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Epsom NH News

March 20, 2013

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Musical Memories


The Epsom Historical Association invites you to an afternoon of entertainment of favorite songs by local performers on Sunday, March 24, at 2:00 p.m. at the Epsom Public Library.  Music will be from the 20’s to the 50’s. Musician Geri Veroneau from Concord will be the accompanist.


This will be your last chance to buy raffle tickets before the drawing which will be held at the end of the program. 


Refreshments will be served.



Local Student Named To The Dean’s List At MCPHS University


MCPHS University is pleased to announce that the following local student has been named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2012 semester:


Molly Macrae is a native of Epsom and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Premedical and Health Studies (Physician Assistant Studies). Molly will graduate in 2016 from the Boston, Massachusetts campus.


The Dean’s List recognizes those students with a full-time course load who have achieved outstanding scholarship with a 3.5 GPA or higher for the academic term.





I would like to thank everyone in town who supported me during the election. I’m glad I got to meet so many wonderful people. Thank you all for your support and I will not retreat back into anonymity. I will be involved in finding solutions and working at the Old Meeting house, regularly attending BOS meetings, writing letters, and getting involved any way I can to keep my promise to make Epsom one of the best kept towns in NH! Thanks.


Mike Tinsley




Epsom Central School Staff and Faculty

Epsom photo_Rowe_Francine.jpg

Mrs. Francine Rowe, 4th Grade Teacher


Fran loves teaching now as much as she did when she started 37 years ago. She has a reputation among the children of being a strict teacher, but students who have been in her class think she’s “cool.” Fran says she comes by the “strict” label honestly, as she carefully structures her classes and lets the children know what’s expected of them. She has a BA in Education from Notre Dame College and has finished some postgraduate work. After college, Fran taught for two years in West Stewartstown, NH, near the Canadian border. She then moved to Suncook and taught there for over three years before coming to ECS, where she is on her 32nd year. Fran has served as girls softball coach, student council adviser, and treasurer of the ETA. She loves being with the children, working with them in groups or one-on-one, and watching them grow. “I belong with the kids,” she says. Fran particularly enjoys seeing children of former students.


Fran loves the small town, small school atmosphere, where she knows all of the staff and, at least by sight, all of the children. She says, “It’s a very personal place to be. We’re not numbers, but individuals, and we have voices that are heard.” Fran hopes parents understand that these years will go by very quickly and that they are the most important years for parents and children in their lives. She says, “Be there for your children and be their parent, not their friend. They’ll have lots of friends, and parenting is not always pretty, but it’s crucial.”


Fran and Ken, her husband of 30 years, have four children and live in Allenstown. They have a three-year-old grandson (“The light of our lives!”) and Scooter, their Chihuahua, as well as three cats. She says, “Our pets think they own us and that we live to take care of them.” In her spare time, Fran enjoys reading, sewing, woodworking, gardening, and most of all, family get-togethers.





To the townspeople of Epsom who supported me and re-elected me in the race for Road Agent, I sincerely thank you.  I look forward to continuing to work for you, striving to improve our town roads and keeping them safe for travel.


Once again, would you all please drive on the high spots on our roads that we travel. By doing so, your tires push down the high areas which helps to level the road, decreasing the amount of damage to your road, and saving thousands in tax dollars which all of us pay.  Best of all, it really works.


God Bless,

Gordon Ellis

Your Road Agent





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield:

This week, the House voted 292-65 to raise the speed limit on I-93 to 70 mph, from Canterbury to Vermont, less Franconia Notch. An amendment to also raise the limit on I-89 failed, 165-197. Separate bills to raise the speed limit on all highways in the state to 70 or 75 also failed, with increasingly more Representatives voting against the higher limits. Since there is no evidence higher speed limits (as opposed to higher speeds) are more dangerous, and I strongly disapprove of having laws that are routinely violated by large numbers of citizens, I voted for all the higher limits, as did Dan; Mary Frambach voted for the I-93 increase only.


HB118, granting immunity for 911 calls for drug or alcohol emergencies, passed 245-107. Proponents hope that lives will be saved because more people will call 911 in an emergency, if they don’t have to worry about being arrested for drug possession. Drug dealing is not granted immunity. HB337, decriminalizing marijuana by removing it from the controlled drug lists, was killed 239-112, without any discussion.


The New Hampshire Liberty Act, HB399, passed 337-15. This bill prevents state organizations and citizens from cooperating with the indefinite detention provisions of the federal National Defense Authorization Act, and requires prosecution of any who violate state laws in this process. This bill was a bipartisan effort to protect our constitutional rights from government encroachment.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than can fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]







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