programs. Remember that sales from the Thrift Shop go to support the Pantry.


The GCC Food Pantry and Thrift Shop will be closed on Monday, February 18th for Presidents Day.






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