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Epsom NH News

February 11, 2015

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The Epsom Library will be showing the movie,”My Old Lady” on Tuesday, February 17 at 2:00 PM.  Academy Award winners Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith star in this witty and heartfelt drama about surprising inheritances and unexpected connections. Popcorn and soda will be served.  If there is a snow storm, please call the Library at 736-9920 to determine if we are open.



Epsom Gardeners

Novices, Pros or in betweens

Submitted By Nancy Heath

Master Gardener

UNH Cooperative Extension


Volunteers (individuals/groups) are needed for garden projects enhancing  Epsom historical buildings and new library.


Projects include: Establishing Circa 1900 period garden at Epsom Historical Association (old library) with perimeter garden of Native American plants. The Old Town Hall gardens need revitalizing. We also need decorative greenery for the Meeting House (no formal garden planning yet).


For the new library, Librarian Nancy Claris would like to see a children’s vegetable garden located outside the children’s reading room. The fresh veggies to be donated to the Epsom Food Pantry.


All who are interested, please send an email to [email protected]  (subject line: Epsom gardens) or call 603-736-9428. Thank you.



Letter To The Editor


In the past couple of weeks I have introduced myself as a candidate running for the position of Road Agent in Epsom.  I have previously outlined some of the steps I would take to more efficiently and effectively operate the Highway Department, if elected.


As your Road Agent, I would utilize the work program offered by the NH Department of Corrections.  This program allows towns to take advantage of minimal to no cost labor.  It is a great program that will assist me in accomplishing a great deal of labor intensive work, and will also keep us on track with our everyday activities that can’t be neglected.


The Highway Department’s budget is limited, therefore, in order to get the most from our taxpayer dollars, working sensibly would be my first priority.   


During the warmer months I will organize roadside clean-up days throughout our town. I feel this type of interaction would give residents the opportunity to provide suggestions, concerns and possible deficiencies about our roads, while at the same time show the respect we all have for our community.  


I welcome any questions or comments you may have for me, I can be reached by phone at 509-0595, or email at [email protected].


Thank you,

Scott Elliott





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week the House met to consider a few bills and take care of some housekeeping issues. Most importantly, ten bills were reassigned from one committee to another, more appropriate one. Various Representatives have introduced five petitions for redress of grievances against the state government, and since they all happened to deal with matters arising from family court, were asked to be referred to the committee on Children and Family Law. This wouldn’t require more than reading the reports and possibly holding a public hearing. But leadership opposed even doing that, and the motion failed, 135-272. Alan Turcotte was the only Representative from the district to vote against this motion.


Twelve non-controversial bills were dealt with by one vote, and HB115, repealing the law establishing how much of the highway fund can be used for anything but roads and bridges, was amended and passed without comment. The amendment simply added more recipients to a report of how the highway fund is spent. The problem with putting a limit like that into law is that future legislatures can change the law if they want, and that clause has been repeatedly suspended.


HBB144, creating a study commission on the port authority, was killed without discussion.


HB181, adding right to know requirements to “non-meetings” - assemblies or conversations that are specifically exempt from right to know requirements – was briefly debated and killed, 302-52. I voted to kill it because it would require that email discussions about pending legislation – exempt from right to know because only Republicans are on the list, so this is a caucus – would need to be noticed, reported, and minutes kept.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]





To the voters of Epsom


I am a candidate for a 3 year term as Selectman in the March 10th election.


Having recently served as a Selectman for 3 years, I am well aware of the responsibilities and the time commitment that go along with this office.


If elected, I would work closely with the other Selectmen to ensure that our town government works efficiently to provide the services that Epsom residents need while at the same time staying out of the way of residents and businesses that want to live and prosper in our community.


A major goal that I would have as a Selectman is to look closely at the ever-growing zoning ordinances that we as voters have put in place over the years that now tend to be overly restrictive, not only to business owners, but also private homeowners.


I have had the pleasure of serving with many dedicated public officials in my 9 years as a Selectman and a School Board member. Working with Chris Bowes and Hugh Curley would be a great opportunity to do the work needed to ensure that Epsom continues to be a great town in which to reside and do business.


I welcome your thoughts and suggestions and would appreciate your support on Election Day.


Don Harty






To the inhabitants of Epsom, NH,

I am writing to acknowledge and thank the Epsom Road Agent, Gordon Ellis and the rest of the crew that keeps our roads passable despite the many recent severe snow storms. Despite the fact that I live on a gravel, dead-end road and have never missed a day of work due to the road being impassable. I know Gordon to be a very conscientious, hard working individual who has worked tirelessly throughout the years to maintain our roads to the best of his ability. Thank you Gordon and keep up the good work!


Jeff Keeler




Letter To The Editor


Last year was a really good year and this year is going to be even better. Last year, besides the everyday maintenances, such as grading, brush cutting, ditching, dust control, pot hole repair and many more, we did extensive work on Goboro, Highland and River Roads, which amounts to many other things including paving. This year we will be finishing the paving on Goboro and Highland and finishing the shoulder work. This will pretty much finish up last year’s projects.


This year we are planning on reclaiming the gravel and pave the hill on Chestnut Pond Road and also do some shim and overlay paving on New Rye and New Orchard. And if things go well, do some spot shim and overlay on some other roads.


This year we are also planning on replacing the culverts on Echo Valley Farm Road with an open bottom box culvert with 80% of the funds coming from the state bridge aid program, which gets its funds from the gas tax we all pay.


Bless You,

Your Road Agent

Gordon Ellis



Spinal Health seminar coming To Get Fit NH Epsom

Local Clinician to discuss importance of spinal health and posture


Get Fit NH has invited Dr. Chelsea Doughty of Archeus Chiropractic and Wellness to discuss back pain issues with their clients and the general public at 6pm on February 11 at their Epsom location,167 New Orchard Road. As a clinician, Dr. Doughty pulls from her personal experiences and professional expertise to guide her patients as they pursue improved health. Her seminar, “Spinal Health: Who’s Got Your Back?,” will offer important insight into how spinal balance impacts overall health and also your ability to train and thrive.


Back pain is multi-faceted and often does not have a mechanical root cause. Dr. Doughty will discuss what other issues can cause pain and what impact that has on you and your family. She will focus on the importance of posture for spinal health and go over some common postural syndromes. Dr. Doughty will be giving examples of exercises and cues to follow to make posture a priority throughout your day. Much of the session will be informal and focus on question and answers from those in attendance.



Letter To The Editor

Hey, I know my rights!


What do you have for rights?


You have a right to your life, your liberty, and the right to own and control your own property.  Period.


No one has a right to interfere with your right to life, liberty and to own and control your own property and you have no right to interfere with the equal rights of others.


The sole, legitimate purpose of government is to protect those rights.


There is no right to a job, housing, food, medical care, a pension, an education for your kids, or anything else.


You are free to pursue those things if you like, but nobody owes you a job, housing, food, or anything else.


You may need or want one or more of the above-mentioned things, but you have no right whatsoever to go to your neighbor and use force or threats of force to compel your neighbor to give those things or to give you the money to buy them.


Nor do you have a right to hire some thug to go to your neighbor in your place and use force or threats of force to compel your neighbor to give you any one or all those things or to give you the money to buy them.


And you certainly have no right to go to the government and have the government go to your neighbor and use force or threats of force to compel your neighbor to give those things or to give you the money to buy them.


But that is precisely what most Americans do. 


They run to the government to have the government do what they themselves could not do without committing a crime.


All the while, telling themselves and anyone who will listen, what fine, upstanding citizens they are. 


Jack Kelleher






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