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Epsom NH News

March 18, 2015

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Epsom Historical Association Program


A reminder to mark your calendars!  The Epsom Historical Association will present a program entitled “March Madness Musical” on Sunday, March 22, at 2:00 p.m. at the Epsom Public Library.  Everyone is invited to enjoy an afternoon of entertainment with favorite songs from Broadway and other hits from the past by local performers.  A time of refreshments and socializing will follow the program.  For more information, please call 736-4477.



Epsom Public Library News


On Saturday, March 21, at 9:00 AM, the Epsom Public Library will be offering a basket making class.  Betsy Bosiak will show attendees how to make a square gardening basket, measuring 12’x12”.  The cost is $15 for materials and that includes a pizza lunch.  Reservations are required as space is limited.  Sign up at the front desk of the library or call the library at 736-9920.


Tuesday, March 24  the Epsom Public Library will be offering the program “Birds, Bats and Butterflies: Keeping Common Wildlife Common” at 7:00 PM.  Alicia Geilen, from Speaking for Wildlife and the UNH Cooperative Extension, will highlight a dozen wildlife species commonly seen in NH.  This is an opportunity to learn some cool animal facts and find out how the diverse mix of habitats in our region support these species.



Letter To The Editor

What is the proper role of government?


Our Founding Fathers, i.e., the signers of the Declaration of Independence, had it right from the very beginning.


They were obsessed with John Locke’s idea/principal of Natural Law.


Locke first conceived of the idea/principal of Natural Law when commissioned to write a justification for England’s Glorious Revolution of 1688. 


Seventy-five or so years later, our Founding Fathers were so convinced of the correctness of “Natural Law” that they would ultimately risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to make Natural Law the philosophical foundation of our country.


All Natural Law says is that every individual has a right to their life, their liberty, and to own and control their own property.


That governments are instituted by the people to secure those rights. 


And if a government should ever become destructive of those rights, it should be abolished and new measures put in place that will secure those rights.




Government’s proper role, therefore, is to be the “protector” of individual rights, not a “provider” of subsidies and “services”.


It is not a legitimate function of government to use force or threats of force to take money (property) from some individuals to whom it belongs and then give that money to someone else to whom it does not belong, be it in the form of a direct payment or a subsidy . . . no matter how worthy or noble you think the cause . . . no matter how loud those who want access to the public treasury scream.


Nor is it a legitimate function of government to deny individuals of their right to own and control their own property by enacting “zoning” laws.


Jack Kelleher



Letter To The Editor


I’d like to thank all of you who came out to vote and to let us know what issues concern you.  It was a good day, not cold, no wind, rain or snow, just perfect for voting.  I’m honored to be your Road Agent for the next two years.


It’s that time of year again where the frost starts coming out both from the top and bottom of our roads.  As usual, to save the integrity of the roads we will be posting weight limits. Remember, heavy trucks do several thousand times the damage as cars.


Please remember to drive on the high spots or areas on your roads. It not only levels the road but saves you money in the long term.


Bless you,

Gordon Ellis

Your Road Agent



Letter To The Editor


I want to thank everyone for all the support. We gave it a great run. I can hold my head high knowing that I presented an honest campaign and did my best.


Congrats to the candidates who did win. I hope that they will do their job in the best interest for the town and not a personal agenda. A special congrats to Celeste! She deserves every vote she got and will do a great job.


All I ask now is that residents pay a little closer attention to what is going on in our town politics. If nothing else, read the minutes every week online and keep up with what is going on with the people who represent us. If you have an issue write a letter to the selectmen through the town’s website. Thanks Again.


Scott Elliott



Paul Famulari Named New Principal Of Pembroke Academy

Epsom Paul Famulari.jpg

Pembroke, NH - Following an extensive interview process and resulting recommendation by a Principal Search Committee, the Pembroke School Board voted unanimously to appoint Paul Famulari, Pembroke Academy’s current Dean of Students, as the new Principal at the school.

Famulari will officially become Principal of Pembroke Academy (PA) on July 1, 2015, replacing Robert Pedersen, who was hired in an interim position for the 2014-2015 school year so a search could be conducted.


“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to lead a high school into the future and to be a part of something special at a school that is already on a great path,” said Famulari, who has been employed at PA for the last three years.  “I want to thank the administrative team, the SAU #53 leadership and the School Board for their trust and confidence in me.”


As Dean of Students at PA, Famulari’s duties included discipline, supervision and evaluation, budget oversight, coordination of school wide testing and the assuming of responsibility for school safety, security and general operations in the absence of the Principal.  He also coached Junior Varsity Baseball at PA.  Prior to coming to PA, Famulari worked as a social studies teacher at both Oyster River High School and Spaulding High School, where he coached football and baseball.


“Pembroke Academy and the entire Pembroke community is extremely fortunate to have Paul in this leadership position,” said SAU #53 Co-Superintendent Patty Sherman.  “Not only are his qualifications superb, but he brings with him consistency and stability having been a strong member of the administrative team at the school.  I look forward to working alongside him as PA grows to continue to ensure the best quality education for our students.”


Famulari said he is proud of the fact that PA has some of the strongest academic performers while at the same time offers such a broad depth of co-curricular and other activities outside the classroom.  Continuing to promote strong co-curriculars and beginning goal setting and fundraising efforts for Pembroke Academy’s Bicentennial Celebration in 2018 will be amongst efforts he will be tackling when he takes over as Principal in addition to the budget and ongoing work on the school’s current Master Schedule.


For now, however, he is just happy knowing he will be furthering his leadership at a high school he has grown to know and love. Said Famulari, “I’ve found a home here with people I can rely on and I’m very excited to build upon the solid foundation that has already been established.”


When not at PA, Famulari enjoys spending time with his wife, Brei, and daughter, Brennan.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom and Pittsfield,

This week the House met on over 200 bills. HB681, raising the marriage license fee by $5 to fund domestic violence services, passed 223-146. I supported an amendment to provide the same amount of funding from the general fund, both because non-married couples also suffer domestic violence and because the number of marriages has fallen, underfunding this effort below what was budgeted. This failed, 170-199. 


HB426, repealing the prohibition on cell phone use while driving, was debated at length and failed, 214-166. Michael Brewster, Dan and I voted to repeal this ban. 


Two poker bills were debated: HB169, allowing charitable “table stakes” games, was not killed, 157-204, then passed by acclamation; HB445, defining poker as a game of skill, failed, 217-150. My HB547, repealing the tax on telephone poles, was amended to give a standard assessment method, and passed, 205-162. We hope that this will settle the hundreds of lawsuits due to inconsistent assessments. 


A number of important education bills passed: HB124, requiring public hearings before adopting new standards; HB276, declaring school districts do not need to adopt Common Core, passed 225-136; HB332, requiring schools to notify parents in advance of presenting sexual material, passed 217-136; HB578, opposing unfunded federal mandates, passed 204-136; and HB603, allowing parents to exempt children from assessments and surveys.


Representative Carol McGuire 


[email protected]



Like Us On Facebook

Submitted By Nancy Heath, Master Gardener

UNH Cooperative Extension


EPSOM GARDENS facebook is up and running thanks to Lisa Marie Doherty. I am novice at facebook so I was thrilled when Lisa Marie volunteered to create the page. The pic on front page is fabulous: crocus peaking through snow. Another mention: Thank you, Carole Brown for donating wreaths and winter greenery for historical buildings & new library. (They will be coming down as I can get thru snow & ice.)


Thus far, we are in the planning stages of 2 veggie garden projects for the Food Pantry. I will be meeting with a Girl Scout Troop this week which had decided earlier in the year they wanted to do a garden project for Pantry. We will be discussing options: container, tunnels, Hugel Kulture etc. Lisa Marie’s son, Nick and his friends, are interested in doing work for high school community service credit. I have 3 other volunteer names as well.  The 2nd veggie project will be offered at the new Library using spot off children’s reading room.


The Period Garden at Olde Library (Epsom Historical Association) will be my main ‘working focus’ for this summer. Erik Wochholz, Curator of Historic Landscapes, Strawberry Banke Museum, has been of great help sharing information with me. We need volunteers for this project.


One of Epsom’s senior citizens has an herb garden and up to 1/2 acre of garden space which he will donate use of to a community organization (in case of the herb garden an approved individual would be welcomed in lieu of organization).


The Chichester Garden Club welcomes Epsom residents to attend their meetings held every 4th Wednesday night 7:00 pm at Chichester Grange which is street level floor above town offices. I have found speakers and topics interesting, informative and helpful. I will post monthly topics for each CGC meeting on facebook where you can also: “like us.”



Epsom  Food Pantry


Well, elections are over and isn’t that a blessing? Back to normal, I hope, and all the words coming out of everyone’s mouth are kind and gentle.


The Pantry has been busy and the needs are great.  We were very excited to have such  great response  on Voting Day.  Loads of generous people stopped by to wish us well and to thanks us for helping our neighbors.


I talked with Ken today and he said we could use some eggs again. They fly out of the Pantry. Again, I ask one and all, if you see a need in a home for food, let us know and we will look into their need and fill it.


Do not forget friends, when you do this year’s garden, plant a row for the Pantry.


We just loved what you brought us this past year. 


Until next time,







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