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Epsom NH News

January 9, 2013

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Battle CrossFit To Host Two Community Events


On January 12th from 1-4 pm Battle CrossFit will host a women’s self defense class taught by a Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) instructor.  You do not need to be a member of the Battle CrossFit (BCF) to attend. This is a free course with limited space so please email [email protected] to sign up.  More information about the R.A.D program can be found at


BCF is also hosting Kids Night on January 12 from 6-10 pm. Want to enjoy some adult time without having the kid(s) around?  Then drop them off at BCF for a night of fun! Price includes a craft, games, CrossFit Kids activities, lots of running around, Fun and a movie. Each child must sign up ahead of time and be at least 3˝ years old. Please email [email protected] to sign up and for details on the evening including pricing. 





The House Republican Alliance (HRA) is concerned that as almost its first action, the NH House has voted again to try to make its chambers a “gun free” zone. It’s regrettable that so many Representatives have chosen to yield their inalienable right to self-defense to the search for a feeling of security, and even more so that they have sacrificed the rights of others. It’s unlikely that a deranged individual would attack the House, but if so, these Representatives want him to be the only one with a weapon - or weapons. In the time before the police could arrive, such a person could do tremendous damage to the House, it’s members and visitors, including the regular classroom tours.


Last session, the rules authorized Representatives to carry freely, and for many years before that, carrying forearms was common and normal. There have never been problems in the House regarding firearms, so there is no demonstrated need for this policy change.  “Choosing an unenforceable policy such as this shows that the Democratic majority, rather than concentrating on jobs and the economy as they promised, is more concerned with their personal discomfort around firearms than anyone’s actual safety” said Representative Carol McGuire, Epsom, HRA co-chair.


Carol McGuire



Epsom Central School Staff and Faculty

Epsom photo_Gagnon_Paul.jpg

Mr. Paul Gagnon, 

Technology Coordinator


As the technical gurus for ECS, Paul and his assistant, Traci Dlubac, provide staff training, assist teachers with using technology in the classroom, and help students one-on-one. Paul is responsible for the formidable array of technology in the school: the network infrastructure (servers, cabling, software), computers, laptops, tablets, digital boards, software, and the telephone system.


After graduating from Franklin Pierce College and the New Horizons School of Technology, he worked as a Concord police officer for 23 years. He was a juvenile investigator for 13 of those years and developed school programs, serving as Officer Friendly for five years. He simultaneously enjoyed providing technical services for Concord PD. Paul then considered finding a new career in which he could combine his two favorite activities - youth and technology - and discussed the question with his friend, Linda Elliott. Linda suggested he consider applying for the job of tech coordinator at ECS. After one visit, Paul was sold on a position combining technology, working with children, a short commute, and dealing with a school board which embraces technology.


In his 11 years at Epsom, Paul has tried to make technology user-friendly so that everyone can more readily embrace it in their daily lives. He jokes that he can usually unplug any problems he encounters. He enjoys working with all the Epsom children in the small community atmosphere of ECS. He has also bonded with students during three Washington, DC trips. 


Paul has been a member of the Pembroke Fire Department since 1974, and is now the Deputy Fire Chief. He is a life-long resident of Pembroke, where he lives with his wife. They have two adult children. Paul is also a JP and officiated at the weddings of two teachers this summer: Heather (Donovan) Kennedy and Linda Elliott-Malo. He enjoys riding his Harley when the weather is agreeable.





To my constituents:

Now that the session has started we’re finalizing legislation before public hearings over the next few months. One of the bills I’m working on came about due to the problems a Pittsfield couple, the Bergerons, are having with DOT. They are in a catch-22 situation of owning a lot on Main St. in Pittsfield, but the state will not give them a driveway permit so they can build a home there. The state claims that their lot already has four driveways, when it has none!


The problem lies in the DOT’s administrative rules for driveways. Administrative rules are written by the executive branch, have the force of law, and are used to fill in unspecified details in law. For example, the DMV has a rule that describes the kind of eye exam given to driver’s license applicants. In this case, the driveway law is only two pages, but there are 30 pages of driveway rules.


Driveway law refers to “a parcel of land” which will receive one driveway, but doesn’t further define the term. In their rules the DOT has defined it to be those lots which existed in 1971. In 1971 the Bergeron’s lot was part of a larger farm which has since been broken up into several house lots. Because DOT decided to use the 1971 map, they consider all of those driveways to be part of the same parcel. My bill would make them use today’s map and require that the rules have legislative approval.


While I know of this case and a similar one in Boscawen, it would be helpful to have others. Please contact me if you are familiar with other cases where the DOT has unreasonably denied driveway permits.



Rep. Dan McGuire

[email protected]






To my readers,

This week the House met to certify the governor’s election and also pass a “technical corrections” bill for the Newfound school district. Then we spent another 5 or 6 hours debating changes to the House rules! As expected, there were some minor changes and new deadlines for this session that nobody opposed.


Barely a month after swearing to support the Federal and New Hampshire constitutions, the new Democrat majority voted nearly in lockstep to infringe the rights of New Hampshire residents and legislators. First, they voted to return to the old way of handling petitions from residents, that is have them read into the Journal and “filed.” At least they will have petitions published in the Calendar and allow any member to move to send it to a policy committee, but the standing committee dealing with citizen petitions (per Articles 31 & 32) was abolished. 


Finally, they voted to reinstate the ban on firearms in the House chamber and the gallery, thereby violating the Federal Second Amendment and Sections 2 and 2-a of the New Hampshire Constitution, not just for the legislators and staff, but also every citizen choosing to visit their legislature in action. This move is totally unenforceable. The State House is home to the Senate, the Governor, and the Secretary of State as well as the House, and House rules only apply to a small part of the facility. Without authority or intentions to search people, the ban relies on the honor system - which most criminals don’t follow! Nearly all the legislators who supported the ban had not thought through the constitutional or practical issues, they just don’t like guns and don’t want to have them around. It was an emotional reaction, not a reasoned one. 


Interested readers can email me for my newsletter, with more details than fit here.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]







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