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Epsom NH News

May 1, 2013

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Crvna Offers I Am In Control Presentation In Epsom


Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association is offering a free presentation “Note to Self: I Am In Control” on Thursday, May 16 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Epsom Public Library, 1606 Dover Road in Epsom.


Living with a chronic health condition can present many challenges. Both physical and emotional factors can cause everyday tasks to be a struggle. Discover approaches to overcome challenges while taking charge and managing your chronic condition.


For more information, call (603) 224-4093 or (800) 924-8620, ext. 5815.



 Valley Artisans Opening For 2013


May 4th is the date of our 32nd year re- opening, for the 2013 season, we will be open weekly Wednesday thru. Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


We have over 40 juried Artisans selling their extraordinary artistic crafts for you or for gifts.  Many of our Artisans are award winning in their field, we are always looking for new crafter’s to join us, our first jury of the season is May 2nd, if you are interested please drop off 3 different representations of what you make, before 5 p.m.,  and get more information from the member there at the shop.


We have been busy cleaning and painting and sprucing up the old place for another wonderful year here in Epsom, at 10 Goboro Rd. our phone number is 736-8200, and you can find us on Facebook, and can follow us through out the year.


Our Spring Open House is on May 18th and 19th, there will be home baked goodies and a Spring Punch for your pleasure, plus our talented craftsman’s items for sale, we will also have perennial and herb plants for sale on our porch for your garden, so keep us in mind for Mother’s Day!!!



Letter To The Editor

Epsom Town Office Space 


I want to thank the Board of Selectmen and the Meeting House Committee for all the time and effort each has put into proposals re Town Office spaces. This does need to be on the front burner as our lease option in strip mall comes due 2015.


Having said that, I am distraught re the path we appear to be on. (Townspeople will have 2-3 months before voting on this issue, if it indeed comes to a vote.) If I understand correctly, the end game is to hold a special election in which voters are asked ‘Shall we purchase Pathfinders Academy for Town Offices?’. I believe this narrow proposal is a waste of time and money, further it will cause much discord among residents.


As a taxpayer, I want all the cards on the table! When, and if, we get to this vote, I suggest 3 options for the ballot: 1. Continue strip mall lease for 5 years.  2. Purchase Pathfinders Academy, renovate then maintain 7 town buildings from general building maintenance fund.  3. Renovate Meeting House/Town Hall then maintain 3 buildings from general maintenance fund.


Nancy Heath






To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

The House met this week on 35 mostly minor bills. We dealt with 23 non-controversial bills at once. SB71, creating a committee to study prescription drug misuse in workers’ compensation cases, was debated on the grounds that it’s redundant to the dozen or so existing prescription drug abuse committees, councils, and task forces, and also that focusing on workers’ comp cases was wrong and an invasion of privacy. I agreed, but the bill passed, 193-145.


SB83, repealing the sunset of the controlled drug prescription monitoring program we passed last year, was briefly debated. I spoke against it, but the proponents were convinced that if it were repealed, they could get a federal grant to start the program: they had no funding mechanism for the program when they started it last year. The lure of “free money” and concerns about prescription drug abuse (which is a real problem: I just don’t think this program is a good way to deal with it) convinced most people and the bill passed, 238-105.


SB108, ensuring that landowners who allow other to use their land for recreation are not liable for injuries by snowmobile trail groomers or other people working there, passed on a voice vote.


SB187, a feel good bill freeing 14 slaves who had petitioned the legislature in 1779 for their freedom, had no opposition. This year’s legislature apparently considers 200 years the right age for a petition, since it passed 344-2. After some other business, one Representative moved to reconsider this vote so we could make it unanimous. It was, 336-0, for the first unanimous vote in a long, long time.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than can fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]







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