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Epsom NH News

February 6, 2013

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New 13-15 Babe Ruth Baseball Teams


The EYAA is expanding its baseball program for boys ages 13-15. Visit for the registration form or attend one of the registration sessions Feb. 20 5:30-6:30 pm at the Epsom Library or Feb. 23 10-11 am in the ECS gym lobby. Cost is $115 per player. All registrations are due March 1.



Epsom Central School Staff and Faculty

Epsom photo_Conway_Kathleen.jpg

Mrs. Kathleen Conway, Language Arts Teacher, 6th And 7th Grades


As a visitor walks into Kathy’s classroom late in the day, she looks up from a group of kids clustered around her desk and welcomes you with a warm smile. Kathy teaches writing to several middle school classes. She holds a BA in English from UNH, a BA in Education from Baldwin Wallace College, and over 30 credits towards a Masters. She taught high school for four years in Ohio, and has been at ECS for 15 years. Kathy has worked on the school newspaper and managed the book, writing, and drama clubs. She teaches guitar lessons as a mini courses. She says that she loves working with “her” kids, and always tries to present her curriculum in ways that kids will be able to use in real life situations.


Kathy loves Epsom and the whole small town atmosphere. She also likes the K-8 concept as she sees whole families coming up through the grades. Having worked in a more urban area in Ohio, she says, “When I heard a horse whinny and a rooster crow during my interview here, I knew this was the place for me.” Kathy enjoys laughing with her students; she once asked a student about the definition of “prose.” The response was “athletes that are paid a lot of money.”


Kathy says that admin is always friendly and helpful, and that “my team is the best; we take care of one another.” She would like smaller class sizes for the sake of the students. Kathy would recommend that parents be aware of the work their children are doing in school, and “let them see you reading and writing.”


Kathy lives on a lake in Northwood with Steve, her husband of 14 years, and two sons, aged five and seven. The family looks after chickens and a cat. They enjoy all that the lake has to offer, including fishing, boating, swimming, and skating.



Local Residents Named To Stonehill College’s Fall 2012 Dean’s List


Stonehill College recently named the following local residents to its Dean’s List for the Fall 2012 semester.



Katherine A. Stiles, class of 2014. 



Stephanie M. Allen, class of 2013.



Jessey C. Campbell, class of 2013.

To qualify for the Dean’s List at Stonehill, students must have a semester grade point average of 3.50 or better and must have completed successfully all courses for which they were registered.



Epsom Basketball.jpg

The Epsom Central School girls’ and boys’ basketball teams both finished as tournament runners-up in the recent St. Paul’s Holiday Tournament in Franklin. Each team won a pair of games to advance to their respective championship games before losing in the finals, both to the Concord Boys and Girls Club.





To the residents of Epsom:

My name is Mike Tisley and I am a Candidate for Road Agent, 2013.


I’ve been working in Property Maintenance and Construction for 17 years, building and making communities and neighborhoods beautiful places to live. Epsom has the potential of being one of the best kept towns in NH, but without attention to detail, hard work, public input, good management practices, efficiency, and the ability to identify issues early on, we will be facing high repair cost, higher taxes, and depletion of our roads and capital investments.


We won’t need to spend extra money to get things done. By working twice as hard physically, and twice as efficiently, I plan to stay within a balanced budget, improving customer service to meet the public’s concerns, and tackle maintenance issues one by one, immediately! I plan to use the skills I have learned in the private sector and bring our Highway Department into the 21st century by using the tools already available.


Please contact me at [email protected] for any questions, concerns, or comments. Feel free to post pictures or comments at Mike Tinsley for Epsom’s Roads 2013 on Facebook.


Looking for your vote on March 12, 2013,

Mike Tinsley






I have noticed lately that it has become trendy to fly/display the American Flag upside down for whatever political reason or statement. As a fifteen year infantry veteran with Service in the US Marines and the US Army I do not agree with this practice.


It is my belief that flying the Flag upside down only provides motivation and propaganda to those who would use that image to undermine the strength of America. Even more important, it affects the morale and motivation of the American men and woman still serving in the Military defending our freedoms. These young patriots who sacrifice so much for our Country can become disheartened and demoralized when they see Old Glory flown in this manner at home while they still fight the fight.  


As a Veteran who helped defend your right to freedom of speech and expression I would respectfully request that you think just a little about how your decision affects our veterans and present service members, before you fly your flag upside down on a pole or in a post or as an icon on Facebook.


Respectfully submitted,

Micheal Dempsey






To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield:

This week, the House met on 25 bills, 18 of which we voted on simultaneously. HB131, on payment of medical services for county prisoners, gives the superintendent more authority to negotiate favorable rates with providers. It passed without comment. HB159, on patriotic exercises in schools on Constitution Day, essentially restated a federal mandate while giving schools more flexibility in the exercises. It passed, 326-29; Dan voted against it as unnecessary while I and the other Representatives from the area voted for it (in my case as harmless).


HB106, on the demand for rent and repealing the landlord agent requirement, allows landlords to demand other contractual fees along with late rent and increases the cap on reimbursed expenses in an eviction from $15 to $165. It was debated between those who felt tenants should pay their contractual obligations and that $15 was less than the cost of an eviction, and those who were concerned that tenants might not be able to pay. The landlord agent requirement is inconsistently enforced, and unnecessary in towns where the code enforcement officers are willing to talk to the tax collector, but popular in cities. HB106 was killed 214-140, with Dan and I in favor.


HB116, on executors taking over social media, was tabled so the proponents could work on an amendment. Dan’s HB117, on driveway permits, was debated at length over whether the Department of Transportation’s permit process works or whether the definition of “lot” should be more recent than 1971. The committee was convinced DOT was doing fine and most of the House agreed with them: the bill died, 273-79, with Dan and me on the losing side.


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.

Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Town Of Epsom Road Agent Report 2012

Submitted By Gordon Ellis, Road Agent


As most of you know, we did extensive drainage projects this year in hopes of cutting down on road washouts during heavy rains.  We worked on Chestnut Pond Road hill, which seemed to always washout.  We added four catch basins with closed drainage and under drain.


We also worked on Sanborn Hill Road off Center Hill Road adding a dozen catch basins with closed drainage and under drain. This project could not have happened without the help and cooperation of Ed and Glenna Nutter and the patience for the inconvenience of all who live on Sanborn Hill Road. The Nutters allowed us to cut hundreds of trees and tons of brush.


On Center Hill Road we added four catch basins with closed drainage and under drain, but what set this job apart was that it was repaved and looks wonderful. On each of these jobs huge inconveniences was had by all who travelled these roads and I thank you all. These projects were 75% FEMA projects.


We also did some paving and reconstruction on New Rye Road, Swamp Road, and Griffin Road.


In 2013, we are planning on doing drainage on Goboro Road and River Roads for which we have purchased the drainage pipe. We also plan on doing a FEMA culvert/bridge project on River Road separate from the one above.


This was a very positive year. Thank God we had no major weather events.






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