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Epsom NH News

February 18, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Epsom Public Library


Tuesday movie matinees continue on February 24 with the movie “Pride”.  The film is based on a true story from 1984 when Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of mineworkers is on strike.  A group of gay and lesbian activists in London decide to raise money to assist the Welsh miners and their families.  As the strike wages on, the two groups discover that standing together makes the strongest union of all.  This film is rated R.  Popcorn and soft drinks will be available.  Should there be yet another snow storm, please call the library at 736-9920 to make sure we are open.



Suncook Valley Sno-riders Poker Run. Saturday February 21st, 2015 at Ballfield at 177 Tilton Hill Rd., Pittsfield, NH. Registration from 10:00am-12. Support your local snowmobile club, accessible by vehicle. Lots of Fun! More information visit us on Facebook or



Epsom Public Library News


The Epsom Public Library will have a Teen Movie Event on Friday, February 20th at 6:30 pm.  The movie is “The Maze Runner” rated PG 13 and includes make your own tacos/burritos. Call Mrs. Benner at the library for more info. Donations will be appreciated.


Winter Vacation activities include the following Family Movies: “Book of Life” on Monday, February 23rd at 2 pm and “The Boxtrolls” on Tuesday, February 24th at 6:30 pm. Both movies are rated PG and popcorn and drinks will be provided.  An Usborne Book sale will be held during the week of vacation. Plan to stop in and check out the great selection of children’s books and materials.



Letter To The Editor


We all know his name. Not every one sees him in action as do I. For sure I wouldn’t take his job which is in three parts:   1. oversees that which has to be done and  2. make certain there are no short cuts which are costly in the long run, 3. having to listen to the self-appointed experts  at Dunkin Donuts who claim to know everything.


Need I say more!  Thank you Gordon for anexcellent, well manicured Goboro Road this past summer.


Jim Breagy




Letter To The Editor


My name is Scott Elliot. In the past few weeks I have introduced myself as a candidate running for the position of Road Agent in the town of Epsom.  In my previous letters I have outlined some of my goals if elected to that position.  


Below they continue:

In order to work efficiently and get the most value of the taxpayer dollars, I feel that proper planning for even the smallest project is necessary.  It is my intention to notify property owners whose property is within any project area prior to work commencing.  I feel that taking the time to talk to property owners, explain the work to be done, answer any questions and listen to all concerns is the proper way to start a project and also keeps a project running smoothly, thus saving money.


I will work directly with the Board of Selectmen, giving them a schedule of work that is going to take place. To me, it is very important that the selectmen be aware of all the work that is taking place or that will take place throughout the town.  I think it is a cause for concern when the Board of Selectmen or any other town official is asked what work is being done by the Highway Department, and the answer is, “I don’t know.”  


I welcome any questions or comments you may have for me, I can be reached by phone at 509-0595, or email at [email protected].


Thank you,

Scott Elliott



Letter To The Editor


After a mild December winter moved in with fierce cold, heavy snow, and seemingly endless overcast, I am reminded of our Epsom winters of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.  With one significant difference: today we can get out and about on the roads to work, school, or groceries so much sooner after the snowfall ends. Or sometimes even before.


I recall being frequently snowed in for several days at a time back then.  And when the roads were clear they were frequently very slippery.  Of course sand was used decades ago and salt also on the paved roads.  But the sun would melt the sand into the surface of the ice or packed snow where it would freeze each night, or it would become covered by an inch or two of fresh light snow.  In either case it became ineffective and cars making multiple runs at hill climbing were a common sight, as were cars that had slid off the road.  


The modern use of crushed rock has greatly improved winter road safety and reliability.  I haven’t been stuck in the middle of a road for years.  Because the crushed rock remains effective until it is plowed aside in the next storm, the sand truck can come by less frequently but more effectively - a win-win situation, as the saying goes.


When the flashing yellow lights of the plow shine in our bedroom window at 3 am I feel gratitude to the Epsom road crew who work not just hard but also smart.  Thank you.


Rick Harkness



Letter To The Editor

Our Country . . . 

And the United States government.

They are not one and the same.


Our country, the land mass located within the boundaries of the 50 states, is an absolutely beautiful, unique place to live.


It is everything the song America the Beautiful says it is and more.


What’s not to love about our country?


Then there is the United States government. 


It is nothing but a large group of people, a “gang” if you will, who act more like an organized crime family than they do a legitimate government.


Concepts of right and wrong are alien to this government.


It has long since abandoned its sole legitimate purpose of providing equal protection for all of its citizens.  It now protects some while victimizing others.


Its primary purpose now is to use force or threats of force to take money from some of its citizens to whom it belongs . . . 


To keep a big chunk of that money for itself and its “gang” members . . . 


And then give the rest of the loot to others to whom it does not belong in order to buy them off, to purchase their loyalty, with a subsidy of some sort.


Today “the rich” are “targeted” by this government.  


And when the rich are plundered out of existence by this government or the rich take their money and move away, it will be the not so rich who’ll be targeted, then the “middle class” (whatever that is) and so on down the line. 


In the long run, no one is safe from a government determined to plunder some or all of its own citizens.


This government will, in the end, produce what governments always produce; misery and poverty.


We deserve better.

Jack Kelleher



Letter To The Editor


This letter is in support of Gordon Ellis as road Agent for Epsom. I  have known Gordon for a good many years and also worked along beside him as Selectman.


We incorporated using prisoners from  Merrimack county as laborers in 2008. Gordon has done an impeccable job with our roads with the help of those prisoners and now we have the use of state prison inmates for road work help along with other duties assigned them by Gordon.


Gordon is a Rhoads scholar and set in his ways but he gets the job done with excellent results and has been re-elected several times. My vote is for Gordon.


Bob Blodgett

Epsom Resident



CRVNA Offers Consider The Conversation Screenings In Epsom


Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association is offering free screenings of “Consider the Conversation” on Tuesday, February 24 and Thursday, February 26  at 10 a.m. at Suncook Senior Center, Epsom Bible Church, 398 Blackhall Road in Epsom.


Join us as we view the first chapters of “Consider the Conversation: A Documentary About a Taboo Subject.” In this past, we will explore the history of dying in our culture, as well as the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental dynamics of the dying process. In the second chapters on February 26, we will discuss our beliefs about “quality of life” and “quantity of life,” as well as our wishes at end of life and the care we would like to receive.


To register, call (603) 224-4093 or (800) 924-8620, ext. 5815.



Epsom Food Pantry


As I sit here and type out this news article, I am again looking at snow. Boy, hasn’t this been a “doozie” of a winter? Those snow piles are getting higher by the minute.


Well, we are still busy at the Pantry. I do want you folks who can’t get to us to be sure and call the Pantry or myself, Ken or Liz, and we will see that you get your food. Someone will bring it to you. I do not want you going without. I know I do not like driving in this stuff.


Our food supply is okay and we will be getting our USDA this next week, so that is a help. We can always use eggs and juices and you know, sometimes just some nice plain cookies for the kids’ lunch is a good thing.


Keep safe and drive carefully.


Until next time,






To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week the House met for its first full session, first dealing with 37 non-controversial bills, including four from my commitee. HB168, banning no fault divorces for families with minor children, was briefly debated and killed on a voice vote. HB245, creating a study commission on corrections departments, was killed without discussion. I had cosponsored this, but didn’t debate it because the prime sponsor, by submitting it, has met all the interested parties and will be able to get the information he needs without a formal commission.


HB642, declaring gold and silver lawful means of exchange, and HB573, requiring licensure of security guards, were both killed without comment. HB176, paying 13 towns that reserved land for downstream flood control Massachusetts’ share of the 2013 payments, was debated between representatives of the affected towns and the Finance committee, which reported that the money hadn’t been received yet, and, assuming Massachusetts pays up, the payments will be included in the budget.The bill was killed, 221-127.


HB194, declaring that life begins at conception, was debated at length and killed, 246-104, with everyone voting their conscience.


HB269, allowing landlords to collect a second month’s rent in advance, was debated and killed, 187-167.


HB362, giving utilities more latitude to trim or remove trees that endanger power lines, was approved on a voice vote, without debate. Finally, we approved and tabled HR12, the Ways & Means Committee estimate of state revenues for the next two years. Our experts – who have been within 1% of total revenues for the last four years – project only about a 1% increase each year, making budgeting even more difficult than usual.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Letter To The Editor



3:00 AM -6º. Stuck in the Epsom Highway Department port-a-john! Just figuring out what it must feel like being the red-headed stepchild!


Epsom has top notch fire and police states filled with plenty of equipment and workers. Not so with the highway department!


We sure could use a heated garage with running water and facilities! A large all wheel drive dump truck with a plow, wing, and sander sure would help!


Hats off to all the sub-contractors and residents who work with us throughout the year. We couldn’t do our job without you! Thank you!


So, it’s political season again. No big surprise, small town politics seem to be so agenda-driven. Oh well, par for the course!

Did you ever accept your pals’ at school triple dog dare to stick your tongue on the frozen aluminum flag pole? Ouch!


Wow, this seat’s thawed out, so I can get to work pushing back snowdrifts!


Your Highway Department Worker,

Robert Hutchins


P.S. Surely would appreciate your vote to re-elect Gordon Ellis for Road Agent!



Letter To The Editor


I am running for re-election for the two-year term as Road Agent in the March 10th election.


I have many goals not yet achieved or partially achieved. This year we’ll be finishing the Goboro and Highland paving project. Starting the construction phase and finishing the Echo Valley Farm Road Bridge project, the paperwork has been going on for over two years in order to get the funding form the State in place. We’ll also be completing the drainage and paving the hill on Chestnut Pond Road, and we’ll be finishing the pole barn at the Highway Department. We’ll also be doing some spot paving along with everyday maintenance on our roads.


Hopefully, by the time you read this, it’s done snowing and has warmed up some.


I would appreciate your vote and support on March 10th.


Thank you,

Gordon Ellis

Your Road Agent



Letter To The Editor


That’s it Mr. Kelleher, you have crossed the line.  I have tolerated your extremist rants in the Epsom section of this newspaper with nothing but amusement for some time.  But your letter in the 2/17 edition must not go unchallenged.  By saying that most Americans are a bunch of greedy criminals using the government to do their dirty work tests the very bounds of free speech.  You have insulted my fellow countrymen, the vast majority of whom I do indeed believe are fine upstanding citizens.  Especially those throughout my community who are routinely subjected to your pompous nonsense,


Look folks, we can’t go it alone.  Consequently there is government.  Thank goodness we live in country where the government was created by and for the people.  A unique form of government that has allowed this country to prosper until, even today, it is the envy of the world.  Nobody likes to pay taxes but the fact is we all need fire and police protection, roads, schools to educate our children and so on.  Rules and regulations, democratically created and enforced by government, are part of the deal.  This is the cost of living in a civilized society as opposed to say anarchy where anything goes cause your “free” in some utopian free state.  If one follows our government’s progression throughout history it becomes apparent that when working together we can accomplish great things.  And these things have not and will not continue to come without sacrifice.  Don’t get hoodwinked into believing your lives are going to improve buying into some trendy anti-government rhetoric.  Instead, know that they can get a lot worse.


As for you Mr Kelleher.  There is one right you should consider in the future before launching into one of your tirades.  It is the right to remain silent.



Glenn Horner





Linda (Bartlett) Martel


Mrs. Linda (Bartlett) Martel, 63, a lifelong Epsom resident, died surrounded by loving family on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at her home on Blackhall Road.


Born in Concord on August 5, 1951, Linda was the daughter of Robert and Myrna (Hemeon) Bartlett.  She was a 1969 graduate of Pembroke Academy and had worked as a bookkeeper for several firms over a period of 40 plus years, including NH Bindery, Gibson’s Bookstore, Capital Orthotics and Prosthetics, and Dr. David Bogacz, DDS.


Mrs. Martel was a member of the Ivy Green Rebekah Lodge of Epsom and had held the position of School District Treasurer for the Town of Epsom for 35 years. 


Linda adored her grandchildren and spending time with family. She loved traveling and looked forward to spending summers at her ocean home in Lincolnville, ME.  She also loved music, and had a wonderful time dancing and acting in variety shows.


Linda is survived by her husband of 44 years, Donald A. Martel of Epsom; 3 children and their spouses, Derek Martel and Amy of Concord, Robert Martel and Amy of Epsom, and Karen Davis and Jeff of Pembroke; 6 grandchildren, Katie, Abram, Erin, Addie, Aubrey, and Elijah; a brother, Bill Bartlett of Northport, ME; a sister, Allyson Stalvey of Watkinsville, GA; and nieces and nephews.


Friends and family are invited to a celebration of Linda’s life on Friday, February 20th from 4-7 PM at the Still Oaks Funeral & Memorial Home, 1217 Suncook Valley Hwy. in Epsom.  Services will be held Saturday, February 21st at 11 AM at the New Rye Union Congregational Church, followed by a reception at the Epsom Bible School. Spring burial will be in the New Rye Cemetery.


In lieu of flowers memorial donations should be made to Carol Martel OAMH Scholarship Fund, c/o TD Bank, PO Box 200, Suncook, NH 03275.


An on-line guestbook is available at






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