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Epsom NH News

March 11, 2015

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March Madness Musical


The Epsom Historical Association will present a program entitled “March Madness Musical” on Sunday, March 22, at 2:00 p.m. at the Epsom Public Library.  Everyone is invited to enjoy an afternoon of entertainment with favorite songs from Broadway and other hits from the past by local performers.  A time of refreshments and socializing will follow the program.  Mark your calendars and invite your family and friends!  For more information, please call 736-4477.



Epsom Food Pantry


The Pantry is very busy now. We have better than 90 families now that visit our Pantry. So far we have been able to keep our supplies going strong.  Of course, we are helped along by our wonderful supporters of the Pantry. Such as one of volunteers saw a need for more tomato soup, and within a day we had two cases in our Pantry.


One thing we do need is eggs, as they are a wonderful staple in any home and wouldn’t you know, John the owner of our Circle restaurant came up with many dozens, so Saturday we will be able to fill our orders.


Remember, if you see someone who needs food and cannot get to us, let me know and Ken will see that they are taken care of. 


Again many thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who keep the “fires burning” at our Pantry.


Until next time,




Letter To The Editor


Nothing is forever.


Civilizations, societies, nations, come and go.


The United States is no exception.


The Roman Empire lasted approximately 1,000 years, but that did not prevent it from collapsing in a mere 25 years.


The Soviet Union collapsed in a matter of hours.


No shortage of signs that the collapse is coming.


The signs are just ignored.


One sign is that a nation’s government can’t live within its own means.  


It starts making promises it can’t keep.  Borrowing money to pay current expenses.  Living off credit.  Running up debt.  It goes from a creditor nation to a debtor nation.  


We passed that threshold decades ago.


Military overreach is another sign.


Trying to control too much territory.  Too many bases.  Too many conflicts.  Too many wars. 


All of which drain a nation of its wealth. 


Yet another telltale sign of decline is in a nation’s money.


The government starts “cheating”.


The Romans clipped the edges of gold and silver coins, put the clipped coins back in circulation as though nothing was wrong with them and made more coins with the clippings.


The United States government just keeps printing more and more money, literally destroying the value of its own currency a little more each day.


Oh yeah, we are on the way out, big time!


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to saving the country remains the American people.


Most Americans, especially middle class Americans, would rather whine endlessly for more government subsides than stand on their own two feet and be responsible for themselves and their families.


At some point, however, Americans are going to have to muster some courage, “bring the troops home,” restore sound money, and abolish big chunks of the federal, state, and local governments.


The alternative? 


The ash heap of history.


Jack Kelleher



Letter To The Editor


My letter in defense of Mr. Kelleher had nothing to do with “apologist.” It was in essence to smoke the weasel out of the woodpile to determine where Mr. Horner stood on his knowledge of constitutional government. I was correct in my assertion that he knows nothing about the subject. He has been successfully indoctrinated by today’s education in US history. He has proven it with his term “privileged white men.” It is a typical response when one is cornered for not having the facts. If all else fails, play the RACE CARD! Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Sal Alinsky have taught you well, Mr. Horner.


It was blacks who sold blacks into slavery for gold, food and other resources. Many of the slaves in America were white as well as black, and many were owned by black land owners. I’m sorry they failed to teach you this Mr. Horner…it is historical FACT.


Unfortunately, many whites and blacks gave up their lives to correct those mistakes made in the past. You may not know this, but one of the bloodiest wars was fought to make all men equal in America.


The beauty of constitutional government is that people can be left alone to be the very best they can be…you cannot say this with surety today. Millions of Americans are on welfare and disability, because they cannot find work. Many have given up. It is because the government has taken power from the people and coerced itself with corporations. Together, they have corrupted a once great system of government by which those in power were once accountable for their actions. It has become corrupt, because WE have failed to assert our place in government!


I have Native American blood in me, so put your race card back in the deck.


Rick Lucas



Beauregard - Eriksson


Epsom CBeauregard AEriksson wedding photo bridge.jpg

Anna Eriksson and Christian Beauregard were married January 24th at the Jackson Community Church in Jackson, NH. Anna is the daughter of Elof and Gudrun Eriksson of Wellesley, MA. Anna attended Wellesley High School, Davidson College and received her MBA from Babson College. She is an account executive at a software company in Chelmsford, MA.


Christian is the son of Paul and Debra Beauregard of Epsom, NH. Christian attended Pembroke Academy, Maine Maritime Academy and works as a marine engineer at a firm in Boston, MA. 


Emma Eriksson Broomhead was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Charlotta Eriksson, Brittany Beauregard and Emily Beauregard. David Kalloch was best man. Serving as groomsmen were Matt Keating, Carl Eriksson, Markus Eriksson and Michael Broomhead.  Axel Eriksson was ringbearer; Annika Eriksson, Caroline Broomhead and Victoria Broomhead were flower girls. 


A reception following the ceremony was held at the Wentworth Inn. The couple resides in Brookline, MA and will be moving to Chichester, NH.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week the House met, with a full day’s work to be done. CACR1, a constitutional amendment to require a supermajority to raise taxes, was debated and killed, 226-128.


HB116, cutting the probationary period of teachers from five years to three, was debated, with both sides claiming that it was better for teachers. I voted to kill it because the longer period was clearly better for schools and taxpayers, and the House agreed, 218-145.


HB142, on social medial policies for schools, was heatedly debated on the details. A floor amendment was brought to exempt private and home schools from this policy; it was debated on the propriety of this and failed, 112-249. After that, the bill passed on a voice vote. HB206, on non-academic surveys administered at school, was debated on the committee amendment, which changed the policy from opt-in to opt-out. The amendment passed, 246-114, despite my opposition, and the bill passed on a voice vote.


HB185, authorizing straight ticket voting, was argued that it made it easier for the lazy and uninformed voters, and killed, 335-28.


HB404, repealing the law against ballot selfies, was debated between those who supported free speech and those who were concerned about election integrity. I don’t think vote buying is a major problem, so I voted in favor, as did Dan and Michael Brewster. We lost, 233-131.


HB136, banning artificial tanning for people under 18 without a doctor’s order, was not tabled, 171-188, debated, and passed, 199-162. I opposed this because a parent’s written permission is required now, and I trust parents to make the right decision for their children. Not to mention that teenagers can always get their sunburns the old fashioned way!


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Epsom Town Center And Volunteers

Submitted By Edward Nutter


From the official beginning of Epsom, incorporated 1727, and before, people helped their neighbors and took care of those in need. There people built a church and place for a minister (parsonage on Center Hill, near the cemetery). They built roads and a schoolhouse. There were no regulations. No zoning board. No planning board. No fire regulations. No engineers and no environmental regulations. An no wetland worries. No global warming.


Later, 1861, the Old Meeting House was built by townspeople.


More recently, about 1985, a small group worked hard to develop the wonderful library we now have. Most of the cost was from volunteers. The vision was to create a town center. Hundred of kids and adults met there and not only use  books, but attend many functions at the library.


Volunteers have restored the old small library and have made it into a jewel or gem. It is made of redwood. The redwood lumber was sent free to Epsom, by train, from a former resident who made a fortune in California.


A few years ago, volunteers restored the old Town Hall where the selectmen met upstairs in a small room with no secretary and only 2 file cabinets. The only support was a Town Clerk and Tax Collector, who used her hot kitchen as an office.


Lastly, to support the vision of a town center, many volunteers saved the Old Meeting House and convinced Cumberland Farms to contribute the building and $10,000 to the town. It cost $100,000 to move the building to the new town center where it is now.


The NH Historic Preservation people were very helpful in saving the old historic building and gave $190,000 to pay for restoration and the foundation with the understanding the Town of Epsom will make use of the building and keep it in good condition.


Interestingly, the geographic center of Epsom is very close to the new town center.



With Great Gratitude


This letter is for Dan Dennehy and everyone under his supervision.

My wife, Diane, and I wish to thank everyone who took care of my mother, Bette Krupsky.


In the twelve plus years, Bette was a resident in your care. My wife and I thank you all fro the great care, compassion, and respect that you gave her and my family. Thank you for the many times you made her laugh and smile, and helped her keep her dignity.


Thank You,

Jim and Diane







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