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Epsom NH News

August 19, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Free Clothing Swap


In an effort to help manage the cost of clothing for our community families, the Epsom Bible Church will be holding a free clothing swap on Saturday, September 26th, from 9-12 noon at Epsom Bible Church on 398 Black Hall Road in Epsom. 


Swap will run from 9:00-12:00 noon. 


You do not need to make a clothing donation in order to take clothing for you and your family. Call Joanne Randall at 344-8843 for more information or if you are interested in volunteering. 


Donation Information 

You may bring donated clothing beginning at 8:30 am. Clothing donations are not accepted prior to the event. 


All clothes need to be clean and in good repair, and separated by size and gender. No rips or stains please. Both adult and children’s clothing are accepted. No toys, equipment, or furniture please.  


Clothes will be sorted and distributed to tables by the person dropping them off.  


Once clothes have been sorted and distributed, you are free to begin gathering clothing in the sizes you need.  


Looking to Volunteer? 

Any clothing left at the end of the swap will be delivered to a local charity drop off site. We need volunteers for set up and break down, including moving of tables and bagging clothes. Call 603-344-8843 for more information or to volunteer.



Valley Artisans August Artisan Of The Month

Jan Hoadley, Basketmaker

Epsom basket.jpg

For almost 20 years, Jan Hoadley of Epsom has enjoyed weaving baskets as a hobby. Since retiring from teaching in Epsom several years ago, she has had more time to enjoy creating baskets. Jan has received instructions from two local basket weavers.  Her baskets are both decorative and useful and hand crafted in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.  They are made from quality reed using various techniques.  Many of Jan’s baskets include beautiful, eye catching colors.


Jan has been a member of Valley Artisans for four years donating much of her time to help run the shop.


Baskets make a great gift, or a little something special for yourself. So stop by and indulge yourself.


Jan has generously donated one of her lovely baskets for our August drawing.   Jan welcomes you to come and visit the shop and see her many creations and to enjoy our three rooms of locally made craft items.


Valley Artisans is located at 10 Goboro Rd, in Epsom off Rte 4E. 


Open Wed thru Sunday from 10-6 603-736-8200



Epsom Central School

Bus Routes 2015-16

School Board Approved 8/4/15


**Students should arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.


Red Bus 

7:40 AM – Route 4 Westbound-stop on Old Dover Rd.

7:45 AM – Route 4 Eastbound from Cumberland Farms to Old Dover Rd.

7:50 AM – Center Hill @ Mountain Rd.

7:55 AM – Epsom/Deerfield Townline

7:57 AM – Griffin Rd. (Stops)

7:58 AM – Center Hill Rd (Stops)

             --c/o Echo valley                   

8:09 AM -- Left onto Route 4 West (stops)                     8:10 AM – c/o Ridgewood Circle                                                

8:13 AM – Left onto Black Hall Rd (All Stops on Black Hall only)     

*Note: Cutter’s Devp. Stops on Pink Bus                    

8:17 AM – Right onto Water St.

Arrive @ school unload


*PM line-up: 5th bus in line.      

** PM run: Stops on Black Hall, Rt. 4 East up to Center Hill, Center Hill

Route 4 (East+West bound-includes Ridgewood Circle)               


Green Bus (NEW: route now begins on Rt. 4 end of Goboro Rd)

7:50 AM – Circle Daycare/Sherburne Rd.

7:52 AM – Highland Ave

7:54 AM -- Colonial Dr.

7:56 AM – Carriage Hill

7:57 AM  – Oakridge Dr.

 -- Goboro Rd. changes to Depot Rd. in Chichester

8:05 AM  - Right onto Rt. 28 southbound towards Epsom Circle

8:08 AM -- Stops Rt. 28 N –right side only

c/o Granny Howe Rd.

c/o Sawyer Ave.

-- Travel around Epsom Traffic Circle

-- Route 4 to Black Hall to school                                 

8:15 AM -- Arrive @ school


*PM line-up: 7th bus in line      

PM run: same as AM: Goboro Rd. from Rt. 4, travel Depot Rd., Rt. 28 southbound towards Epsom Circle


Pink Bus

7:43 AM – Route 107 (Stops)

7:45 AM – Left onto Route 4 East (Stops)

 – Turn around @ Sign Shop/mini mall

7:47 AM -- Continue Stops on Rt. 4 (westbound)

7:48 AM – Right onto Lords Mill Rd (Stops)

-- Left onto Route 4 (westbound)

8:00 AM -- Left onto Black Hall Rd. (no stops)

8:01 AM -- Left onto Towle Pasture

 --Travel up to Woodland 

8:02 AM -- Stop @ Towle Pasture + Woodland Dr

-- Turn around, travel back down

8:04 AM -- Stop @ Towle Pasture + Leighton Brook

 --  Right onto Leighton Brook, left onto Old Town Rd

8:06 AM -- Stop @ Deer Lane + Old Town Rd

-- Travel back down . . .

8:07 AM  -- Stop @ Old Town Rd + Colby Rd

8:08 AM  -- Stop @ intersection of Old Town + Leighton

-- Left onto Leighton Brook, right onto Prospect St. 

8:11 AM  -- Stop @ Easy St.

8:12 AM --  Left onto Black Hall (no stops)

8:14 AM -- Arrive @ school—unload on Water St. by gym


*PM: 2nd in line.  **PM Route: Cutters Devp./Rt. 4 East after Rt. 107/Lords Mill/Rt.107S


Purple Bus

7:40 AM – Elkins Rd @ Whitetail Dr.

7:41 AM – Route 28 South @ Lane Rd. (1 Stop)

– Continue Route 28 S (Stops)

7:46 AM – Right onto Drolet Rd. (Stops) --turn around @ Martin

-- Back to Route 28 S

7:54 AM – Right onto North Pembroke Rd. (Stops)

--Left onto Lena Lane

7:56 AM – Lena Lane @ Spring St. (Stop)

turn around, back to North Pembroke (Stops)

-- Travel back to Route 28 S

8:00 AM -- Left onto Rt. 28 (Stops-headed towards circle)

8:04 AM -- Right onto Short Falls Rd. (no stops)

8:05 AM -- Left onto Black Hall Rd. (Stops)

8:08 AM – Arrive @ school—unload on Water St.-by gym

*PM: 4th in line.    **PM Run: same as AM

Blue Bus

7:32 AM -- Travel through Epsom Circle to Route 4 West 

7:35 AM – Route 4 West –Stops to town line

7:39 AM -- Epsom Circle to Route 28 South, left onto Short Falls                                   

-- Travel New Rye Rd., left onto Swamp Rd.

7:52 AM –  Sanborn Hill Rd. (Stops)

7:57 AM -- Mt. Delight Rd. (Stops)

8:03 AM -- Dow Rd. (Group Stop)

 -- Turn around @ Dow, head back towards New Rye          

8:10 AM – Swamp Rd. (Stops) 

 -- Travel back out to New Rye, to Short Falls to Black Hall

-- Left onto Water St.

8:17 AM -- Arrive @ school—unload.


*PM: 6th in line

** PM run: Swamp/Mountain Rd/Mt Delight/Route 4 West 


Yellow Bus

7:43 AM -- New Rye Rd.—Turn left onto Swamp Rd.

-- c/o Sanborn Hill Rd. (head back to New Rye)

-- right onto New Rye Rd.

7:45 AM -- New Rye Rd. (Stops headed down hill)

7:50 AM – Left on River Rd. (Stops)

8:00 AM – Left onto Short Falls Rd. (Stops)

8:02 AM -- Right onto Route 28 (Stops-right side only)             

8:03 AM -- Colby Brook Estates trailer park (group stop)           

-- Windymere Dr. (stops)

8:05 AM -- Right onto Rt. 28 (South) *stops before Elkins Rd.   

 -- Turn around @ Elkins                                                               

 -- Travel to Epsom Circle

8:09 AM -- Route 4 East stops to Bartlett MHP

-- Right onto Black Hall (no stops-see Red)

8:14 AM – Arrive @ school—unload on Water St. by gym


*PM: 3rd in line

**PM run: New Rye, River Rd, Short Falls, Route 28 S- stops right side only -(headed towards Circle) Colby Brook, Windymere, Rt. 28 S-right side before Elkins Rd., Route 4 East stops from Circle to Black Hall Rd.


Orange Bus

7:45 AM -- North Rd (stops)

7:45 AM -- X-mas Tree Trailer Pk

7:47 AM -- Samuel Drive

7:52 AM – Chestnut Pond Rd (Stop)

7:56 AM – Barton Rd (Stop)

-- Left onto Webster Mill

8:00 AM – Locke Hill Rd (Stop)

8:05 AM – Left onto New Orchard Rd (Stops)                  

8:08 AM – Locke Hill Rd (Stop)

 -- Continue New Orchard –stops

8:12 AM – Range Rd (Stop)

-- Travel to bottom of New Orchard Rd (Stops)

-- Right onto Route 4, left onto Black Hall

8:20 AM – Arrive @ school—unload on Water St.


*PM- loads on Water St.—1st in line   

**PM: Run same as AM


**Note: Parents must pick up students in front of the school on Black Hall, no vehicles are allowed in the bus loading zone on Water St. until all busses have left.



Suncook River Veterinary Clinic Teams Up With The Gauntts To Help Save “Garf”

By Meggin Dail

Epsom Garf (2).jpg

Garf in the capable hands of Jess of Suncook Veterinary Clinic, a day after surgery and purring.


Epsom garf4 (3).jpg

Garf, as he came to the Gauntts hungry and hurting.


Epsom garf1 (1).jpg

One of the the tell-tale X-rays of Garf’s injuries.


After hearing so much about “Garf” through friends, Chari and Nathan Gauntt, I had to visit the handsome cat myself. My first day as ad rep for The Suncook Sun brought me to advertiser, Suncook River Veterinary Clinic. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by Jess and a very big smile. Jess smiles a lot. I immediately got the impression she really likes her job at Suncook River Veterinary Clinic. I asked about Garf and how he was doing and Dr. Fiona Reeve, DVM was nice enough to allow me to visit with him given that he be in Jess’s capable arms; after all, Garf had just had one of his legs amputated the day before.


For those of you who haven’t seen the news about Garf, he has been a stray that Nathan and Chari Gauntt of Barnstead have been feeding for the last two years. Having three cats of their own and seeing Garf’s independent spirit, they never tried to take him in, until recently. Garf came to them a few weeks ago with a limp, a very bad limp. They knew he needed more than TLC. Because Garf was used to being a stray it was not an easy task getting him into a cat carrier, after almost two weeks of trying the Gauntts were successful and brought him to the vet’s office whereupon it was discovered through X-rays that  Garf had been shot, not once, but twice. Once either months or years ago, as shrapnel was still embedded in his body and the second time quite recently, shattering his “elbow” of his right front leg. The Gauntts immediately took action to care for Garf. This is where The Suncook Veterinary Clinic, 1569 Dover Road, Epsom, came in.


The Suncook River Veterinary Clinic is used to helping animals like Garf as they often work closely with organizations such as Animal Allies, NH with low cost spay and neuter programs as well as special instances like Garf and those who love animals. Jess told me that on special low cost spay/neuter days at Suncook River Veterinary Clinic they can spay up to as many as 30 cats in one day, both domestic and strays. Workers will volunteer their time to help and make the process go smoothly. Animal Allies will also help adopt out dogs through their website and cats through Suncook River Veterinary Clinic.


Thanks to the Suncook Veterinary Clinic and Nathan and Chari Gauntt, Garf has done well in surgery and was purring when I met him. It’s advertisers like this one we are proud to have in our paper.



Epsom Food Pantry


Well, Good Day to one and all. All is well at the Food Pantry. With the marvelous veggies coming out of the Epsom gardens along with the Girl Scout garden out back, our members have just been so lucky to have such a choice of goodies. 


We are now thinking of back to school items and I shall be asking for them shortly.  I also want to wish our steady volunteer Rita Becker a quick recovery as she is missed in the Pantry.


Our Pantry looks well stocked at this point, but with nearly a hundred families, it does not take long for the shelves to empty. So, all your donations are appreciated.  Our meat situation becomes a challenge at times, but between Ken, Liz, and I, we manage to get what we can. If you know of a good meat sale let me know.


Until next time.







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