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Epsom NH News

August 24, 2016

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Mark your calendar! The Epsom Public Library will be having their annual Touch A Truck event on Saturday, September 10th, from 10am-1pm. Truck owners are welcome to join  this fun  event for community children and families. An appreciation  breakfast for the  drivers begins at 9am. Please call Vickie at 736-9920 if you would like to bring a vehicle/truck to the event or let coordinator, Rick Belanger, know you are coming.



Epsom Food Pantry


Well, Old Home Day is over and Ken and Carol Brown were named Citizens of the Year. Well deserved for both of them. They have done so much for our town.


Everyone has been so generous with their garden products and our members have enjoyed them so much. Many thanks to you all.


We have been busy, so we still need help with donations.We could use Rice a Roni, Suddenly Salad, soups, brownie  mix, and paper goods.


Thanks to Mike Dempsey who stopped by with goods for us and helped me put them away.


Now the children will soon be back to school so any small stuff for their backpacks would be appreciated.


Until next time,






To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield, The political signs have started sprouting up, around the circle and in my front yard. Its going to to be an interesting year, since we Republicans have contested primaries for Senator, Congressman (both districts!), governor, executive councilor, and (in Epsom and Pittsfield), state representative. The race for Governor is being hotly contested, with four solid and reputable candidates. My choice is Frank Edelblut. Hes in the House, and has impressed both Dan and me with his hard work, dedication, intelligence, and sensible positions on most issues (he agrees with us!) Frank is a devoted parent, having home schooled his seven children; he is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Please consider voting for Frank in the primary on September 13.


For state representative, incumbent Michael Brewster, John Klose, and David Palfrey are competing for two slots. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, so I urge you to meet them and make up your own mind. Im still trying to decide who Ill be voting for.


Senator John Reagan and I have no primary opponents, so well go straight to the General election. 


Representative Carol McGuire


[email protected]



Letter To The Editor


I am writing in support of David Palfrey for State Representative for the towns of Epsom and Pittsfield.


I have known David for several years, both personally and professionally. He has acquired extensive expereience in local, county, and state government over the the years that I have known him.


During his past term of office, when he was chairman of the Merrimack County Legislative Delegation, he worked with the delegation to present county budgets that had no significant increases. He is a fiscal conservative. I believe that he will listen to and represent the  interests of the residents of his district. I urge the Republican voters of Epsom and Pittsfield to vote for David in the primary election to be held on September 13th.


Scott Hilliard

Merrimack County Sheriff






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