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Epsom NH News

April 11, 2018

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Per Vote Of The District Committee



Ivy Green Rebekah Lodge #36 is hosting a Harry Potter “Hogwarts Feast” at the historic Odd Fellows Hall in Epsom on Saturday, May 5th 6pm. The event will feature a “Harry Potter” inspired buffet and special activities including a potions making station. Guests are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character. Proceeds from this event will be used to benefit our local outreach programs.  Reservations are required and the event is for ages 8 and up. Tickets are $10.00. Call Vickie at 736-4707/49-1877 for tickets and please leave a message.



On Tuesday, April 17 at 7:00 PM Saundra Maisey from Granite State Giggles will present “The Benefits of Laughter”.  She will explain what laughter therapy is all about and why laughter is good for you, physically and mentally.  Attendees will participate in the exercises that are part of her presentation and leave the building feeling happy and relaxed.


Movie Matinees are back on Wednesday, April 18 at 1:30 when we will be showing “Stronger”.  This was originally scheduled for March but we were snowed out.  The film is about Jeff Beauman, who was severely injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.



Letter To The Editor


President Donald John Trump is loudly accusing the US Postal Service of delivering parcels for Amazon at prices below USPS cost and that the difference is being born by US taxpayers.


Yes, USPS has significant losses, but, this is complicated by 4th class mail, rural deliveries, and Congressionally mandated free mailings for a few large groups of mailers. Rest assured USPS, UPS et al will go the way of the dinosaur once electronic communication and delivery drones hit full stride.


But really! President Donald John Trump, how about the extravagant  expenses of your ‘champagne and caviar’ cabinet? I won’t detail as I presume most voters are aware of the Presidential Cabinet culprits.


Really, really? President Donald John Trump had, as of March 2018, played golf at a course owned by himself 106 times/days! (I understand there are several fine golf courses near the White House.) How many round trips has Air Force One made just to Mar a Largo? What is the value of free advertising (publicity) Trump properties and golf courses received from the capricious comings-and-goings of this president at taxpayer expense? Is the presidency part of Donald John Trump’s ‘Business Plan?’


Oh! And one more thing. Who’s paying for the wall?


Nancy Heath






To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week, my committee continued with Senate bills. SB 488, exempting VA doctors from licensing for the biennium if they work on veterans at other facilities, was heard with minimal interest from the sponsors, as we and the Senate preferred HB 1273, which addressed the same issue in a more comprehensive way. We voted immediately to kill the bill. SB 507, declaring June PTSI month, was amended to be effective on passage, not 60 days later, and unanimously passed. SB 453, shielding the name and medical details of an employee injured on duty from public disclosure, required a fair amount of explanation. The bill only affects the governor and council’s confirmation that the employee had been attacked, prior to continuing their full salary, not just worker’s compensation. With that understanding, we recommended it to pass, 9-2, with the opposition concerned that since we were spending state money to keep the employee on paid leave, we should know about it.


We also voted on all Senate bills that needed to go to another committee. SB 538, on moving the Concord campus police force to Group II, was unanimously voted to pass, since these officers are now fully trained and certified state police and meet the definition of Group II. We approved all four bills dealing with emergency medical services, three unanimously. SB 378, exempting home health care agencies, laboratories, and residential homes from needing to license their employees as medical technicians, was strongly supported by almost everyone except the board of medical technicians. Even the other opponents agreed that these people were not medical technicians, they didn’t need registration, but preferred a non-legislative solution. We voted 18-0 to pass the bill and not leave the issue open to misinterpretation.


Representative Carol McGuire




Epsom Public Library Youth Events


Story Times: Mondays 10am, Tuesdays 1:30pm, and Thursdays, 3:30pm. Children and their caregivers listen to stories, sings songs and enjoy crafts. April themes include spring weather, rabbits and chicks.


Toddler Time: Wednesdays 10am. Children and the caregivers enjoy stories, songs, movement activities and simple crafts.


Lego Club: Thursdays at 3:30pm Plan to join the fun and build with the libraries large collection of legos.


Family Movie Wednesday, April 11th 2:30pm: “Alien’s Ate My Homework” rated PG Popcorn and drinks provided. (Early release for ECS)






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