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Epsom NH News

June 10, 2015

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On Tuesday, June 16 at 7:00 PM the Epsom Public Library will host award-winning and bestselling novelist Margaret Porter who will speak about her latest book, “A Pledge of Better Times”  The characters step from the pages of history: Lady Diana de Vere and Charles Beauclerk confront betrayals, scandals, and tragedies that threaten to divide them.   Neither the privileges of birth nor proximity to  the throne can ensure their security, their advancement – or their happiness.


Margaret’s research took her to palaces and aristocratic residences in addition to major research libraries.  A former Epsom resident, Margaret returns to Great Britain annually to research her books.



Epsom Public Library June Youth Events        


Super Hero/Heroine Breakfast: Saturday, June 20th at 9:30 am. Join the fun as we celebrate our favorite heroes and heroines featured in books, movies and television. Dress in your favorite costume and enjoy stories, breakfast and a craft! All ages are welcome! Space is limited so sign up at the circulation desk or call the library!


Summer Reading Program Sign Ups: June 22nd thru July 2nd This year’s theme, “Every Hero Has a Story” features an early literacy program for toddlers and preschoolers, and a program for youth in grades K-5. Teens have their own program, “Unmask: Discover the Hero Within.” Come into the library to sign up, pick up a SRP packet which includes a full schedule of events, and a book mark. We will also have raffle tickets for prizes each week during the summer. For more information call Mrs. Benner. FAMILY MOVIE: The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water! , Monday, June 22nd at 6:30 pm. The movie is rated PG and popcorn and drinks will be provided!


TEEN EVENT: Mother/Daughter Book Discussion Group: Tuesday, June 16th 6 pm. The group will be reading, Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black. Refreshments will be provided. Copies of the book are available at the library.



Letter To The Editor


Our country is the first and only country founded upon the belief that every citizen has a right to their life, liberty, and the right to own and control their own property. 


While our founding fathers were primarily concerned with securing political and religious freedom, their emphasis on the right of every citizen to own and control their own property led straight to the creation of the market economy.


As a result of the market economy, for the first 100 to 120 years of our existence, mankind made the greatest leap forward in history with regard to the standard of living.  We went from cabins and candles to electricity, the light bulb, telephone, automobiles, anesthesia, etc.  


Beginning around 1900, another idea came along: socialism, a system under which the government controls/regulates virtually every aspect of life, money, credit, land, income, business, education, and the like.


In Europe, socialism was first tried in Russia and Germany with catastrophic consequences.  Millions of people systematically murdered by their own government.


In the United States, socialism has been implemented piecemeal.  First with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and then with the “New Deal” in the 1930’s.  Ever since then, we have been adopting more and more socialistic policies and  programs. 


As government has expanded its control, individual freedom has shrunk and the market economy hampered/crippled to the point where even the government is trying desperately to get it going again.


Americans are slowly killing the goose that laid the golden egg, i.e., the market economy.


No coincidence that Americans have never been less free than they are today!


And that the poverty that socialism invariably brings is just over the horizon.


Restoring the market economy, unhampered by government, is the key to restoring freedom and prosperity.   It is still possible.


Jack Kelleher



Maloney & Kennedy, PLLC Open New Office In Concord


Maloney & Kennedy, PLLC, Certified Public Accountants, have moved to a new office location.   They can now be found at 197 Loudon Road, Suite 210 in Concord.  They were previously located on Triangle Park Drive.  Maloney & Kennedy work with small to mid-size businesses as well as individuals.  Their services range from tax return preparation to every aspect of accounting and financial analysis.  Kevin Kennedy has served the Concord and Epsom areas for several years and looks forward to operating his office from this new location.  They welcome new clients and look forward to continue to serve the area.  For more information check out their website at .





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

After a three week break, the House met to vote on all remaining Senate bills. Probably the most important was SB179, clarifying requirements for voting and requiring a 30 day domicile in New Hampshire before voting. This was debated at length, mostly on the new 30 day requirement, and passed, 211-145. I voted for it because it makes it harder for people just passing through the state to vote here, as has been the case for campaign workers and other transients, but should not affect actual residents.


Another very important bill, also debated at length, was SB133, which would reform the workers’ compensation system. The committee had developed a complex methodology for the Insurance department to develop a database of costs for typical procedures, which the Labor department would use to resolve conflicts between providers and insurors. They believed that it would cut costs for workers’ comp, which is very expensive in New Hampshire. Dan and I were convinced that it was a price-fixing scheme, and he spoke against the committee amendment. It failed, 132-198, and a simpler amendment – only repealing the requirement that workers’ comp medical bills must be paid as presented – passed, 231-100. SB133 passed, 264-67.


We finished the day by debating SB213, which creates a study committee to examine the distribution of rooms & meals tax revenue. This is distributed to towns in accordance to their populations, and towns with lots of tourist attractions (Hampton, Conway, Portsmouth) feel that they don’t get enough to cover the expenses of producing that revenue. SB213 was not killed, 122-180, then passed by acclamation.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Epsom Food Pantry


Well, another busy week at the Pantry.  That marvelous garden that the Girl Scouts are working on looks just wonderful. We are so fortunate to have Master Gardener, Nancy Heath, in our town to help these young people.


On that note, folks, the Pantry could use a little help in canned goods of really any variety, as we have been extra busy and our sources have cut back. This affects us, of course. We are truly grateful for anything.  Also, our phone is giving us a fit lately so if you call and cannot get an answer, call me until we get it up and running (219 3025). 


Again, many thanks to that wonderful church St. Stephens in Pittsfield. They never forget our Pantry. Aren’t we lucky.  Have a good week and water those gardens as we are looking forward to fresh veggies.


Until next time,







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