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Epsom NH News

July 31, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Summer Reading Program activities for children continue at the Epsom Public Library.


On Tuesday, August 6th at 12:30 pm we will have a “Teddy Bear Picnic.” Bring your favorite teddy, a blanket, and sandwich and enjoy “Bear” stories, songs and fun! Desserts and drinks will be provided. If you wish to contribute a dessert or drinks call Mrs. Benner. Reservations are required for this event. Sign up at the circulation desk beginning July 24th or call the library at 736-9920.


On Friday, August 2nd at 6:30 pm, Teen Movie “The Host” based on the Stephanie Meyer book. This alien flick is rated PG-13. Popcorn and drinks will be provided. For more info about any of these programs call the library.



Band Concerts


Don’t miss out! The Epsom Town Band summer concert season is halfway over! Plan to attend the next concert on Friday, August 2nd, at 7:00 p.m. at Webster Park. Mark your calendar and invite your friends, neighbors, and family to enjoy a relaxing evening of music in the park!


The final concert of the season will be on Old Home Day, August 10th, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  The rain date for either of the concerts will be Friday, August 16th. For more information, please call 736-9044.



We need you to join the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary of Epsom/Chichester. If you are related to a Veteran and want to help, then join us. We meet at the Elwood O. Wells, American Legion Post 112, Short Falls Road, Epsom, NH 03234. For questions and/or more information call Jane at (603) 435-8770.



Epsom Central School

Bus Routes 2013-2014

School Board Approved 7/16/13


**Students should arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.


Red Bus 

7:42 am – Route 4 Westbound; stop on Old Dover Rd.

7:45 am – Route 4 Eastbound from Cumberland Farms to Old Dover Rd.

8:00 am – Epsom/Deerfield town line

8:02 am – Griffin Rd. (Stops)

8:05 am – Center Hill Rd (Stops); c/o Mountain Rd.                              

8:10 am – Left onto Route 4 West (stops)

8:13 am – c/o Ridgewood Circle

8:15 am – Left onto Black Hall Rd (All Stops on Black Hall only)

*Note: Cutter’s Devp. Stops on Pink Bus                     

8:20 am – Right onto Water St.

Arrive at school, unload


*PM line-up: 5th bus in line.

**PM run: Stops on Black Hall, Route 4 East up to Center Hill, Center Hill Route 4 (East and West bound; includes Ridgewood Circle)


Green Bus

(Route begins on Route 4 West after Bickfords)

7:57 am – Route 4 West (stops); Ridgewood still on Red Bus

8:05 am – Stops Route 28 N

8:08 am – Right onto Depot Rd. which changes to Goboro Rd.

8:09 am – Stops on Goboro Rd.

8:12 am – Oakridge Dr.

8:13 am – Carriage Hill

8:15 am – Colonial Dr.

8:17 am – Highland Ave.

8:19 am – Circle Daycare/Sherburne Rd.

8:21 am – Stop on Route 4 immediately after going through light

Travel Route 4 to Black Hall to school

8:25 am – Arrive at school


*PM line-up: 7th bus in line

PM run: same as am: Route 28 N, Depot Rd. to Goboro Rd. stops ending at Route 4 lights.


Pink Bus

7:43 am – Route 107 (Stops)

7:47 am – Left onto Route 4 East (Stops)

7:50 am – Turn around at Sign Shop/mini mall; continue stops on Route 4 (westbound)

7:53 am – Right onto Lords Mill Rd (Stops); left onto Route 4 (westbound)

8:00 am – Left onto Black Hall Rd.

8:03 am – Left onto Towle Pasture; travel up to Woodland

8:04 am – Stop at Towle Pasture and Woodland Dr.; turn around, travel back down

8:06 am – Stop at Towle Pasture and Leighton Brook; right onto Leighton Brook, left onto Old Town Rd

8:10 am – Stop at Deer Lane and Old Town Rd; travel back down

8:12 am – Stop at Old Town Rd and Colby Rd

8:14 am – Stop at intersection of Old Town and Leighton

8:16 am – Left onto Leighton Brook, right onto Prospect St. 

8:17 am – Stop at Easy St.

8:18 am – Travel back to Black Hall, left onto Black Hall to school

8:20 am – Arrive at school; unload on Water St. by gym


*PM: 2nd in line 

**PM Route: Cutters Devp./Route 4 East after Route 107/Lords Mill/Route 107 S


Purple Bus

7:40 am – Elkins Rd at Whitetail Dr.

7:42 am – Route 28 South at Lane Rd. (1 Stop); continue Route 28 S (Stops)

7:46 am – Right onto Drolet Rd. (Stops); turn around at Martin; back to Route 28 S

7:55 AM – Right onto North Pembroke Rd. (Stops); left onto Lena Lane

7:57 am – Lena Lane at Spring St. (Stop) turn around, back to North Pembroke (Stops); travel back to Route 28 S, straight across

8:05 am – Buck St. Extension (1 stop); continue Route 28 (Stops, headed towards circle)

8:14 am – Right onto Short Falls Rd.; left onto Black Hall Rd. (Stops)

8:20 am – Arrive at school, unload on Water St. by gym


*PM: 4th in line

**PM Run: same as am


Blue Bus

7:30 am – Route 28 N at Granny Howe Rd. (only stop on Route 28 N)

7:32 am – Travel through Epsom Circle to Route 4 West 

7:35 am – Route 4 West; Stops to town line

7:39 am – Epsom Circle to Route 28 S, left onto Short Falls; travel New Rye Rd., left onto Swamp Rd.

7:52 am – Sanborn Hill Rd. (Stops)

7:57 am – Mt. Delight Rd. (Stops)

8:03 am – Dow Rd. (Group Stop); turn around at Dow, head back towards New Rye

8:10 am – Swamp Rd. (Stops); travel back out to New Rye, to Short Falls to Black Hall; left onto Water St.

8:20 am – Arrive at school, unload.


*PM: 6th in line

**PM run: Swamp/Mountain Rd/Mt Delight/Route 4 West 


Yellow Bus

7:43 am – New Rye at Howard’s Lane; Continue up New Rye Rd.; turn around at Church (or Wing Rd); travel back down

7:45 am – New Rye Rd. (Stops headed down hill)

7:50 am – Left on River Rd. (Stops)

8:00 am – Left onto Short Falls Rd. (Stops)

8:02 am – Right onto Route 28 (Stops on right side only)

8:03 am – Colby Brook Estates trailer park (group stop); Windymere Dr. (stops)

8:05 am – Right onto Route 28 (South); stops before Elkins Rd.; turn around at Elkins; travel to Epsom Circle

8:10 am – Route 4 East stops to Black Hall Rd.; right onto Black Hall (no stops; see Red Bus)

8:20 am – Arrive at school; unload on Water St. by gym


*PM: 3rd in line

**PM run: New Rye, River Rd, Short Falls, Route 28 S, stops right side only, (headed towards Circle) Colby Brook, Windymere, Route 28 S, right side before Elkins Rd., Route 4 East stops from Circle to Black Hall Rd.


Orange Bus

7:45 am – North Rd (stops)

7:45 am – Christmas Tree Trailer Pk

7:47 am – Samuel Drive

7:52 am – Chestnut Pond Rd (Stop)

7:56 am – Barton Rd (Stop); left onto Webster Mill

8:00 am – Locke Hill Rd (Stop)

8:05 am – Left onto New Orchard Rd (Stops)

8:08 am – Locke Hill Rd (Stop);  continue New Orchard (stops)

8:12 am – Range Rd (Stop); travel to bottom of New Orchard Rd (Stops); right onto Route 4, left onto Black Hall

8:25 am – Arrive at school; unload on Water St.


*PM: loads on Water St.; 1st in line   

**PM: Run same as am


**Note: Parents must pick up students in front of the school on Black Hall, no vehicles are allowed in the bus loading zone on Water St. until all buses have left.



Epsom Public Library News


As part of the Epsom Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program, Carl Lindblade, an Affiliate Professor at UNH, will speak on “The Roosevelt Funeral Train” at the library on Wednesday, August 7, at 7:00 p.m.


The Roosevelt Funeral Train, carrying the body of the just-deceased president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, took four days in April 1945, to travel from FDR’s vacation spot in Warm Springs, Georgia, to Hyde Park, New York where he was to be buried.


The journey of FDR’s funeral train was a thousand-mile odyssey, and tens of thousands of Americans waited by the side of the train tracks to pay their respects to Roosevelt (whose body lay in a flag-draped casket visible through the windows of the funeral train’s rear Pullman). The train carried pretty much the entire U.S. government aboard, including one dead president and one live one, both of their families, the Cabinet and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the diplomatic corps, leaders of both houses of Congress, and the nine Justices of the Supreme Court.


Plus, the journey was fraught with heartbreak and scandal. As the train passed through the night, few of the grieving onlookers knew what was happening behind the Pullman shades, where women whispered and men tossed back highballs. Inside was a Soviet spy, a newly widowed Eleanor Roosevelt, who had just discovered that her husband’s mistress was in the room with him when he died and the incoming President Harry S. Truman who was scrambling to learn atomic secrets FDR had never shared with him. (Courtesy of Dover, NH website) These many deceptions and betrayals will all be explained and uncovered by Mr. Lindblade.





Thank you Steve, Christie and Tom for taking such good care of the vacant lot located on the corner of Route 4 and Black Hall Rd. in Epsom.


For some time this vacant lot was overgrown with weeds and littered with trash. For the past several summers, thanks to the above, the lot has taken on the appearance of a well manicured park.


Michael Arvenitis



Epsom Central School Staff And Faculty

Epsom Photo_Lombardi_Kathleen.jpg

Kathleen Lombardi, Title I Teacher


Kathy, a friendly, soft-spoken person, is a Title I Teacher who offers remedial reading to students. Most of her day is spent teaching reading groups in the classroom. She also works individually with some students. Having completed assessments on students in grades K-5,  Kathy is now working with 15 students, helping them approach the mainstream in reading skills. Title I Teachers use various programs, depending on the need.


Kathy has a BS in Elementary Education from Keene State College, and is certified in the Reading Recovery Program. She has been working in education for about 30 years, having taught in Chichester and Allenstown, and is now in her 11th year at ECS. She has also taught Kindergarten and Third grade. She loves making connections with the kids. Kathy says that she really gets to know the children well, as she works with some of them one-on-one. She likes to see their confidence grow as their reading skills improve. She says, “ECS is a great place to work. Everyone is very supportive and it feels like a family. They’re there for you.” She would ask parents to help their children build background knowledge by reading to and with them, taking them places, and letting them see their parents reading too.


Kathy has four grown children and two grandchildren. Her eldest daughter is about to present her with her third grandchild. Kathy lives in Pittsfield with her son and daughter and has a cat, Lily. She volunteers extensively for the Red Cross, the Concord Contemporary Club, and her church, and works as an usher at the Capital Center for the Arts. When she does have a minute for herself, she loves to spend time with family and friends as well as travel.



Epsom Old Home Days

August 9, 10, & 11 2013

“Safety First”


August 9th: Burying of the Beans, 5:45 pm.


August 10th at 10:00 am starts off Parade and full day of festivities. Anyone interested in participating and to register in our parade or the Antique/Classic Cars, contact Scott Hahn, 736-9735 or e-mail: [email protected].


August 11th: 4K Road Race and 2K walk being sponsored by Northeast Delta Dental. For race info and to register, go online to or Duck Race start time 12:00-1:00 pm, tickets are $5.00 ea. or 5 for $20.00 available during Old Home Day weekend. For details of the weekend events go to


To submit a Citizen of the Year: entries must be received by July 31st. Please e-mail: [email protected] and/or to be a general sponsor, please make funds payable to Friends of Webster Park. Send all mailings to: Georgia Perry, 190 North Rd., Epsom, NH 03234.






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