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Epsom NH News

March 4, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The Epsom Public Library will show the Family Movie, “Big Hero 6” on Tuesday, March 10 at 2 pm. The movie is rated PG and popcorn and drinks will be provided.


The library is currently having an Usborne Book Sale. Plan to visit the library and check out the great selection of children’s books and materials.


Story Time continues on Mondays at 10 am, Tuesdays at 1:30 pm and Thursdays at 3:30 pm. Lego Club meets Thursdays at 3:30 pm.


For more information about any of these programs call the library at 736-9920.



Letter To The Editor 

Epsom Vote for Lee Bartlett


Normally I would avoid elections for local political office, but I make exception in the case of Lee Bartlett for Epsom Welfare Administrator. Lee served as the Epsom welfare administrator for six years and is ready to serve Epsom again. Lee has a lifetime of service to individuals in need of assistance in times of personal crisis. She also has conducted herself in a manner keeping with the responsibility for controlling tax dollar expenditures.


Lee has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and six years of experience as Deputy and welfare administrator. Her history of reducing the budget for public assistance in Epsom has earned Lee another term.


Help Epsom control town spending by electing Lee Bartlett – Welfare Administrator on March 10.


Senator John Reagan

NH Senate District 17





Epsom Central School would appreciate your assistance in informing parents of children, who will be turning five (or six) before September 30, 2015 of our upcoming kindergarten and first grade screenings.  These literacy screenings would apply to children that are entering Epsom Central School for the first time.


The registration/screening for the 2015-2016 incoming kindergarten students will be held March 31st-April 2nd between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., as well as extended hours on April 2nd from 4:00-5:30 p.m.  If your child will be an incoming first grader, literacy screenings will be held on Thursday, April 2nd, from 8:45 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.  Please call the main office, 736-9331, to schedule your child’s 45-minute block for either of these screenings.  Please remember to bring a copy of your child’s immunization record, birth certificate, most recent physical exam, and two proofs of residency, including a purchase/sales or rental agreement.



Patrick Connors




Letter To The Editor 


In the past weeks you have read some of my many goals to operate the Highway Department efficiently and in a cost effective manner if elected as your Road Agent.  With over 30 years of experience building and maintaining roads and as a previous business owner I am very capable of completing quality work in a frugal manner.   I am young enough to be able to work hard and old enough to have the wisdom and experience to manage the Highway Department. 


With the large amount of snow that we have had this winter, plowing and snow removal is on every one’s minds.  Winter road maintenance is a very large portion of the Highway Departments budget.  My plans on winter road maintenance will keep our roads plowed wide and safe at all times and treated with proper materials that will not damage your  or the Town’s equipment.  My plans will allow you to get up those slippery hills and be able to stop at the dangerous intersections.  Trouble spots in our town need some special attention during a snow storm and my plans will allow for that.


As a fellow Epsom taxpayer I realize that we all work hard for our money and there are many costs that we face in addition to taxes. It is tough for all of us to pay higher taxes whether we are young and have purchased our first home, parents raising children, senior citizens living out our golden years or small business owners.  If you provide me with the privilege of serving as your road agent I will be committed to maintaining Epsom roads in a safe and functional manner while recognizing that Epsom residents do not want nor can afford higher taxes.


[email protected] or call at 509-0595.


Thank you,

Scott Elliott



Letter To The Editor 


Going through Epsom on Route 4, it is nice to see the work done so far to the  historic Meeting House in its new permanent home. Without all of the planning,  dedication, and work from a number of people and organizations as well as  support from the voters, this would never have been. 


Over the years, there has been much debate as to whether or not the Meeting  House should serve as the town offices.  In 2012, the voters supported a warrant  article to use the building by outfitting the lower level of the Meeting House for town offices and the upper sanctuary for town meeting space.  Meanwhile, Epsom has continued to rent office space at an astronomical sum without getting a permanent structure. 


The hard-working committee, who I believe has done a tremendous job envisioning, planning, and working toward finishing the Meeting House, is asking for our support to complete this project and provide permanent office and meeting space that will be ours for generations to come.  This year the committee revisited the cost issues and came back with three significant cost reductions for the overall project. 


The four-page proposal that can be obtained at the town offices outlines the costs and shows artist conceptions of the building in its proposed finished state.  People will also be giving out more information at the polls on March 10 at Epsom Central School.


In the end, I believe that the completed building will benefit the town, not only in rental cost savings but also in bringing the vision of years ago to completion, thus showing that the townspeople of Epsom came together to accomplish this task.  Please join with me to support Article 1 by voting yes on March 10 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 



Tom Langlais



Letter To The Editor


Gordon Ellis has done a great job on the Epsom roads, especially given all the extreme weather we have had the last few years. 


I have seen constant improvements on many of our roads during the summer construction.  He has supervised huge projects that are time consuming and difficult.


Gordon has always communicated with the community with letters to the editor and is available via phone.


I have heard some complaints about stone on the roads during the bad weather, but to complain about that would be like complaining about salt on the roads; both are tough on our vehicles, but a neccessity to make the roads passable in bad conditions. 


Vote Gordon Ellis ROAD AGENT he has served us well.


Norman Lee Drew




Letter To The Editor


This letter is in support of two Epsom candidates running for office.  They are Don Harty for Epsom Board of Selectmen and Gordon Ellis for Road Agent.  I have had the pleasure to work with both individuals over the years in various levels of our local government to include School Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board and Selectmen.  They have always had the best interest of the town at heart.  While at times we may not have fully agreed on all decision, I knew both individuals are willing to listen to others before making a final decision. 


Don Harty’s strengths come from being a local business owner and his experience in past volunteer and elected positions while serving the community.  The decisions that the Board needs to make are not always easy and deal with very complex federal and state laws.  I know Don, as Selectmen, will always have the town’s best interest at hand in making the appropriate legal decisions.  I support giving Don the opportunity to serve the Town in this Selectman position.


Gordon Ellis, as Road Agent, serves in one of the most controversial positions within the Town.  No matter what action he deems appropriate, someone will always disagree to some order (i.e.: roadway improvement program, winter deicing operation, etc., etc.).  While I may have more disagreements with Gordon over the years in various town positions, I always knew he is willing to listen and be willing to adjust his old Yankee ingenuity. As a certified Road Scholar, it brings external knowledge and pier contacts to this very difficult position.  With the limited budget for roadway improvements, he has made some remarkable progress over the several terms as Road Agent.  I support keeping him in this position to continue his progress over the next two years.


Keith Cota






To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

With no legislative activity this week, here’s an update on my bills this year. HB205, on energy efficiency districts, is back in committee; I’ve worked with the people pushing for these districts to craft an amendment that eliminates the authority for towns to borrow and loan money, but still allows them to manage loans for private investors. I think it is likely to pass after the committee meets again on Tuesday.


HB216, allowing licensing boards to recover investigatory costs from the violators, has passed the House once and is in Finance for a second review. HB310, eliminating a duplicate form when destroying a motor vehicle, was unanimously recommended to pass by the committee and we’ll vote on it Wednesday.


HB337, adapting the patient’s bill of rights for patients with dementia, should be addressed by the legislative oversight committee looking at Alzheimer’s issues; the House committee voted to kill the bill, which is OK if the issue gets studied. HB369, a defined contribution pension plan for public employees, was retained so the committee can work on it over the summer and fall.


HB408, restoring the chiropractors’ licensing statute after a section was inadvertently deleted last year, is still in committee, and I’ve submitted a amendment requested by the chiropractors that improves the language. HB425, updates to the administrative rule process, is also in committee, and I expect both to pass.


HB547, repealing the property tax on telephone poles, is being amended by the committee to establish a uniform assessment for them, which should settle a large number of the lawsuits on this tax. Assessments run from $150 to $2500, with no obvious reason for the differences.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Letter To The Editor

Bosiak For Epsom


Both Betsy Bosiak and Don Harty might be capable of serving on Epsom’s Select Board. Of the two, I believe Bosiak is more qualified. A life-long, active resident of Epsom, she is well versed on our area’s history thus the “backstory” of buildings, easements, grants, businesses, warrant articles, other town business, agreements between Epsom and other towns during emergencies etc.  In the 3 year term she just served, she missed ONLY 2 regular meetings.


Professional history/experience: 32 years negotiating right of way and easement purchases for DOT throughout the state of NH. She is an expert at research from assisting surveyors to insurance liabilities from researching real estate titles to comparing how our taxpayer dollars are spent relative to other towns to save tax dollars.


Locally, Betsy Bosiak is a Planning Board member since 1999, has been Secretary of the Budget Committee for many years. She has worked on many State and Regional Boards; currently Betsy is a member of the Committee working on Statewide Master Plan for Regional Commissions. She has a number of contacts  throughout the state with which she can cut through bureaucracy.  She is a great asset to the Board and loves this community.


I believe Betsy Bosiak is the hardest working, most diligent, open-minded, respectful public servant Epsom has. Please participate in Epsom’s future. Vote Tuesday March 10 for Betsy Bosiak.


Nancy Heath




Suncook Senior Center March News


On Tuesday March 10th at 11:15am the center will host a caregiver information session with Lydia Bailey, Servicelink’s caregiver counselor.  Lydia will present information about resources particularly useful for caregivers, and she will be available through the early afternoon for private conversation.  The center will also be celebrating March birthdays on the 10th; please join us for a delicious lunch that will include soup, a salad bar and ice cream sundaes.  Everyone is welcome during lunch, no matter when you celebrate your birthday!


The free Rockin’ Daddios concert that was (twice!) postponed due to winter weather is scheduled for Monday March 16th at 12:15pm.  These talented doo-wop vocalists bring back some of the best loved songs of the late fifties and early sixties sung in a doo- wop style with the accent on harmonies and fun lyrics.  If you would like attend the 11:30am luncheon please call the center to make your reservation (485-4254).


The very next day, March 17th, we will celebrate Saint Patrick’s day with a delicious luncheon; including a riddle to find the pot of gold!  During the luncheon Servicelink’s Medicare counselor, Anita Oelfke, will be available to answer questions and provide everyone with updates.  The center’s Cribbage Club will be having a tournament on Wednesday March 18th starting at 9:15am; come and enjoy the game!


The center will be hosting a session of special bingo games on Thursday March 26th.  The games will be played from 9:30am to 2:00pm, and a buffet luncheon will be served.  Please call the center to sign up and learn more details.


The Suncook Senior Center is located at the Epsom Bible Church, 398 Blackhall Road, Epsom, NH, phone 485-4254.  The center is open Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 2:00pm, and serves lunch Monday thru Thursday at 11:30am.  Weekly activities include card games, bingo and three different exercise classes; including Gentle Yoga each Tuesday at 10:00am.  Stop in anytime to enjoy the Center’s activities!





To the Citizenry of Epsom,

The political process requires all sides to be heard and considered. As I have listened to many self-proclaimed “Liberals”, I have noticed that their open-minded attitude only applies to their like-minded cohorts. Sadly, I have only met a few true liberals. Most try to shut down the dialogue and make anyone who has a conservative viewpoint feel ashamed. They brandish “politically incorrect” labels upon the slightest rightward leaning such as “anarchist”, “gun-nut” and “anti-immigrant” to name a few.


The biggest label in their arsenal these days is that of “rich.” Class warfare and overpopulation are the keystones to the loss of freedom and social destruction. No matter how poor you are, if you have a ham sandwich and someone else doesn’t, you’ve become the “1%”. You don’t see the rich “Liberals” like the Kennedys, Obama, Clinton, or Bloomburg taking from the millions in their trust funds and bank accounts to feed the poor. It’s your money and freedom they want to take and redistribute to who they see fit.


Don’t persecute those who have worked hard to get ahead, prosecute those who have made gains by nefarious means. Before you label me a “right-wing extremist”, know that I am not. I am an independent who trusts neither team. Any motive that is not pro-constitution and liberty to the people is highly suspect to me and should be to everyone.


The thought that someone would tell a fellow citizen of Epsom to be silent due to his limited government and pro-liberty views is insulting to at least myself and the ideal form of our political process. People should not “sacrifice” their liberties, especially speech to the altar of political correctness. I believe our founding fathers were not anarchists nor should they have been ashamed.


J. Downey



Letter To The Editor


Do you have young children?


Great grandchildren?

Concerned about their future?

You should be.

The United States government is in debt up to its eyeballs.

The “National Debt” is almost 20 trillion dollars.


The single largest creditor is China, a potential adversary (How smart is that?)


But  big as the national debt is, it is dwarfed by the government’s “unfunded liabilities,” i.e., promises to pay out benefits in the future, mostly for Social Security and Medicare, without having any money set aside to do so.  


Your children, grand children and great grandchildren are going to be forced to supply that money... 


To the tune of approximately 130 trillion dollars... 


Twice the total output of all goods and services for the entire world economy in 2012.


And that is the low estimate; the high estimate is 205 trillion dollars.   


But just to punctuate the government’s financial insanity, the President of the United States recently indicated that he is concerned about “mindless austerity.”


Does 20 trillion dollars in debt and 130 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities look like “austerity” to you? 


Or out of control spending?


It will, in all probability, fall on the shoulders of today’s young people to pay back both the debt and the unfunded liabilities.


The tax burden they will face will be crushing.


The inflation they will endure as the government runs the printing presses 24/7 will be like nothing Americans have ever experienced.


For young people, the American dream will become just that, a dream.


But maybe, just maybe, if you keep telling young people, “government is good, government is good, majority rule, majority rule...”


They won’t catch on to just how poor and enslaved they are going to be.


You should probably start early.

Jack Kelleher



Letter To The Editor


This has been an interesting winter.  The amount of snow wasn’t overwhelming; it was other conditions that brought the biggest challenges.  The hardest part of snow removal was the length and timing of the storms, and of course the wind.  We spent lots of time and dollars after the storms removing drifts from the roads.  We used trucks, loaders, and skid steer mounted snow blowers over and over as the wind blew the same snow again and again.  And during these storms we had help from many of you, way beyond what taxpayers would do and showing what neighbors would do for each other.  I want to thank you for that help.


Your Road Agent,

Gordon Ellis



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor:

An apologist for Mr. Kelleher has risen to his defense in the Sun’s 2/25 edition after my recent letter taking Mr. Kelleher to task for calling most Americans greedy criminals who use their government to steal for them.  Accordingly, I have been chastised for a lack of understanding of today’s government which is regrettably not the same as during the wonder years of 1776.  A time when the government was of, by and for privileged white men.  And therein lies the genesis of Mr. Kelleher and his minion’s case against government. 


Today’s government, through woman’s suffrage, civil rights legislation, etc. has evolved to represent all Americans regardless of gender, race, national origin or religion.  This transition has resulted in a loss of total control and now some privileged white men have responded with hate and anger toward those they believe to be responsible for their demise: the less fortunate.  It is a pathetic and blatantly selfish ploy with their only hope being, if repeated often enough, it will get traction.  But most Americans have come to recognize extremists in their midst.  Those who resort to denigrating language like “prostitute” and “nanny state” to attack our government and have the audacity to describe themselves as slaves because of it.


So what’s the take away here?  When a privileged white man can convince you that he has become a slave on par with the black man in pre-civil war times, you should pay heed.  Until then, he’s just whistling Dixie.


Thanks again,

Glenn Horner






To the voters of Epsom

Winston Churchill once said that “Democracy is the worse form of government on earth---except for all the other forms that have been tried.”


Here in Epsom we are fortunate to have the purest form of democracy. Citizens are able to weigh in on who will be their Selectmen, who will take care of their roads, and who will oversee their public welfare system. They can also approve or disapprove of how their money is spent on various warrant articles. This system is only effective, however, if the citizens do their civic duty and go to the polls.


Whether you support myself or Betsy for Selectman, Gordon or Scott for Road Agent, or Celeste or Lee for Welfare Overseer, it is critical to our form of democracy that you turn out and vote on Tuesday, March 10th.


Epsom is a great town in which to live and it will only stay that way if you do your part. I hope to see you at the polls.



Don Harty




Letter To The Editor

Let’s keep Gordon Ellis as our Road Agent.


I have known Gordon for 20 plus years and I know he loves his job and takes pride in his work. Gordon has been our Road Agent long enough, so he knows what works and what doesn’t work. (They call that experience.) I know he also does most of the engineeirng, instead of hiring outside engineers, saving the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars every year.


Again, let’s stay with a prove n. Re-elect Gordon Ellis for Road Agent on March 10 .


Frank Penney




Letter To The Editor


My name is Robert Hutchins.


I purchased my property in 1978 and been an Epsom resident since. I served as Road Agent for three years in the early eighties. I feel this gives me an understanding of what it takes to perform the job of Road Agent in the town of Epsom! 


I believe that Gordon Ellis has done an excellent job! We have a lot of road and bridge improvement under his leadership.


Gordon is direct and level-headed and doesn’t take the many armchair road agents criticisms personally, which is very hard to do!


He is also very adept at securing government funding from both State and Federal sources. He sure know how to squeeze the eagle until it grins!


My vote for Epsom Road Agent goes to Gordon Ellis!


How about Mr. Scott Elliot. Being a good laborer, truck driver, and equipment operator, does not an administrator make!


Scott, have you ever engineered or estimated any road or bridge jobs? Have you ever managed hundreds of thousands of dollars like the highway dept. budget? Solicited bids for large road or bridge jobs from any contractors? 



Letter To The Editor


Voters of Epsom have an opportunity on March 10 to provide the town with a town hall and office space which will meet our needs for years to come. We currently rent space at the Epsom Strip Mall at a cost of $38,000 annually with a 3% annual increase. 


The Town Center Offices and Meeting Hall project will permanently end the practice and problems associated with renting space. Much work has been accomplished on the project up to this point including acquisition of land upon which to place the structure, an engineered site, a completed foundation, a professionally developed design and work proposal, an approved septic design system, acquisition of land from the State of New Hampshire to provide access to Route 4, a lower level ready for a concrete floor, and finally, a basic structure given to the town at no cost. 


The cost of the plan will be $950,000 and paid for with a 10 year bond at the lowest rates seen in years. Together we can finish the job and once again have our own Town Center Office and Meeting Hall.


Harvey F.Harkness



Letter To The Editor


I’d like to endorse Lee Bartlett for Welfare Adminstrator and Gordon Ellis for Road Agent in the upcoming Epsom municipal election, and for essentially the same reason.  Both are very experienced, conservative officials who look out for the taxpayer when spending money.  For example, even though there were less than 60% as many requests for welfare in 2014 compared to 2013, spending in the department under the new Welfare Administrator was up about $4,000 over what it was under Ms. Bartlett.


Speaking of budgets, we’re now in the crunch time for the state budget.  I’m on the finance committee where we write the House version of the budget, which then gets sent to the Senate in April.  Once again the Governor’s budget is very unrealistic.  For example, she assumed almost three times as much revenue will come in from new Keno games than the Lottery Commission expects.  I’m on the subcommittee that works on the Health and Human Services budget, which is always difficult, but this year more so because we are coping with some large law suit settlements in addition to all the previous programs.  Your input is always welcome.


Rep. Dan McGuire

[email protected]




Letter To The Editor


I went to a Town Office Committee meeting on February 18th and saw an alternative to the proposed Epsom Town Center offices and meeting hall that is on Warrant article # 1.  I was extremely excited to see the alternative plans that had been drawn up to the church remodel.


I thought that the town’s people should know that something better exists than revamping the old church into the new town hall. 


The drawings that I saw showed a beautiful new town office area right next to the current Epsom Police Department.  This new building had plenty of room for all town offices and had room for expansion.  There was plenty of parking planned into the design. There were levels for offices and other events like town meetings with gracious room for town employees. They would not be working in a basement dungeon. The big difference between this new building and warrant article # 1 is that this area is very user friendly and is going to cost much less than the $1,000,000 plus that the old church remodel will.  I can’t see how this new building could even cost us half of the church remodel.


This building will be built with fuel efficiently in mind and will meet all state applicable laws that will make a better working environment for our town employees.


I ask that you come to the library on March 4th at 5:00 PM to view the alternative plan and ask the Town Office Committee questions. Hopefully this alternative plan will save our town from more unneeded debt.  I am glad that I went and I was enlightened that something better does exist.  


Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you,

Peter Muise





Residents of Epsom,

I was the Welfare Administrator for 6 years in Epsom.


During that time I kept the budget under control and still satisfied the needs of the applicants. I also provided my expertise in helping applicants to find and keep jobs.


Other vendors always supplied some provisions to help.


This past year the Welfare Dept. was in excess of the budget and had to find the revenue from other Departments, within the Town. Those other departments had to change their plans in order to accommodate the Welfare Dept. You will hear that the reason for this was because there were more people to be helped in 2014. Yes, there were, because applicants were being solicited throughout the town, including the school.


Soliciting/ Outreach/ Procurement are not the protocol for the State Welfare Districts or the Town’s. Soliciting violates confidentiality, principle and changes the standard procedure (a precedent that has already been set).


As a resident of Epsom I do not want to pay higher taxes and they will increase as long as you allow it to continue. I want votes but I’m not going to “give away the farm” to get them.


Re- Elect me and I will have the Welfare Dept. functioning again with competence, proficiency and accountability as I did in the past.


Lee Bartlett

Candidate for Overseer of the Public Welfare






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