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Epsom NH News

November 20, 2013

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Mary Orff, of Epsom, was recently honored at a party celebrating her 90th birthday, which was November 8th. Approximately 50 family members and friends joined the celebration, coming from New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia and Texas, including her 95-year old sister who traveled from Augusta, Maine.


Mary also received many greetings from all corners of the country – highlighted by a fresh flower Lei direct from friends in Hawaii! 


Mary has touched countless lives in her 90 years and has been a very loving, generous and positive influence on her family; her three children, her six grandchildren and her nine great-grandchildren. 


The festivities took place in Epsom, at the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Eric and Janice Orff.  



Letter To The Editor


Re Representative Carol McGuire’s Letter to Constituents (SVS Nov 6), nothing but the usual complaints and obstruction. Republicans have two choices: 1. Make the Affordable Healthcare Act better  2. Continue to complain and obstruct.


Nancy Heath 




Epsom Central School Staff And Faculty

Epsom photo_Nase_Brian.jpg

Mr. Brian Nase, Physical Education Teacher


Due to Brian’s persuasive style of discussing his curricula, a visitor speaking to him at a table in a busy school hallway is not distracted by pedestrian traffic. He teaches fitness and physical games to children in grades K-8, seeing kids in Grades K-5 once a week and Grades 6-8 in 15 day rotations at 45 minutes per day. For the younger children, Brian offers activities such as jump rope, tag, hula hoops, throwing and catching, and lead-up games, which promote activities used in more complex activities such as baseball. The middle and older age groups undergo fitness testing and learn golf and team activities such as football, field hockey, and handball, and many other sports. Brian likes to give the children a little taste of as many games as possible.


Brian has a BS in Physical Education from PSU plus 30 credits. He has spent 21 years in education and is in his 12th year at ECS, having served as boys soccer coach and on the Student Council and Games Clubs. While working as an assistant principal at another school, Brian realized he much preferred the PE teacher role since he could be outdoors, watch students interact, and enjoy group dynamics. He feels his subject is important since, “You only get one body.” Brian enjoys watching children grow and mature in the years from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. He would suggest that parents encourage their children to turn off the television or computer and “move,” by which he means that parents should walk, bike, or swim with their kids, to instill in them a love for moving which they can enjoy for life.


Brian and Chris, his wife of 19 years and a guidance counselor at Henniker Community School, live in Weare with their two children, an eighth grader and a sophomore, and a dog and a cat. They spend most of their spare time supporting their children.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

This week, my committee met on its retained bills. Five recommendations were unanimous: to study HB646, on prison industries, because there were too many open issues with the plan; killing HB419, a deferred retirement option in the judicial retirement plan, on the request of the system; passing my HB469, which creates a statute of limitations for licensing actions; passing HB312, restricting the state’s ability to collect or retain biometric data; passing SB116, to rewrite the exemption from licensing for water system employees: one rogue in the North Country insisted that he had no need for a license, or even to meet safety codes!


The remaining bills were more controversial. HB473, moving the university system police (at UNH and Plymouth State) from the university’s 401(k) type pension plan to the state retirement system, was recommended for interim study on a 12-5 vote. I was opposed, since it doesn’t make sense to move a group with a fully funded pension plan into the seriously underfunded state system. My HB173, eliminating supplemental allowances in the judicial retirement plan, was amended to increase them from $50,000 to $250,000 per year! The vote was 10-9 in favor of using almost 1% of the trust fund every year for these allowances. Finally, HB627, Dan’s bill to treat accumulated leave as more time worked, rather than a boost to the final year’s pay, was killed, 12-7.


HB421, increasing the real estate board’s authority over people practicing without a license, also increased the continuing education requirements. Over objections on that issue, it passed, 11-7. HB658, creating a new registration requirement for medical technicians, was opposed as not solving the problem of health care worker drug abuse, while creating barriers to entry in one of today’s fastest growing job fields. We lost, 13-5. HB326, licensing polysomnographers (sleep technicians), was sent to interim study on a 9-7 vote.


Representative Carol McGuire

[email protected]




Letter To The Editor


This has been quite a productive year with work on several roads, most of which doesn’t show.  We did some paving on Easy Street and Center Hill Road and some drainage on River Road and Goboro Road to which I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your understanding and patience.  Because of your patience, we’re able to do a better and longer lasting job.


Next year we’re looking forward to reconstructing most of Goboro and Depot Roads, which will consist of grinding, grading, re-shimming with gravel, regarding and paving.  The reason for this letter is if you have a concern with what we’ll do or not do with your driveway, I’d like very much to walk and talk with you while there’s no snow on the ground.


Your Road Agent,

Gordon Ellis



New Exhibits For The Holiday Season

At The Epsom Public Library


Conrad Young, watercolor artist, will exhibit his paintings of NH covered bridges at the Epsom Library from November 22nd to January 10th. His retirement in 2010 allowed him to focus his attention and creative talents on his love of covered bridges and painting. He has traveled to see first-hand the 56 bridges that are left from the original 400 that were built in NH and has a fact sheet on covered bridges that he hands out. 


His most recent watercolor was of the shortest covered bridge in the state, and his paintings range from an historical rendition of the oldest Railroad Covered Bridge in Contoocook to the romantic Honeymoon Covered Bridge in Jackson.  


To view other work by Conrad Young, go to


Also on display through January 10th will be pottery from the collection of Jeff Lalish, who for many years ran Northwood Stoneware Pottery on route 4 in East Northwood.


The exhibits may be viewed during regular library hours:  Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm, Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm. For more information call the Epsom Library at 736-9920, or visit






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