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Epsom NH News

June 17, 2015

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Epsom Public Library Youth Events


Super Hero/Heroine Breakfast: Saturday, June 20th at 9:30 am. Join the fun as we celebrate our favorite heroes and heroines featured in books, movies and television. Dress in your favorite costume and enjoy stories, breakfast and a craft! All ages are welcome! Space is limited so sign up at the circulation desk or call the library!


Summer Reading Program Sign Ups: June 22nd thru July 2nd This year’s theme, “Every Hero Has a Story” features an early literacy program for toddlers and preschoolers, and a program for youth in grades K-5. Teens have their own program, “Unmask: Discover the Hero Within.” Come into the library to sign up, pick up a SRP packet which includes a full schedule of events, and a book mark. We will also have raffle tickets for prizes each week during the summer. For more information call Mrs. Benner. FAMILY MOVIE: The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water! , Monday, June 22nd at 6:30 pm. The movie is rated PG and popcorn and drinks will be provided!





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

The House will meet after The Sun’s deadline this week, to finish setting up committees of conference with the Senate. I went to a briefing on the budget, explaining the differences between the governor, House, and Senate versions. The Senate version is more generous than the House’s, because with three more months of data they have a better estimate of revenue over the biennium! Our Ways & Means committee met to review revenue estimates, and they increased their estimate, so it’s a lot closer to the Senate number. Having more revenue gives us more flexibility in negotiating, although final results are almost always between the two versions.


The Merrimack County Republican Committee is having an Independence Day picnic in Bear Brook Park, July 5, 1-4 pm. Since we’re gearing up to the presidential primary, some candidates will be there, but speeches will be held to a minimum! I have tickets if anyone wants to attend, although they’re also available at the door.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




White Mountain Chapter Nam Knights Motorcycle Club Donate Funds To Epsom Fire Explore Troop 546

Epsom Nam Knights.jpeg

Members of Explorer Troop 546, The Epsom Fire Department and The Nam Knights Motorcycle Club  pose for a photo during the donation.


On Wednesday Jun 10, 2015 The White Mountain Chapter of the Nam Knights Motorcycle Club donated the funds to send a member of the Epsom Fire Explorer Troop 546 to Basic Fire School.  


The Tuition for the weeklong school is $375.00 per Explorer. The Nam Knights have a long history with local Fire and Police Explorer troops. They have helped out several local communities over years.  Chapter President Iron Mike Dempsey said “ We are dedicated to supporting our future Law Enforcement and Fire Service Professionals as best we can. These are good kids doing the right things to better their lives and the lives of those in the community around them. How can you not support that?”   


You can check out the Nam Knights and more of their charitable works at



Photographs By Sandra Hewson At The Epsom Public Library


Now on display at the Epsom Public Library is a selection of photographs by former Deerfield resident, Sandra Hewson.  The photographs cover a range of subject matter, from sweeping vistas to intimate close-ups,  with the majority reflecting the artist’s travels in Ireland, France and the American Southwest.   Currently residing in New York state, the artist has a background in graphic arts and continues to experiment with various mediums;  an exhibit of her of abstract paintings was hosted by the library in May of 2012.  The show runs through July 18th, and may be viewed during regular library hours: Monday- Thurday, 10 am to 7 pm and Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm.  For more information, call 736-9920 or visit



Letter To The Editor


Things are going well. The roads are hard, the ditches as dry as they get this time of the year and the brooks are extremely low. The one plant that is noticeably liking the dry ground is Poison Ivy.


The roof is on the pole barn at the Highway Department. Come and see the progress during working hours. We have a ways to go, but we’ll get there. Thankfully, after weeks, someone was able to get Herb Bartlett’s boom lift running again.


We’ll be back on Goboro Road sometime after school is out. We’ll put a sign out to let you know.


Have a great summer.

Bless you,

Your Road Agent

Gordon Ellis



Letter To The Editor


In the days leading up to the American Revolution, Thomas Paine wrote, “Casting off a king may at first seem strange and difficult, but like all other steps which we have already passed over, will in a little time become familiar and agreeable:” 


In other words, you’ll get used to it!


Same holds true for Americans today.


Freedom demands that certain things be done that may “seem strange and difficult”. but you’ll get used to them.


Abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank is right at the top of that list.


When the Fed was created in 1913, it was supposed to be a stabilizing factor.  


It has been anything but a stabilizing factor.


Since the Fed’s creation, we have had any number of recessions, three major depressions, i.e., the Great Depression, the Collapse of 1987, and the Great Recession of 2008. All . . . all of which were directly caused by the Fed and its policy of credit expansion, i.e., increasing the money supply via the credit markets.


And another, even bigger, depression is already on the way.




The Fed’s policy of credit expansion or as the Fed now calls it, “Quantitative Easing”. 


“Money” was not created by government.  


Money was created by the Market. 


You don’t need “government” to have money.


Governments seize control over money, i.e.,  give themselves a monopoly over money and the supply of money, primarily so they can cheat their citizens through inflation (an increase in the supply of money) and spend more money than it takes in.


Money is much too important to trust to the government.


The best, the fastest way to restore sound money and put an end to the steady stream of recessions and depressions is to abolish the Fed.


Jack Kelleher






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