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Epsom NH News

May 15, 2013

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New this year - the Chamber Yard Sale is being expanded to include all towns from Epsom to Alton on Saturday, June 1 from 8-1pm.  People interested in having a yard sale should submit their LOCATION LISTING to the Greater Pittsfield Chamber of Commerce Facebook page, email to [email protected] or mail to Rt 28 Yardsale/GPCOC, P.O. Box 234, Pittsfield NH 03263. There is no registration form for this year.   GROUP LOCATIONS along Rte 28 are being finalized and will be listed on the Chamber website, if people would like to set up there.  Visit the website for more detailed information or call 435-6346.




Epsom Town Office Space


After my first tour of Pathfinders Academy, I agreed whole heartedly with Deborah Sargent’s letter (SVS 5-08-13). After a 2nd tour, attending several Selectmen Board and Meeting House Committee meetings, I am strongly in favor (thus far) of relocating town offices to the Meeting House.


It has been roughly estimated by a local contractor that the Pathfinders Academy will cost a minimum of $350,000.00 including purchase price, renovations and upgrades. The garage would not be an asset to the town for many reasons. 


Top 2 reasons in my mind: 1. Pathfinders garage is too small to fill practical uses for town’s road equipment. 2. Having been involved in the administrative end of a pressure washing business for over three decades, an estimate off the top of my head is, that it would cost a minimum of $100,000.00 to enlarge the garage and install a recovery system for washing salt, oil, grease off town heavy equipment and large trucks. Best leave the town garage, in my opinion, on a site which is already okayed (environmentally) by the state. If ever needed, install recovery system there. 


The property itself is still in bankruptcy proceedings. If it is legal for the town to rent out the house, the selectmen then become landlords or town pays approx 20% of rents to a real estate management company. It is my understanding the modular has exceeded half its life expectancy.


If The Suncook Valley Sun will be so kind as to publish two more letters to the editor for me, I will follow-up next week with: “Highest and Best Use of (Pathfinder) Property. The following week with my argument in favor of “Epsom Community Center”.


At any rate, the Epsom Meeting House Committee will be making its presentation to the Board of Selectmen May 20 at approx 6:30 pm. Please attend.


Nancy Heath





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield:

This week, the House met to consider 44 Senate bills. Twenty-five non-controversial bills were voted on at once, then we passed without any discussion SB25, treatment of medical expenses in child support; SB104, a study committee on scrap metal sales; SB134, consolidating the higher education commission and the division of higher education in the department of education; and SB162, eliminating a fee on private post secondary schools and returning the remaining funds. SB137, on sibling visitation rights, was killed without comment.


SB189, on consolidating plumbers and gas fitters into a mechanical licensing board, had some debate among members of my committee, and passed, 294-53. SB45, mandating approval of non-formulary prescription drugs within 48 hours, had a brief debate: the opponents believed that many insurors would just deny payment to meet the deadline. It nonetheless passed, 247-101.


SB124, on an integrated land development permit, was debated and passed, 218-137. The basic idea of the integrated permit was supported by everyone who spoke; the issue was the two new positions included to support this “efficiency improvement.” It was sent to Finance, and they will consider the positions.


SB163 and SB164 are both about coastal management: the first creating a commission to study what to do about storm surge and rising sea level, and the other to authorize master plans to include such provisions. I voted against both, but the second was more problematic: why incorporate such provisions before the commission has finished its study? After a thorough debate, they both passed, the study 228-124 and the plan, 210-143.


Finally, we passed HR9, a bipartisan resolution honoring the heroes and victims of the Boston Marathon Tragedy, 312-0.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than can fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Free Marketing Best Practices Workshops


Joanne Randall of Epsom has been selected as an Authorized Local Expert by Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing adviser to more than half a million small organizations worldwide. As an Authorized Local Expert, Joanne will offer free training seminars on best practices in online marketing in the Southern New Hampshire area, including Manchester, Concord, Lakes Region, and Keene.


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To schedule a Free Marketing Best Practices workshop for your group contact Joanne at 603-344-8843.



Epsom Baseball.jpg

EYAA baseball players celebrating the installation of their first batting cage. The coaches, parents, and players have worked really hard to make this happen. Come watch a great ball game in Epsom, Friday, May 17th at 5:45 when the two Epsom Minor teams go head to head.






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