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Epsom NH News

January 9, 2019

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The movie matinee at the Epsom Library on Wednesday, January 16 at 1: 30 is “In Harm’s Way.”  After the attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed Americans’ morale, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to risk it all and bomb Tokyo.  Following  the bombardment, the crews are forced to bail out over coastal China due to lack of fuel.  A young local widow risks her life to hide the injured American pilot.



Recycling Changes Coming For 2019


New guidelines for separation and contamination of recyclables. All items; bottles, cans, paper and cardboard must be free of food residue, liquids and grease.  Think “Clean in the Recycle Stream.”  We cannot sell product to the marketplace that does not meet strict guidelines. Rejected loads are very costly to the District. Dirty recyclables end up in the trash. So please help us keep costs down and revenue flowing by RINSING AND SORTING AT HOME FIRST. 


Please be aware, a large separation shift for plastics is taking place at the facility. Beginning in early 2019, we will no longer be accepting #1 - #7 plastics all in one bin.  The ONLY plastic we will be processing for recycling is: #1’s and #2’s


#1 PETE – think bottles like water, juice and soda, or plastic jars like mayo, peanut butter, or spaghetti sauce –rinsed out and food residue removed. 


NEVER anything made from black plastic.


#2 HDPE Natural – think CLEAR store brand jugs that contain milk, cider, orange juice and water – clear or “translucent” ONLY in this category – empty of all liquid.


#2 HDPE Colored – assorted colored bottles such as detergent, plastic coffee containers, etc.– rinsed and emptied.  NEVER anything made from black plastic. 


All other plastic products belong in the trash.   


AS ALWAYS, containers that held automotive oil, automotive fluids, pesticides, chemicals, and Medical Waste SHOULD BE DISPOSED OF in the trash.  Bring needles “sharps” into the office.


Look for our new brochure just posted to the website! 


Brochures available at the transfer station and your local town offices. 



Letter To The Editor


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been living in Epsom for thirteen years, and even though I do not have children, I feel our town should provide working parents the help they need with having extended Kindergarten hours. Times have changed and we need to move forward with them. About 90% of NH communities now offer full day kindergarten. What is it that Epsom’s residents don’t seem to understand that the majority of this state does understand? Full time kindergarten would be a huge benefit for the children, not just the parents.   




Concerned Epsom resident





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week, the House met to hear the election results for Governor and council (no surprises) and introduce bills. We also adopted changes to the House Rules proposed by the new majority. Some were routine: adding a subcommittee on Mental Health and Addiction to Health & Human Services, restricting the reporting date for study committees to November 1, and setting deadlines for the biennium. I spoke against a change to eliminate the possibility of “Interim Study,” and defeated it, 190-196.


Amending the Rules to forbid deadly weapons in the chamber aroused more interest: there were 12 speakers, two in favor. A motion to table the change failed, 164-221, and it passed, 220-163, overwhelmingly on party lines. A new rule mandating training on sexual discrimination and harassment was debated, partly as opposition to a mandate, and partly because the suggested training did not include due process and the rights of the accused. This also passed, 284-92.


After four amendments to the new rule on deadly weapons failed, largely on party lines, a motion to print the entire debate in the permanent journal passed, 289-87. A motion to require the Speaker to vote on all roll calls failed on a voice vote. A motion to require committee chairs to call constituents before lobbyists at hearings was briefly debated and passed, 200-169. I voted against it because it infringed on the authority of chairs, and the problem only applied to mass hearings: in most cases, the committee is delighted to hear from the public. It’s only when hundreds of people show up on a hot button issue (Medicaid, hunting bobcats, un-licensing cosmetologists) that the public gets short-changed.


Interested people can email me for my newsletter, with more information than can fit in The Sun.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Letter To The Editor


Like to learn the “king of card games?”  Come to the Epsom library Mondays at 2pm for free bridge lessons and play (and snacks!).  Warning: once you start playing bridge it’s hard to play anything else...


Dan McGuire



New Exhibit At The Epsom Public Library

Like Father, Like Daughter:  Exhibit II


As noted in the title, this is Exhibit II of paintings by Doug Richards and his daughter Laura Aldridge. Exhibit I was displayed at the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in Concord, NH during the spring of 2018. This is a continuation of that exhibit rather than a duplication of it, featuring current artwork as well as many other paintings not previously framed and displayed.


About The Artists

Doug: I was born and raised in Concord, NH and the Concord area continues to be my home. Many of my paintings, naturally enough, reflect what is familiar to me in Northern New England where I spend most of my time. I paint primarily in oil but also enjoy working in watercolor.  I am primarily a self-taught artist.


My paintings are joyful to create and a ‘listen to the quiet’ kind of experience for me. Most hopefully many of my paintings will assist the viewer to take pause from busy daily life as well.


Laura: Laura was born and raised in Bow, NH and presently makes her home in beautiful Nelson County, Virginia. The Blue Ridge Mountains greatly inspire her work both as to composition and her use of peaceful soothing colors. 


She says of her paintings: “My work reduces the natural landscape to a series of lines, shapes and layers depicting a very stripped down simplified version of the landscape. I exaggerate the colors I find in nature striking a balance between observation and imagination with each piece.”


Laura studied at the McGuffy Art Center in Charlottesville, VA while pursuing her degree at the University of Virginia.


The exhibit runs from January 12 to February 23 during regular library hours: Monday-Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm.


There will be an Opening Reception with the artists on Saturday, January 12, from 11 am to 1 pm. All are welcome.   


For more information, call the library at (603) 736-9920 or visit






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