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Epsom NH News

August 10, 2016

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The Epsom Public Library is having a “Teen Dance Off” on Wednesday, August 17th at 6pm. Dress in comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and join the fun. Dinner will be provided! Call Mrs. Benner at 736-9920 to sign up!





Epsom Public Library “Youth Summer Reading Program Finale” with storyteller, Simon Brooks, Wednesday, August 10th 6:30pm: . Join us for the fun as we celebrate all our summer readers! Includes refreshments! Registration is required for this event. Sign up at the circulation desk.



Epsom Town Band


The final concert this season will be in Webster Park on SATURDAY, August 13th, at 6:30 p.m.  (Please note the change in day and time.) Mark your calendars, invite your friends and family, and come to Webster Park for an evening of musical entertainment.  For more information please call Penny Graham at 736-9044.



Epsom Old Home Days  

August 13th & 14th 2016

“Family Fun Day”   Webster Park


STUDENTS need some COMMUNITY SERVICE TIME? VOLUNTEER and have FUN. We will sign off on your school form for the hours worked. Come out and show your town spirit and enjoy the festivities.


August 12th: traditional burying of the beans 5:45 pm. There is still time for anyone interested in participating and to register for our parade on August 13th. Contact Dick Verville at 857-205-2841 or Georgia Perry at 736-8802. Have fun, decorate a float and kids decorate your bicycles and doll carriages.


For the Antique/Classic Cars contact Jay Beauchesne at 969-0914 or e-mail: [email protected].


For booth info contact Dick Frambach at 496-9404.


Sunday, August 14th 4K Road Race & 2K walk sponsored by Northeast Delta-Dental. For race info and to register go on line to: Please take notice that there will be a A-1 road lane change for road race.


For more details of the weekend events go to Inquiries: [email protected] . To be a general contributor please make funds payable to Epsom Old Home Day Association.


Thank you for your letters for Citizen of the Year Award.


All mail, send to Georgia Perry 190 North Rd, Epsom, NH 03234.


Your support is greatly appreciated.



Epsom Board Of Selectmen Updates


Recently the Board had changed the Selectmen’s office hours to add more availability to the public. The new hours are separated from the Town Clerk’s office.  Please visit our web site for details.


Recently Don Harty, Selectman met with the State of NH Historic Preservation regarding the Old Town Hall and Old Library.  These Historic buildings have restrictions and cannot be modified or moved. For example: The food pantry wanted to install a new air conditioner but are unable to do so because they cannot modify a window to fit a new appliance or if the Town wanted to demo part of the older section to add a new addition, that was also not allowed. The Old Library has a strict regulation too and the building cannot be relocated. At the suggestion of some residents the Board is looking for anyone with knowledge of prior agreements with the NHDOT that may allow for future relocation.


At a Board of Selectmen meeting recently, three local realtors answered an invitation to meet with the Board regarding some Town owned properties that can be sold.  The Realtors could assist the Town in the sale of these properties.


The Epsom Police Department just hired Ryan Drown as their new (6th) Police Officer.  Ryan will be attending the Police Academy this month.


Our Old Home Day is upon us and posters with all the fun details are available. Please check our web site.


Part of the Selectmen’s duties is to tax deed some properties that have not paid their taxes for over 3 years.  It is not a pleasant subject to deal with, but it is part of life that we all have to participate in by paying our taxes. 


The Echo Valley Farm Bridge replacement plans and specifications are out to bid now! Hopefully the project will be completed this year.


North Road paving was delayed but will be started on August 15th.  The project will take approximately 2 weeks.  The detail of the road closure is on our web site.


All of the Town information, schedules, meeting notices & minutes and list of Departments with monthly Police and Fire reports can be found on our Web Site at


Mr. Crowley recently donated his family’s collection of old Town Reports.  It is interesting to compare the reports! Here is a “bit-of-history” – in 1953 the Town Officers’ salaries were $900.00 (total)!  Part of the Town inventory and stock listed Gas Pumps and Tanks at a price worth $6,600.00.  The current year taxes collected was $53,149.47.  Payments made for “Detail 4- Police Department was $202.90 for Police work and collecting dog taxes.



Epsom Central School

Bus Routes 2016-17

School Board Approved 8/2/16


**Students should arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.


Red Bus

7:42 AM – Route 4 Westbound-stop on Old Dover [email protected] Old Tpke Rd.

7:45 AM – Route 4 Eastbound from Cumberland Farms to Old Dover Rd.

7:50 AM – Center Hill @ Mountain Rd.

7:55 AM – Epsom/Deerfield Townline

7:57 AM – Griffin Rd. (Stops)

7:58 AM – Center Hill Rd (Stops)

             --c/o Echo valley          

8:09 AM -- Left onto Route 4 West (stops)

8:10 AM – c/o Ridgewood Circle

8:13 AM – Left onto Black Hall Rd (All Stops on Black Hall only)    

*Note: Cutter’s Devp. Stops on Pink Bus          

8:17 AM – Right onto Water St.

               Arrive @ school unload

*PM line-up: 5th bus in line.

** PM run: Stops on Black Hall, Rt. 4 East up to Center Hill, Old Dover Rd., Center Hill Route 4 W stops-includes Ridgewood Circle


Green Bus

7:50 AM – Circle Daycare/Sherburne Rd.

7:52 AM – Highland Ave

7:54 AM -- Colonial Dr.

7:56 AM – Carriage Hill

7:57 AM  – Oakridge Dr.

-- Goboro Rd. changes to Depot Rd. in Chichester

8:05 AM  - Right onto Rt. 28 S towards Epsom Circle

8:06 AM – Left onto Old Rt. 28  (stop)

-- Left back onto Rt. 28 S

8:08 AM --c/o Granny Howe Rd.

      c/o Sawyer Ave.

-- Travel around Epsom Traffic Circle-take Rt. 4 E

8:11 AM  -- Bartlett MHP, stops to Black Hall

 -- Right onto Black Hall Rd.              

8:15 AM -- Arrive @ school

*PM line-up: 7th bus in line     

PM run: same as AM: Goboro Rd. from Rt. 4, travel Depot Rd., Rt. 28 southbound towards Epsom Circle


Pink Bus

7:43 AM – Route 107 (Stops)

7:45 AM – Left onto Route 4 East (Stops)

  – Turn around @ Sign Shop/mini mall

7:47 AM -- Continue Stops on Rt. 4 (westbound)

7:48 AM – Right onto Lords Mill Rd (Stops)

-- Left onto Route 4 (westbound)

8:00 AM -- Left onto Black Hall Rd. (no stops)

8:01 AM -- Left onto Towle Pasture

--Travel up to Woodland

8:02 AM -- Stop @ Towle Pasture + Woodland Dr

 -- Turn around, travel back down

8:04 AM -- Stop @ Towle Pasture + Leighton Brook

--  Right onto Leighton Brook, left onto Old Town Rd

8:06 AM -- Stop @ Deer Lane + Old Town Rd

-- Travel back down . . .

8:07 AM  -- Stop @ Old Town Rd + Colby Rd

8:08 AM  -- Stop @ intersection of Old Town + Leighton

-- Left onto Leighton Brook, right onto Prospect St.

8:11 AM  -- Stop @ Easy St.

8:12 AM --  Left onto Black Hall (no stops)

8:14 AM -- Arrive @ school—unload on Water St. by gym

*PM: 2nd in line.  **PM Route: Cutters Devp./Rt. 4 East after Rt. 107/Lords Mill/Rt.107S


Purple Bus

7:40 AM – Elkins Rd @ Whitetail Dr.

7:41 AM – Route 28 South @ Lane Rd. (1 Stop) – Continue Route 28 S (Stops)

7:46 AM – Right onto Drolet Rd. (Stops) --turn around @ Martin

-- Back to Route 28 S

7:54 AM – Right onto North Pembroke Rd. (Stops) --Left onto Lena Lane

7:56 AM – Lena Lane @ Spring St. (Stop) turn around, back to North Pembroke (Stops)    

-- Travel back to Route 28 S

 8:00 AM -- Left onto Rt. 28 (Stops-headed towards circle)

8:04 AM -- Right onto Short Falls Rd. (no stops)

8:05 AM -- Left onto Black Hall Rd. (Stops)

8:08 AM – Arrive @ school—unload on Water St.-by gym

*PM: 4th in line.    **PM Run: same as AM


Blue Bus

7:32 AM -- Travel through Epsom Circle to Route 4 West

7:35 AM – Route 4 West –Stops to town line

7:39 AM -- Epsom Circle to Route 28 South, left onto Short Falls  

-- Travel New Rye Rd., left onto Swamp Rd.

7:52 AM –  Sanborn Hill Rd. (Stops)

7:57 AM -- Mt. Delight Rd. (Stops)

8:03 AM -- Dow Rd. (Group Stop)

 -- Turn around @ Dow, head back towards New Rye      

8:10 AM – Swamp Rd. (Stops)

-- Travel back out to New Rye, to Short Falls to Black Hall

-- Left onto Water St.

8:17 AM -- Arrive @ school—unload.

*PM: 6th in line

** PM run: Swamp/Mountain Rd/Mt Delight/Route 4 West


Yellow Bus

7:41 AM -- New Rye Rd. @ Howard Lane

-- turn around @ New Rye Church

 — Turn right onto Swamp Rd.

7:44 AM -- c/o Sanborn Hill Rd. (head back to New Rye)

-- right onto New Rye Rd.

7:46 AM -- New Rye Rd. (Stops headed down hill)

7:50 AM – Left on River Rd. (Stops)

8:00 AM – Left onto Short Falls Rd. (Stops)

8:02 AM -- Right onto Route 28 (Stops-right side only)   

8:03 AM -- Colby Brook Estates trailer park (group stop)       

-- Windymere Dr. (stops)

8:05 AM -- Right onto Rt. 28 (South) *stops before Elkins Rd. 

-- Travel around Elkins/Whitetail loop

-- Travel to Epsom Circle

8:09 AM – Travel Route 4 East (NO stops-see Green bus)     

  -- Right onto Black Hall (no stops-see Red)

8:14 AM – Arrive @ school—unload on Water St. by gym

*PM: 3rd in line

**PM run: New Rye, River Rd, Short Falls, Route 28 S- stops right side only -(headed towards Circle) Colby Brook, Windymere, Rt. 28 S-right side before Elkins Rd.


Orange Bus

7:41 AM -- North Rd (stops)

7:41 AM -- X-mas Tree Trailer Pk

7:45 AM -- Samuel Drive

7:49 AM – Chestnut Pond Rd (Stop)

-- Left onto Webster Mill

7:56 AM – Locke Hill Rd (Stop)

7:58 AM – Left onto New Orchard Rd (Stops)              

8:04 AM – Locke Hill Rd (Stop)

-- Continue New Orchard –stops

8:07 AM – Range Rd (Stop)

-- Travel to bottom of New Orchard Rd (Stops)

-- Right onto Route 4, left onto Black Hall

8:15 AM – Arrive @ school—unload on Water St.

*PM- loads on Water St.—1st in line  

**PM: Run same as AM


**Note: Parents must pick up students in front of the school on Black Hall, no vehicles are allowed in the bus loading zone on Water St. until all buses have left.



Epsom Library News


Please join us on Tuesday evening, August 16 at 7:00 PM for  the final program of the Adult Summer Reading program.  Ramblin Richard will be presenting his “Beloved American Songs and their Amazing Stories”.   He will tell fascinating and unfamiliar stories about some familiar American songs such as “Goodnight Irene” and “Alexander’s Ragtime Band.”  This is a relaxing and enjoyable program that will make you tap your feet and maybe even sing a note or two.


On Wednesday, August 17 at 1:30 PM we will be showing the movie “Race”, based on the incredible true story of Jesse Owens who was thrust onto the world stage of the 1936 Olympics when he faced off against Adolf Hitler’s vision of Aryan supremacy.  We were unable to show this when it was originally scheduled so we hope people will come to the library again to view the film.  For more information, call the library at 736-9920.






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