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Epsom NH News

January 16, 2019

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Jakob Bair of Epsom has been named to the University of Vermont dean’s list for the Fall 2018 semester.


To be named to the dean’s list, students must have a grade-point average of 3.0 or better and rank in the top 20 percent of their class in their respective college or school.


Congratulations, Jakob!



“Crazy Rich Asians” is the film chosen for Epsom Library’s Wednesday movie matinee on January 23 at 1:30.  Based on Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel, this film follows New Yorker Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding)  to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore and meets Nick’s family for the first time. It soon becomes clear that the only thing crazier than love is family. (From the container).  Entertainment Weekly says “Hilarious, Heartfelt, Historic” and the New York Post says this “is the rom-com we all needed.”



Dean College is pleased to announce that Erin Burns of Epsom has earned a place on the Dean’s List for the Fall 2018 semester.


Congratulations, Erin!



Letter To The Editor


Full-day kindergarten is becoming the norm, not only in this state, but across the country and for good reasons.


Research shows full-day kindergarten improves student achievement, prepares  children for first grade and impacts their over all wellbeing. Full-day kindergarten also supports the needs of the most vulnerable and at-risk children, resulting in lower grade retention and lower drop out rates.


For these reasons, among others, there is growing public support and pressure for towns to implement full-day kindergarten. Epsom is only one of a handful of towns in the state without full-day kindergarten. 


The position that half-day kindergarten is a means to save money is short-sighted and improvident. Research shows an investment in quality early childhood education has a 3 to 1 return.


Epsom will most likely eventually implement full-day kindergarten, the question becomes how many Epsom children will miss out on the benefits of full-day kindergarten until then? 


As parents, community members, and leaders, it is our social responsibility to provide our children with the best start in life, so they can become successful, productive adults. Please support the best interest of Epsom children by supporting Full-day Kindergarten.


Sarah Ahearn



Epsom Food Pantry


Good Day to one and all.  Well, things are moving along nicely at the Pantry.


Before I go any further, I want to advise any Federal workers in our town that are affected by the shutdown and not receiving their pay to know we will gladly give you a helping hand and that goes for residents who are  enrolled in Federal help programs, such as ones that provide formula. Let us know and we will help.


I want to thank all the people who, over the holidays, shared both food and money with us. From the motorcycle boys, the churches, and the Davis family, thank you so much.


If you know of any folks who need help and are shy about coming, let me know.  We are well stocked and ready to be of service to all in the town of Epsom. 


For those who come to the Pantry, they know the wonderful people who man it.  They are the best.  Until next time. Be safe and drive carefully.





Letter To The Editor


I would like to introduce myself as a candidate running for the position of Road Agent. My name is Scott Elliott, my family roots go back six generations in the town of Epsom and have always cared deeply for their home town.  My feelings are the same and that is why I would like to work for the residents of this town, maintaining and keeping our roads safe.


I am a very frugal person and with our taxes on the rise, I feel I have the experience to maintain our roads in an efficient manner without compromising quality and safety of work.  My work experience includes 30 plus years in the area of building and maintaining roads, I previously worked five years for the highway department in Epsom. In that time I gained extensive knowledge of our road system and highway department. 


I welcome any questions or comments. I will be sponsoring a Q&A session at the Epsom Town Library on Friday, January 18th at 7:00p.m. I would like to hear your concerns about our town roads. Maybe you would just like to meet me. [email protected] 


Thank you,

Scott Elliott






To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week, my committee started public hearings on 2019 bills. HB 221, renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day, had a 2-hour long hearing with a lot of people explaining what a bad person Columbus had been, that he never actually visited the USA and how he didn’t deserve celebration. We also heard from a number of Native Americans, including the leader of the Penacook Abenakis; he explained how his ancestors had lived here and deserved more recognition than they get. Then there were some Italian-Americans who were insistent that their contributions deserved recognition... Without defending Columbus as a person, I believe that he was instrumental in starting the interchange between hemispheres that made our country and shaped the world we live in. That’s what deserves recognition and celebration.


I presented my HB 116, on job classifications for the retirement system; it’s to address the recurring problem of new positions in the department of corrections that are classified as Group I even though they meet the standards for Group II. Since it was our first bill on the retirement system, and also on the state’s personnel system, the questions took a lot longer than the testimony. There were a number of good questions, and I’m working on rewriting the bill to be clearer and more specific to the problem.


HB 110, requiring the state to reimburse the retirement system for the cost of analyzing legislation, was another recycled bill. While the sponsor is correct that it is a drain on the retirement system, the amounts are minimal compared to the problems that could be caused by a change adopted without proper analysis..


Interested people can email me for my newsletter, with more information than can fit in The Sun.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Letter To The Editor


Upon reading the comments of Mr. Bennett’s recent letter to the editor (January 2nd) I was shocked and dismayed that this opinion of kindergarten exists.  I am sure he is not alone in his opinion, but factually speaking, kindergarten has drastically changed from Mr. Bennett’s experience.  To refer to kindergarten as “finger painting, crayon drawing, and storytelling amounts to nothing more than a babysitting service for young families,” is an insult to the teachers and students. 


The state of NH has implemented 21 English/Language Arts standards and 9 mathematical standards for kindergarten, in order to be ready for first grade. I reached out and spoke to kindergarten teachers and one response summed up what today’s kindergarten actually looks like: “In Kindergarten, children playfully create stories, castles, and paintings with one another, develop and refine their abilities to think creatively, and work collaboratively to solve problems. These are precisely the abilities that are most needed to achieve success and satisfaction in the 21st century.”


In Epsom we ask our kindergarten teachers to do this in 2.5 hours a day, while the 92% of the state school districts that currently offer full day kindergarten do this about 6 hours a day. This equates to approximately 435 additional hours of instruction over a school year.  It’s time Epsom gives our students a level playing field based on facts rather than opinions. I hope that on March 12th Epsom residents vote to approve Full Day Kindergarten in order to allow our students the benefit to learn for an entire day from our outstanding kindergarten teachers.


Graeme Crowther



Suncook Valley Trails Visioning Session on Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Please join us at the Epsom Public Library at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, January 16 to begin discussions about the opportunities surrounding a new, multi-community Suncook Valley Trails Plan for Pembroke, Allenstown, Epsom, Chichester and Pittsfield to be developed and coordinated by the Central NH Regional Planning Commission in spring 2019. The purpose of this Plan is to tie together the history and culture of the Suncook area to potential economic development and recreational opportunities as expressed by local Master Plans. The Suncook Valley Trails Plan is anticipated to evaluate existing trails and trail usage along and connecting to the former Suncook Valley Railroad alignment and to identify potential new trail projects within the communities.


This initial Visioning Session seeks to engage interested community members to begin sharing local Suncook Valley trails information, ascertain interest in the formation of local Trails Committees and one or more regional Suncook Valley Trails Committees, and identify knowledgeable trails groups who should be invited to future meetings. 


For more information, please contact Stephanie Alexander, Central NH Regional Planning Commission, at 226-6020.






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