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Epsom NH News

August 29, 2018

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


On Wednesday, September 5, the Epsom Library will be showing the film “The Book Club” at 1:30. An all-star cast , Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen, play four lifelong friends who have their lives changed forever after reading “50 Shades of Grey” in their monthly book club.


Monday, September 10 at 7:00 PM the library will host Stephen Hale of Open World Explorers who will present his program on “Backyard Birds.”  Mark your calendar for this interesting presentation.



Letter To The Editor


Our primary election is coming up on (easy to remember) Sept. 11. Here are my recommendations for Republicans and independents who take a Republican ballot:


Congress: Lynne Blankenbeker. She’s a nurse, attorney, captain in the Navy reserves who has served overseas and former state rep. While the four main candidates are all quite good, an important consideration is a candidate’s ability to win the general election. Lynne is the only Republican in recent memory to be elected to the state house from Concord, proving her appeal to all voters.


Executive Council: Jane Cormier. Jane is from Hooksett and is also a former state rep. She is a very principled conservative. The executive council is our primary elective body to combat corruption and cronyism. The best person for that job is an outsider, like Jane, who will not be a rubber stamp for business as usual.


State Representative: James Allard. Jim is retired from his military career and has been an excellent selectman in Pittsfield. He’s easy to get along with and will be a dedicated state rep.


County Attorney: Paul Halvorsen. Both candidates are quite experienced. Paul works in our county, is friendly, even-tempered and has the endorsement of our excellent sheriff, Scott Hilliard.


Finally if you are from Epsom, please write me in for delegate. I simply forgot to sign up!



Dan McGuire




Epsom Food Pantry


Good Afternoon.  Well I certainly have been lax in writing my Pantry news, but hopefully I will do better in the next months.  As usual, we have been busy. The members have been enjoying our homegrown veggies and we could use more. Don’t forget us when you are harvesting your crop. Cal Preston has been so faithful with his donations. Thanks so much.  And thanks to the Lions Club and grand donation, much appreciated. Also, I want to say many, many thanks to Planet Aid Inc.  They are so generous and have sent us many donations over the years.  They are the folks with the yellow containers that we see around town collecting clothes, etc.


School will be starting soon, so when shopping, if you can pick up some  snacks suitable for the Epsom Central backpacks, as we like to give the school people a helping hand. 


To that gentleman who wishes to remain our mystery man, thanks for the eggs and milk.  You are very thoughtful and kind and we appreciate it. Until next time, enjoy what is left of summer.





Epsom Public Library Youth Events


Our annual “Touch A Truck” event will be on Saturday, September 8th, from 10 am to 1 pm. Join us for a fun, hands on opportunity to explore different community vehicles including a fire truck, police car, and construction vehicles from local businesses. We will once again have a Bounce House provided by “Blake’s Bouncy Business,” coffee and drinks courtesy of White Mountain Coffee and a raffle of two Lego building sets and a toy garbage truck. Refreshments will be provided. Truck drivers are invited to a complimentary breakfast beginning at 9 am. Call the library for more information at 736-9920.


Story Times: Mondays 10am, Tuesdays 1:30pm, and Thursdays, 3:30pm. Children and their caregivers listen to stories, sings songs and enjoy crafts. September themes include sunflowers, apples, leaves and Fall weather.


Toddler Time: Wednesdays 10am. Children and the caregivers enjoy stories, songs, movement activities and simple crafts.


Lego Club: Thursdays at 3:30pm Plan to join the fun and build with the libraries large collection of Legos.



Common Sense Gun Safety

Submitted By Miriam Cahill-Yeaton


Gun safety is an issue we need to work on. The second amendment does not guarantee everyone the right to carry a gun in all places.  That’s where common sense laws and regulations come in.  


I support universal background checks and closing “gun show” loopholes.  This is a simple way to keep some guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.  Private sales at gun shows and online or classified sales do not require background checks.  I am not anti-gun; I am pro-safety.


40% of Americans own a gun or live in a household with guns.  Our rate of murder/manslaughter is the highest in the developed world.  Every day 96 people die from gunshot wounds and 7 children and teens die in the US from gun violence. A 2016 study in the American Journal of Public Health found a strong relationship between higher levels of gun ownership in a state and higher firearm suicide rates for both sexes. 


Guns are often used to commit suicide. According to the Center for Disease Control, suicide by firearm accounts for nearly half of all suicides.  Of a total of 34,000 deaths by gun in 2014, approximately 21,000 were suicides and about 11,000 were homicides. A 48-hour waiting period for gun purchase leads to 51% fewer gun-related suicides.


We have a multifaceted problem that is going to require change in the way we think about guns.  It is a public health issue and will require education, thoughtful laws and regulations, and review of some of the violence so prevalent in our society today (games, movies, TV).  If we don’t at least try to work on this problem, then we’ve already failed. 


88% of Americans support background checks.  So why do our legislators vote against them?  Don’t they represent us?



Letter To The Editor


I am Miriam Cahill-Yeaton from Epsom, NH. I am a democratic candidate for State Representative in Merrimack District 21 – Epsom and Pittsfield. I grew up poor, the oldest of 11 kids. I’m a retired nurse/nurse practitioner and Air Force officer. As a big sister, wife, mother, nurse, and grandmother, I learned to care for and about people. I’m a serious person and study/work hard at whatever I do.


Why should you vote for me? I am honest. I’m not a genius, but I’m smart enough to get the job done, have common sense, and a wide range of experience. I know how to study a problem and come up with solutions. I’ll work harder than anyone else for what I believe is right for the people of NH/Merrimack 21. 


I support universal healthcare and a woman’s right to choose what is right for her.


I support a person’s right to marry the person they love, regardless of gender. Liberty and justice for all.


I know about the drug problem in this state. I saw it in the Concord Hospital ER, where I worked when I retired, and we moved to back to Epsom.  


I have seen how difficult it is for seniors to pay rent/taxes. We need to preserve Medicare and Social Security.


I support a living wage for working people.


I believe in quality public education and know we need to change the way it is funded in this state. Your kids should not receive a second-class education because they live in a property-poor town.


I believe we must protect our kids with better gun laws. I do not want to take away anyone’s guns.        


Vote for me November 6, so I can continue my life’s work of caring for and about people. Thanks!


Miriam Cahill-Yeaton



Epsom Central School Bus Routes 2018-19

School Board Approved 8/14/18


**Students should arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.


Red Bus 

7:42 AM Route 4 Westbound-stop on Old Dover Rd.@ Old Tpke Rd.

7:45 AM Route 4 Eastbound from Cumberland Farms to Old Dover Rd.

7:50 AM Center Hill @ Mountain Rd.

7:55 AM Epsom/Deerfield town line - Griffin Rd. (Stop)

 - Center Hill Rd (Stops)

7:56  AM c/o Echo valley            

8:05 AM Left onto Route 4 West (stops)

8:08 AM Left onto Black Hall Rd (All Stops on Black Hall only) 

*Note: Cutter’s Devp. Stops on Pink Bus

8:12 AM Right onto Water St. Arrive @ school unload *PM line-up: 3rd bus in line.

** PM run: Stops on Black Hall, Rt. 4 East up to Center Hill, Old Dover Rd., Center Hill , Route 4 W stops-includes up to Ridgewood Circle)


Green Bus 

7:50 AM Circle Daycare/Sherburne Rd.

7:52 AM Highland Ave

7:54 AM Colonial Dr.

7:56 AM Carriage Hill

7:57 AM Oakridge Dr.

 - Goboro Rd. changes to Depot Rd. in Chichester        

8:04 AM Left onto Rt. 28 S towards Epsom Circle          

8:05 AM Left onto Old Rt. 28 (2nd entrance)  *Stop

8:06 AM Left back onto Rt. 28 S (stops to circle) -- Travel around Epsom Traffic Circle-take Rt. 4 E. No stops on Rt. 4 E to Black Hall-see Yellow Bus

-- Right onto Black Hall Rd.

8:13 AM Arrive @ school

*PM line-up: 7th bus in line      

PM run: same as AM: Goboro Rd. from Rt. 4, travel Depot Rd., Rt. 28 southbound towards Epsom Circle


Pink Bus

7:45 AM Route 107 

7:47 AM Right onto Route 4 East (Stops)

 – Turn around @ Sign Shop/mini mall

7:47 AM Continue Stops on Rt. 4 (westbound)

7:48 AM Right onto Lords Mill Rd (Stops)

7:55 AM Right onto Route 4 (westbound)

8:00 AM Left onto Black Hall Rd. (no stops)

 Left onto Towle Pasture

8:02 AM Stop @ Towle Pasture + Leighton Brook

 Left onto Leighton Brook, left onto Old Town Rd   

8:04 AM Stop @ Deer Lane + Old Town Rd Turn around, travel back down

8:05 AM Stop @ Old Town Rd + Colby Rd

8:06 AM Stop @ intersection of Old Town + Leighton

 Left onto Leighton Brook, right onto Prospect St.

8:08 AM Stop @ Easy St.

 Left onto Black Hall (no stops)

8:10 AM Arrive @ school—unload on Water St. by gym

*PM: 5th in line.  **PM Route: Cutters Devp./Rt. 4 East after Rt. 107/Lords Mill/Rt.107S


Purple Bus

**NEW stops on Rt. 28 S between Windymere + Elkins Rd.

7:40 AM Route 28 South (stops between Windymere + Elkins Rd.)

7:41 AM Elkins Rd @ Whitetail Dr.

7:42 AM Route 28 South @ Lane Rd. (1 Stop)

 Continue Route 28 S (Stops)

7:47 AM Right onto Drolet Rd. (Stops) --turn around @ Martin + Fowler

 Back to Route 28 S

7:52 AM Right onto North Pembroke Rd. (Stops)

 Left onto Lena Lane

7:55 AM Lena Lane @ Spring St. (Stop)                                                   turn around, back to North Pembroke (Stops) Travel back to Route 28 S

8:00 AM Left onto Rt. 28 (Stops-headed towards circle)

8:06 AM Right onto Short Falls Rd. (no stops)

8:07 AM Left onto Black Hall Rd. (Stops)

8:10 AM Arrive @ school—unload on Water St.-by gym

*PM: 3rd in line.  **PM Run: route runs same as AM.

**New Rt. 28 S stops between Windymere + Elkins-approx. drop off 3:15 PM


Blue Bus

 Travel through Epsom Circle –onto Rt. 28 North-turn around

7:30AM Learning Tree Daycare

 Travel back to Epsom Circle, take Route 4 West 

7:34 AM Route 4 West –Stops to town line, turn around

 Stops to Epsom Circle

 Epsom Circle to Route 28 South, (1 stop before Windymere)

 Left onto Short Falls

 Travel New Rye Rd.

 Left onto Swamp Rd. 

7:53 AM Stops after Sanborn Hill Rd.

7:58 AM c/o Mtn View Rd.

8:00 AM Mt. Delight Rd. (Stops)

8:03 AM Dow Rd. (Group Stop)

 Turn around @ Dow 8:08 AM Swamp Rd. (stops to Sanborn Hill) Right onto New Rye Rd. Right onto Black Hall

 Left onto Water St.

8:13 AM Arrive @ school—unload.

** PM run:  D/o Swamp Rd./Mountain Rd/Mt Delight/Route 4 West


Yellow Bus

7:41 AM New Rye Rd. @ Howard Lane

 Turn around @ New Rye Church

 Turn right onto Swamp Rd.

7:44 AM c/o Sanborn Hill Rd. (head back to New Rye)

 Right onto New Rye Rd.

7:46 AM New Rye Rd. (Stops headed down hill)

7:50 AM Left on River Rd. (Stops)

8:00 AM Left onto Short Falls Rd. (Stops)

8:02 AM Right onto Route 28 (Stops-right side only)           8:03AM Colby Brook Estates trailer park (group stop)              

 Windymere Dr. (stops) NEW Travel around circle, right onto Rt. 4 East

 Stops on Rt. 4 East to Black Hall

8:07 AM Bartlett MHP

8:12 AM Arrive @ school—unload on Water St. by gym

*PM: 7th in line

**PM run: New Rye, River Rd, Short Falls, Route 28 S- stops right side,-(headed towards Circle) Colby Brook, Windymere, Rt. 4 E stops 

*Note: stops on Rt. 28 S between Windymere Dr. and Elkins-on Purple bus 7:40 AM pick up.  Approx. 3:15-3:20  drop off.


Orange Bus

begin on North Rd from Rt. 4 (stops)

7:35 X-mas Tree Trailer Pk

 c/o Ox Bow + Berry Lane

 c/o Wimbledon Rd.

7:44 AM Chestnut Pond Rd (Stop)

 Left onto Webster Mill

7:50 AM c/o Locke Hill Rd (Stop)

Left onto New Orchard Rd (Stops)

7:57 AM Locke Hill Rd (Stop)

Continue New Orchard –stops

8:00 AM Range Rd (Stop)

Travel to bottom of New Orchard Rd (Stops)

 Right onto Route 4, left onto Black Hall

8:09 AM Arrive @ school—unload on Water St.

*PM- loads on Water St.—1st in line

**PM: Run same as AM


**Note: Parents must pick up students in front of the school on Black Hall, no vehicles are allowed in the bus loading zone on Water St. until all busses have left.






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