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Epsom NH News

May 20, 2015

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What’s New? In Our Community!


What’s New? Second Hand Store has proudly opened a second location in Epsom, NH.  Located at 940 Suncook Valley Hwy in the Epsom Circle Shopping Plaza.


What’s New? is a place where you can shop while spending little but helping a lot!  Whether you’re looking for an affordable piece of furniture, a fun new outfit, or something unique for your home, What’s New? Second Hand Store will be just the place to find it: All clothing is only $1 every day unless otherwise marked!


What’s New? also assists local charities with financial support on a monthly basis in order to support the needs within our community.   It’s a win/win!  So if you’re spring cleaning, have yard sale left overs, or things you just don’t want to look at any longer, please consider donating your unwanted items to  What’s New? Second Hand Store.   They’ll be happy to take them off your hands and will be grateful for your generosity. 


Hours of operation are Tuesday - Friday from 12 – 6 and Saturday & Sunday from 10 - 5.  For donation information, to inquire about support for your local non-profit, or for general information please visit their website at, find them on Facebook, or just stop by!  



Get Fit NH Celebrates Seventh Year 

Coaches and clients celebrate milestone together with Fun Friday Throwback workout


Seven years ago, on May 8th, 2008, a dozen brave souls, including current client Dan Yeaton, gathered in Dean and Nancy Carlson’s Epsom backyard at 4:45am. Under a halogen lamp attached to a basketball backboard they completed the first ever training session at Get Fit NH. This past Friday, May 8th, 2015, coaches and clients celebrated the seventh anniversary of Get Fit NH by doing the exact same workout, “Teaming with Toys.” This time, however, Dean, Nancy, and three other coaches put over 250 people through their paces at their two state of the art training facilities in Concord and Epsom.


Get Fit NH has grown not only in terms of number of clients and physical facilities but also in the quality of service they provide.  By going through a rigorous process, recently Get Fit NH became one of only two gyms in the country to have earned Smart Group Training (SGT) certification. The hallmark of SGT is the Functional Movement Screen which allows personalization of each routine within a group setting to maximize clients’ results. Get Fit NH also offers their clients the latest state of the art fitness technology such as BioForce HRV heart rate variability testing, which monitors readiness for exercise, ultrasound body fat assessment, Whole 9 nutrition coaching, and their latest addition, MyZone training technology, which allows coaches and clients to monitor clients’ degree of effort while training. Get Fit NH asks each new student to come in for a 2 week free trial before joining. These two weeks allow them the best chance to see for themselves what a difference the coaching, the camaraderie, and the physical training will make for them. 


The Get Fit NH approach to fitness is clearly resonating with the public. This spring, Get Fit NH was voted “Best of the Best” gym in all of New Hampshire. This makes three “Best of the Best” nods in a row for the popular gym, increasingly well known for its unique high quality group training format. Get Fit NH Coach Nancy Carlson also brought home the “Best of the Best” Fitness Instructor honors for the fourth time since 2010.In addition, Get Fit NH was also voted best Boot Camp 2015 out of a field of nine facilities and was the runner up in the Best Gym category, with fifteen gyms vying for the top spot for the 2015 New Hampshire A-List awards. New Hampshire Public television sponsored these awards, based on more than 10,000 votes from more than 6,000 local New Hampshire-area voters.


In celebration of the anniversary, Dean Carlson wrote a heartfelt letter of gratitude to clients that also appeared on the Get Fit NH blog. In it, he not only expressed his gratitude to his clients but pride in his staff’s camaraderie with clients. He wrote, ‘it is so gratifying to see the relationship our clients have built with our coaching team. Erin, Meagan, and Adam are not only great coaches, but even more importantly world class people. Clients share Dean’s sentiments. Mark N. of Concord wrote, “ I truly appreciate the coaches’ help, their enthusiasm, and their encouragement. Get Fit NH is one of the best decisions I have made”



Epsom Library News


On Tuesday, May 26, from 11:00 am to noon, the Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association is offering a free presentation, “A Healthy Life for Me!” at the library.  While not all illness is avoidable, many challenges associated with ongoing health conditions can be overcome by eating right, exercising and taking care of yourself.


To register, please call (603) 224-4093 or (800)927-8620,  ext, 5815.


At 7:00 PM on Tuesday, May 26, the library will show the movie Selma. The movie chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965 when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lead a dangerous campaign and an epic march in hopes to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition.  One of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement was President Johnson’s signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  This movie is rated PG-13.



Letter To The Editor


Spring is truly here, the apples and cherries are in blossom, the May flowers smell so good.  By the time you read this I sure hope we have had some rain.  Not like Texas, but a good soaking rain. The brooks are extremely low and everything is dry.


Things are going well at the Highway department.  We have cleaned some swales and culverts and a lot of gravel in pot holes and on and transmissions.  The dust is early this year.  We’ve also picked up a lot of downed limbs.  The roof will be on the Pole Barn soon.


I’m not usually taken aback, but at a meeting on 12 May on a proposal to pave the hill on Chestnut Pond Road, I truly was.  We had hired an engineer to draw up plans and were ready.  We had figured there would be some negativity and mostly positivity. What had set me aback was no one stood and said they wanted the hill paved.


We’ll be working hard.


Enjoy your spring and summer.

Bless you.

Gordon Ellis

Your Road Agent 



Epsom Road Agent Attains Level Of Master Roads Scholar II


Gordon Ellis, Road Agent for the Town of Epsom was recently recognized by the University of New Hampshire Technology Transfer Center as the first to attain the level of Master Roads Scholar II in the NH Roads Scholar Program. In addition he was also recognized for completing the requirements of Safety Champion designation. The Roads Scholar Program establishes educational and training requirements for municipal level highway practitioners, and recognizes those who have successfully completed specified T2 Center workshops.


Mr. Ellis attained this recognition by attending more than 150 hours of workshops offered through the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) at the UNH Technology Transfer center.  The LTAP’s Mission is to foster a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and increasing knowledge of the transportation workforce and decision maker.  The program is made available to through the cooperative support of the Federal Highway Administration, the NH Department of Transportation, and the University of New Hampshire.


In order to be recognized as Master Roads Scholar II Mr. Ellis attended over 150 hours of workshops at the Technology Transfer Center on topics including road and culvert construction, maintenance techniques and approved environmental practices.  


“The class not only gives you a chance to learn and refresh your memory, it gives you an opportunity to associate with those who have the same problems and concerns.  I am thankful for the opportunity to attend the T2 class.” Gordon Ellis



Letter To The Editor


Are low interest rates a good thing?


It depends.


If consumers are saving money, rather than spending it,  then the amount of money in the banking system/credit market  available to be loaned out will go up and interest rates down.


If consumers are spending money, rather than saving it,  then the amount of money in the banking system/credit market  available to be loaned out will go down and interest rates up.


Either way is fine.


Interest rates are simply responding to what consumers prefer.


However, businesspeople rely on interest rates to tell them what to invest in.


Low interest rates tell businesspeople to invest long-term in capital goods, i.e., manufacturing plants, office buildings, trucks, machinery, etc.


High interest rates tell businesspeople to invest short term in producing consumer goods, i.e., food, clothing; things consumers will buy and use up.


Enter the “Fed”.


The Fed has held interest rates artificially low (near zero) for approximately 7 years by blatantly flooding the banking system/credit market with money that it simply created out of thin air!


In doing so, the Fed has distorted interest rates, one of the principal signals businesspeople rely on to guide business investment.


Consequently, there are investments all over the place that were made, in great part, because interest rates were artificially low and businesspeople, therefore, misled.


When interest rates rise, as they must, those investments (malinvestments) will likely fail and have to be liquidated and we will have the beginnings of another depression.


The Fed says that it has injected all this money into the banking system/credit market to help the economy get moving again.


But the fact is, the Fed’s policies and actions over the past 7 years have distorted business investment and simply condemned us, at some point, to yet an even bigger crash than that of 2008.


Jack Kelleher



Epsom Select Board

Grants Approval To Girl Scout Cadets

Epsom Girl Scouts.jpg

Girl Scout Cadets left to right: Samantha Meise, Brianna Virgin, Mary Nericcio, Iris Hall, Katie Muise and Olivia Rondeau


Monday May 11, 2015, Epsom Girl Scout Cadet Troops 22406 and 11085 were granted approval to build 3 raised bed gardens, which they call “The Giving Garden”, on Town property near Olde Town Hall. The nine girls, ages 11 to 14, made their presentation noting that the gardens will be a sustainable part of the community center landscape because the project will be handed down from troop to troop.


After the presentation, Board members Don Hardy and Hugh Curley inquired about the planning and maintenance of gardens. Board member Chris Bowes commented “I like the name” before the Board gave unanimous approval.


The girls have been working toward the “Girl Scout Silver Award” which is the highest award a Cadet can receive. To receive the award, each girl is required to contribute 50 hours of research, goal setting, planning, obtaining resources/approvals/donations, then working to complete project.


Last year, the girls researched statistics re poverty, hunger and food insecurity in NH. They decided that fresh fruits and vegetables would be a welcomed addition to our local food pantry. They made a presentation to Kenny Brown and other Epsom Food Pantry volunteers who wholeheartedly supported their project. 


After reading an article in local paper, Troop Leader Kat Hall responded to request for volunteers to work on Epsom community garden projects. She said “The girls have been working with project advisor Nancy Heath who is a Master Gardener from UNH Cooperative Extension. Typically, a project advisor is someone from the local community who is knowledgeable about the issue and who can provide guidance along the way. Ms. Heath has been helpful sharing her expertise and her enthusiasm for creating community gardens”.


If you or your business are interested in donating lumber, soil, plants or cash to this project, please contact Kat Hall at [email protected]






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