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Epsom NH News

June 5, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Epsom resident Stephanie Allen, a member of the Stonehill College Class of 2013, was inducted into the Sigma Delta Pi Honor Society.


Sigma Delta Pi is the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society honoring students for excellence in Hispanic studies. Stonehill is one of 14 colleges in Massachusetts with a Sigma Delta Pi charter.





I have read dozens of letters to editors defending Senator Ayotte’s vote on expanded background checks for gun purchasers. These letters answer the wrong question. The question was not “should we pass the bill?” The question was “shall we bring the bill to the floor for debate?”


I have learned much from the people’s gun safety debate since the Sandy Hook kindergarten killings. On one major issue, I actually changed my mind to the NRA stance. Good, civil debate is meant to be a great learning experience as well as a hallmark of such an august institution as the United States Senate.


Senator Ayotte denied the American people that debate! She could have stood on the Senate floor making her points re mental health. One hundred Senators could have participated in a healthy debate. 


But, Senator Ayotte voted against bringing the Manchin (D-WVA)-Toomey (R-PA) background check bill to the floor for debate. Senator Ayotte voted to obstruct. Senator Kelly Ayotte voted to filibuster! 


Nancy Heath




Local Students Earn Degrees From The University Of Vermont


Some 2,557 students were awarded a variety of bachelor’s degrees during the University of Vermont’s 211th Commencement ceremonies on May 19. There were some 575 advanced degrees and certificates awarded by the UVM Graduate College and approximately 106 women and men took the oath of Hippocrates following the awarding of their M.D. degrees at ceremonies of the UVM College of Medicine. A list of local students and the degree earned by each follows:


Kaitlyn J. Moulton of Epsom, NH, received a BS in Forestry. 

Devon S. Farr of Northwood, NH, received a BS in Zoology.



Letter To The Editor


Now that this wonderful spring is about over, which gave farmers great land preparation time for spring planting and the colors of the plants and trees blooming splendidly, it is time to look forward to summer projects.


Weather permitting, we will start the drainage project on Goboro Road June 10. You can expect up to two (2) hour delays when we do the road crossings. Doing so, makes a much safer and quicker job.  Before you ask, the school busses will be able to get through!


Again, weather permitting, we will do the biggest part of the drainage on Highland Drive starting June 11. The people on Highland Drive on that day will truly be inconvenienced. Because of the scope of work, we will need to close the road from 8am to approximately 5:30pm.  If things go well the road may not need to be closed as long.  A fire truck will be parked on Highland Drive on that day.


Any questions or concerns feel free to call me at 545-4302.


Bless You,

Your Road Agent

Gordon Ellis



Valley Artisans Artists For The Month Of June


This month for our Free Raffle, we have two members who have each donated an item.

The first artist is, Carol Bell. She is a decorative painter who paints on wood, slate and T-shirts. Her colors are bright and vibrant, and the T-shirts come in many different sizes. Carol and her husband live in Hopkinton, N.H.


Candy Lee is our second artist. She makes bird houses that are in the shape of actual houses. She designs, cuts the wood, paints and puts these one of a kind creations together. You can special order your own house in a smaller birdhouse size. Come in or call Valley Artisans for details. Candy lives in Alton N.H. with her family.


We would like to thank all our loyal customers who came to our Spring Open House this past May 18th and 19th. As always, it was a big success. We are always looking for new members, so if you are creative and would be interested in contributing to our Co-op, please call us at 736-8200 or come in to 10 Goboro Rd., Epsom, N.H. for more info.


We are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and you can find us at Facebook for all our updates and photos. To see what is being donated in our Free Raffle this month, go to our Facebook page and “like” us to get all our new information.


See you soon...



Loudon Food Pantry News

Annual 50/50 Spring Raffle


We are running our Annual 50/50 Spring Raffle.  50/50 means that the winner receives half of the ticket sale money and the pantry keeps the other half.  The raffle runs from June 1 to June 30. Stop in at 30 Chichester Rd., Unit D, Loudon, NH or use the order form at and get your tickets today! Ticket Prices: 50˘ each; 5 for $2; 10 for $3. The winner will be picked at 5:00 p.m. on June 30th.  Have questions? Call (603) 724-9731.


Feinstein Challenge – Final Update


This year our goal was $6,000.  Thanks to everyone who donated, we surpassed our goal by $155.82 for a total of $6,155.82 in food and funds. Thank you for making this challenge a success! We could not have done it with you! 


Changes In Qualification Process

We have recently changed our qualification process. We have always required proof of residency and will continue to do so.  But we now re-qualify all patrons every six months (instead of once per year).  We also request proof of eligibility services that they receive. Now proof of all funds entering the household must be proven as well.


Do You Need Our Help?

If you need our help, please call (603) 724-9731 to pre-qualify. You must be a resident of Belmont, Canterbury, Chichester, Epsom or Loudon. Do not go without food and do not wait until the last minute.  Please call today!


Your Help Is Needed Badly

As a food pantry we have certain times of the year that we receive a lot of food and funds (usually during the holiday months).  It is now that help is needed! We are very low on food and funds and are drastically in need of donations.  


Donations can be dropped off or mailed to: Loudon Food Pantry, 30 Chichester Rd., Unit D, Loudon NH 03307. You can also donate through our website at


We have collection bins at the following locations:

• Loudon Post Office, Loudon – collects food and funds

• Hungry Buffalo Restaurant, Loudon – collects food and funds

• Beanstalk, Loudon – collects funds

• Red Roof Inn, Loudon – collects food and funds

• Care Pharmacy, Epsom – collects funds

• Elkins Library, Canterbury – collects food





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield:

This week, Senator Reagan, Representative Frambach and I had the pleasure of joining fourth graders from Pittsfield in a state house tour. They asked plenty of probing questions about the legislature and seemed well informed. The Hall of Flags, with its tattered Civil War standards, is particularly poignant on Memorial Day.


The House met for a short session to finish the bills left over from last week. We agreed with minor Senate amendments on two bills, then set up committees of conference on two more: including my assignment to HB353, regulation of private investigators.


Three bills from the Labor committee were voted largely on party lines, so we killed SB100, removing a mandate that all employers offer the option of payment by check, 235-93; passed, 183-149, SB143, allowing a few select individuals to continue to receive unemployment while they started businesses (unlimited earnings and no requirement to look for work); and killed, 191-135, SB153, requiring state collective bargaining agreements be approved by the legislative fiscal committee, as town voters approve town or school agreements.


Finally, SB11, on multi-town water and/or sewer districts, was debated at length. First, an amendment deleting the overly broad statement of purpose passed by acclamation. Opponents tried and failed to send it back to committee (98-239) and to table the bill (86-244); some were concerned that this bill attempted to claim all water in the state for the state, rather than individual property owners. Others, including me, thought this very sloppy and dangerous legislation, since it created a new chapter without addressing the current, still valid, and conflicting laws on water districts and inter-town agreements. It finally passed, 254-74.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than can fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]







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