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Epsom NH News

April 13, 2016

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Movie matinees continue at  the Epsom Public Library with the showing of “Brooklyn” on Wednesday, April 20 at 1:30 PM.  Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan stars as a young Irish immigrant trying to make her way through the 1950’s Brooklyn. Once over her homesickness, she begins to thrive until she receives disturbing news from her hometown and must choose between two countries and two men.


The Epsom Public Library will show the family movie, “ Open Season: Scared Silly” on Wednesday, April 27th at 2 pm. The movie is rated PG and popcorn and drinks will be provided.



Epsom Food Pantry


Hi Everybody! Well another week that just flew by. Needless to say ourPantry was busy.  Before I discuss business, let’s take a minute to thank some special people. The first being Debbie Sargent who is just grand to the Pantry with her many visits bringing us food and also one great guy John Feeny who brought us an awesome delivery of food. We are just so lucky to have such wonderful friends.


Well, I talked with June this morn and she said we could use some Rice-a-roni and old faithful, Hamburger Helper. If by chance you feel a little flush this week, some coffee would be just great and the kids would love some cookies.


Again, do not forget your garden (if the weather ever gets warm again).Think-- A row for the Pantry. 


Until next time,




Epsom Central School Term 2 Effort & Honor Roll 2015-2016


Epsom Central School would like to congratulate the following students on their Honor and Effort Roll status for Term Two.


Grade 3 Effort Roll

Phoenix Beaulieu, Daniel Bonisteel, Cameron Carter, Bailey Gatchell, Karleigh Hurley, Sarah Keeler, Jackson Kelly, Jacob LaPage, Hailey Locke, Rahni Murray, Tanesha Perreault, Nicholas Preve, Evan Purtell, Kendall Purtell, Jacob Prue, Lily Reeves, Emma Souza


Grade 4 Effort Roll

Brock Bieniek, Madeline Decker, Alex Hanson


Grade 4 High Honor Roll

Sean Bonisteel, Madeline Decker, Reagan Ellsworth, Joshua Goyette, Alex Hanson, Megan Katsirebas


Grade 4 Honor Roll

Maggie Bowes, Taylor Cotnoir, Madison Emerson, Samuel Emond, Andrei Gentes, Marissa Goodson, Emma Hahn, Alyssa LaValley, Olivia LaValley, Jacob Lee, Grace Orr, Stacia Paul, Soleil Pero, Justin Perry, Benjamin Roberge


Grade 5 High Honor Roll

Lauren Bennett, Joslynn Hurley, Angelica Whitney


Grade 5 Honor Roll

Daniel Adams-Gagne, Connor Bouchard, Stephen Briggs, Samantha Canning, Daniel Carignan, Eliza Carignan, Alivia Duffy, Benjamin Dugas, Kylie Flewelling, Nikolai Gentes, Ella King, Jack Manchester, Owen Michael, Christian Noel, Parmida Nutter, Landon Pearson, Charles Ransom, Ciena Reed


Grade 6 High Honor Roll

Sarah Bennett, Emily Downey, Lillian May


Grade 6 Honor Roll

Trevor Braley, Braden Currier, Lucas Fries, Samantha Goodson, Ethan Katsirebas,  Patrick Keane, Emma Miller, Madison Roux, Cecily Schultz, Nolan Smagula, Demetrios Tsirovakas


Grade 7 High Honor Roll

Taylor LeBlanc, Nick Whitney, Jordan Whittier


Grade 7 Honor Roll

Harrison Army, Kaycee Blodgett, Shawn Burrows, Astoria Campbell, Alexis Carignan,  Mason Cummings, Hayden Goyette, Iris Hall, Alex Kiander, Madeline Manchester,  Paige Merrill, Graeme Roberts, Owen Thomas, Savannah Wallace


Grade 8 High Honor Roll

Nathan Fries


Grade 8 Honor Roll

Danielle Blanchette, Paige Boudreau, Madison Bowen, Christian Burbank, Ashley Gatchell, Nadia Kozinski, Austin Ladd, Maria Lamontagne, Calvin Michael, Mary Nericcio, Madison Prusia, Mitchell Stebbins



ECS Class Of 2017 Washington, DC Trip Fundraiser


On April 16th the Epsom Central School (ECS) class of 2017 will hold a drop-off event for recyclable aluminum cans. The money raised from the recycling will be used to help offset the cost of the historical trip to Washington DC set for next Spring. Come by the Epsom Central School anytime between 8:30 and noon. Drive in and we will gladly unload your bagged cans for you. Have a few extra minutes? Stop by and meet some of the students your donation is going to help. Let them tell you about their trip and what it means to them to have the opportunity to go. This is a wonderful time to connect with the future of our great town.


Can’t make it by that day but still want to help? Cans may be deposited into the caged trailer in the ECS parking lot through April 18th to benefit the class of 2017.


Thank you, in advance for your support!


Questions can be directed to Natalie Casey at [email protected] or 603-661-0088.



Epsom Earth Day Clean-up 2016

Volunteers Will Receive Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds

Submitted By The Epsom Conservation Commission


Winter came late and spring flowers are emerging as is the accumulation of litter that becomes visible when the snow melts and the foliage has not hidden it yet.   In honor of Earth Day the Epsom Conservation Commission is offering Epsom volunteers who assist with roadside clean-up a packet of Pumpkin or Sunflower Seeds. Since Earth Day 1990 the Commission has encouraged residents to volunteer their time to clean up some area or section of road or trail in Epsom that is meaningful to them. Won’t you volunteer to help? It is easy. Do it when you can and the area you chose. Seed Packets will be at the Town Library the week of Earth Day, April 22nd.  If you would like trash bags they will also be available at the library. There will be a sign up sheet there to note who cleaned up, what areas you cleaned up, and how much litter you collected.


Many of you volunteer each year.  There is a feeling of community pride seeing clean roadsides and community areas. Won’t you help?  Do it at a time that works for you or your group.  If you would like to bring unsorted roadside trash to our BCEP Recycling Center in Pittsfield you must do it from April 18th through the 25th and let the attendant know it is Roadside Trash for Epsom Earth Day.


For questions or comments contact [email protected]. We hope you will volunteer for this community effort in honor of Earth Day April 22, 2016.


Help Keep Epsom Beautiful






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