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Epsom NH News

September 7, 2016

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Mark the date! Evergreen Lodge #53 and Ivy Green #36 are having their annual Dinner/Show at the Epsom American Legion Hall on Short Falls Road on Friday, Oct. 7th and Saturday, Oct. 8th at 6 pm. Dinner includes appetizers, salad, roast beef, turkey, veggies, rolls, dessert and assorted beverages. Show follows the dinner. Proceeds benefit further hall restoration and other projects. For reservations call Vickie 736-4707 or 496-1877.



On Wednesday, September 14 the Epsom Public Library will be showing the film “Me Before You” at 1:30 pm.  JoJo Moyes wrote the book as well as the screen play.  It tells the story of a small town girl who forms an unlikely bond with a recently paralyzed man she has been hired to care for.  The viewer follows the growing friendship makes this a “feel good” movie.



American Legion

Post #112

Spaghetti Supper

Saturday, September 10th

4:30-6:30 PM

Adults $8, Vets $7, Children Under 12 $5 Garlic bread, salad, desserts, coffee, juice, water.

Raffle will be drawn.



Epsom Youth Athletics Association will be holding a Family Fun Mini Golf Tournament at Chucksters in Chichester on Sunday September 25th from 5pm- 7pm.  You can sign up for the event by downloading the registration from our website  Look forward to seeing you any questions please contact Shannon 731-8730



Epsom Food Pantry


Good morning everyone.. Well fall is just around the corner. Kids are back in school, so we need to get ready to help with their lunches.  Right now peanut butter is very light on our shelves. We also need Rice a Roni, strawberry jam, sweet snacks, soup of all kinds, paper goods, and anything else that strikes your fancy.


I would like to thank Planet Aid for their outstanding contribution, George’s Carpet and Care Pharmacy for allowing their container to be in their business. I must also thank the Library for all their support. They keep a basket in the entry for food and they help Ken with copying some of our forms. This combination of help, along with the volunteers, makes our Pantry a success. Thank you one and all.


Until next time,




It’s Way Too Hot For Our Moose

Submitted By Eric Orff, Wildlife Biologist


It’s official NOAA has declared July the hottest one on record following a record setting June.


It is a well know fact that our warming winters have contributed to a significant decline in moose numbers across New Hampshire over the last decade and a half that this state’s moose population has declined from about 7,500 moose to closer to 3,500 today. Most folks attribute much of this decline to our shorter winters causing an uptick in the winter tick numbers that are literally killing off our moose, especially the calves. According to Fish and Game Department moose biologist Kris Rines it is the lack of snow in April, when the female ticks drop off to lay their eggs, and a late winter with no snow in November when the baby ticks are seeking moose, that is the root of much of the problem. No snow when females lay their eggs in the spring means lots of baby ticks. No snow late fall going into winter gives the baby ticks much more time to get on a moose. Last fall there was no snow on the ground up north until late December giving the baby ticks an extra month and a half to find a moose. As a result according to the ongoing UNH/Fish and Game moose study there was an average of 42,000 ticks on each moose. Moose calves cannot support those numbers and 81 percent of the moose calves died last winter along with nearly 25 percent of adult cows.


But winter moose mortality really only tells half of the story as to why our moose numbers are down half of what they were 15 years ago. Yes our shorter winters are a big factor but so too are our ever warming summers. The fact is moose stop feeding when temperatures reach the high 70’s. And do moose feed, some forty pounds of browse a day. Lets put it this way. If you filled your bathtub with leaves and twigs a moose would eat it all in a day, or make that a night.


And this summer’s high temperatures have no doubt further impacted our dwindling moose herd. Just the other night while watching the ten o’clock news I could see that almost statewide temperatures were still in the 80’s. At these temperatures moose cows cease to feed. As it already Is, because of our warmer summers, adult cow moose body weights are down causing a significant reduction in moose calve births. The percentage of cows giving birth to twin calves was down to only 11% when the 2002 to 2005 moose study was conducted by Fish and Game. In the last three summers of the current study NO twinning is now taking place. And the calving rate has declined from 75% of adult producing calves in 2002 to only 54% last year and 60% this year. So this summer’s heat wave lasting weeks with temperatures at 80 degrees at ten o”clock at night will only further reduce cow weights and future reproduction.


We really have a double whammy on our moose population. Fewer moose calves are being produced by our underweight cows and a much higher death rate is killing off the few calves that are born. In fact the most recent population model that I saw presented by one of the moose study scientist predicts that given the current winter mortality factors, AND the loss of reproduction due to warmer summers, our New Hampshire moose population will essentially be gone by 2045. That’s right, in less than 20 years moose will be gone from this state save for a remnant population. How sad of a legacy we are leaving our grandchildren.


We all must do our part to address climate change. Through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the EPA’s Clean Power Plan we can cut carbon and make a difference. Each of us can in some small way help save our moose for the future generations. Please do your part.



Epsom Public Library September

Youth Events


Touch A Truck: Saturday, September 10th at 10am-1pm at the library.  Get on board with vehicles of all kinds! Join us for a hands on opportunity to ex­plore different community trucks, cars and work machines, including, fire trucks, police cars and construction vehicles! Raffle tickets for the  Lego high speed train set, Minecraft Nether fortress set and Tonka excavator will be available for $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00.  Refreshments will be available! For more information call 736-9920 Story Time/Stuffed Animal Sleepover: Thursday, September 15th at 6pm. Children are invited to bring a stuffed animal, wear pajamas and enjoy stories, songs and make a name tag for their animal. The stuffed animals will spend two nights camping out at the library. Children and their families are invited to pick up their animals on Saturday morning, September 17th at 9:30 am, enjoy breakfast and see what their stuffed animal friends did during the campout. We will be having special guest, children’s author, Ellen Stoll Walsh, who wrote and illustrated Mouse Paint, Mouse Count and many other favorites. She will discuss her newest book, Where is Jumper?  and will have books to sign. The library will be taking book orders prior to the event. Please call the library to preorder a book. Reservations are required for the sleep over/breakfast. Please sign up at the circulation desk.


Story Times: Mondays 10am, Tuesdays 1:30pm and Thursdays 3:30pm September themes include apples, squirrels and fall. Children listen to stories, sing songs and do craft activities.


Lego Club: Thursdays at 3:30pm everyone is welcome!






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