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Chichester NH News

April 20, 2016

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The Chichester Heritage Commission will meet on Thursday, April 21, at 7 p.m. in the Chichester Town Library. The Heritage Commission is in need of new members. One full member and three alternate positions are open. Call Lucille Noel at 798-5709 if you have questions.



The Local Community Design Charrette Team will meet on Monday, April 25, at 7 p.m. in the Historical Society Museum. All are welcome to attend.



Earth Day is April 22. A good way to celebrate is to clean up your Chichester neighborhood.



Happy Birthday to Ron Duford on April 23.



Come and enjoy Herb Chicken and Mac & Cheese at the Chichester Methodist Parish Hall on Wednesday, April 27. These Community Suppers are free to all, although donations are welcomed and used for food for future suppers.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News

Submitted By Carol Hendee


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, Sunday May 8th!  Stop in and get first dibs on some great books and gifts for the special lady in your life!


We have “A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup and the full version for the Mother’s Soul.”  Chicken Soup for the Grandparents’ Soul; Helen Steiner Rice-To Mother w/Love; TREX & Mother’s Day; and Reflections From a Mother’s Heart-to name a few.


Cinco De Mayo is coming right up on Thursday, May 5th!We have some sombreros and beads for your celebration!


Rte 28- 5 mi. from the Epsom Circle, Chichester.  Mon. 8-12; Tues. & Thurs. 8-4; Wed. 11-4 & Sat. 10-4.  247-7191 Please DO NOT leave anything outside when we are not open, the rain destroys!



Chichester Town Library News


Thanks to everyone who came to the book sale last Saturday.  These sales help with special events and programs, as well as unexpected expenses that might occur.  Next month will be the annual plant sale accompanying the used book sale, thanks to the generosity of Millican Nursery.  They will be held on Saturday, May 21st, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Hopefully, you came into the Library last week during National Library Week.  If you did, you enjoyed the artwork of Martha Sargent Butterfield from neighboring Loudon.  Her theme, “A Celebration of the Seasons,” is a collection of landscape paintings and oils and pastels.  Please see separate article for more information.


The Down Cellar Writers and the Photography Group will be meeting, respectively, at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 25th.


Mark your calendars for May 7th at 7 p.m. at the Grange, when Dave Downs will be presenting his program on clutter control.  This entertaining presentation should help us all look at the “stuff” we have collected and figure out what can be done with it, if anything.  (Remember, though, books can always be donated to the Library.)



Chichester Firefighters Assocation

Upcoming Events

Mother’s Day Breakfast


We will be having our Annual Mother’s Day breakfast on Sunday, May 8th, from 7:30-10:00 AM at the Fire-Rescue building. Please come and join us for a delicious buffet breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon, homefries, and assorted drinks.  The cost of the breakfast is $7.00 for adults and $4.00 for children under 10.


Town Wide Yard Sale

Chichester Firefighters Association is once again sponsoring the Chichester Town Wide Yard Sale on Saturday June 4th, 8am-2pm. There are several ways you can participate: If you want to come to a central location, spots will be available at the Town Hall parking lot. If you are having a sale at your home or business you may have your yard sale location and description placed on a Town of Chichester map. There is no charge for either of the above, but a donation to the Firefighters Assoc. equipment fund would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, if you have some items you want to get rid of, but don’t want to have your own sale, the Firefighters Association will accept donated items which we will sell to add to the equipment fund. Donation of items will be accepted at the fire station the week of May 30-June 4. No clothing or upholstered furniture please. You may leave items by the front door if no-one is there. Pick up can possibly be arranged.


Maps will be available for pickup at the fire station on Friday June 3rd or at the Town Hall on Saturday the 3th. Once again, there is no cost for any of this, but we are suggesting a donation to the Firefighters Association Equipment Fund, which is used to buy equipment for the fire-rescue department, beyond what is available in the regular budget.


For more info on Yard Sale specifics contact Paul Sanborn at 608-6252, or sign up at the fire station.



A Celebration Of The Seasons


This is the theme of Martha Sargent Butterfield’s collection of landscape paintings in oils and pastels currently on display at the Chichester Public Library.


A resident of Loudon, Ms. Butterfield grew up in the Seacoast Region and began her fine art studies with her professional artist mother Della Demeritt Lamson.  Her early exposure to the art field provided a foundation for her lifelong self-guided study of various painting materials, in particular the quality of pigments manufacturers use in their paints as it relates to their permanence, and how those pigments interact with each other in the painting process.  She spent many years as a watercolorist before switching to oils and pastels as her preferred media. 


Martha specializes in landscapes, most recently of the Concord region.  Her inspiration comes from long walks through the New Hampshire countryside, observing and appreciating the natural world in all of its seasons.  While in the field, she spends considerable time studying how light and atmosphere affect her view of a particular scene, and she delights in focusing on places often overlooked by the casual observer. 


Martha is a member of the Loudon Village Arts group where she has participated in its seasonal Fine Art Shows at the Maxfield Public Library. She is the mother of New England railroad artist Cameron Sargent, who resides in Concord.



At Bobcat Of New Hampshire, It’s All About The Customers (That’s You!)

By Meggin Dail


As a female, stepping into Bobcat of New Hampshire in Chichester for the first time, I anticipate being intimidated. I’m not easily intimidated and certainly don’t get real shy around men, having grown up with two older brothers, it’s the equipment. Heavy machinery. Stuff I don’t know anything about. It’s not that I’ve never written an article about a business I’m unfamiliar with, but for some reason being around tractors, backhoes, and excavators (three pieces of equipment I’m not sure I could tell you the difference between), I’m worried I won’t know what to ask. So, armed with a couple of questions my husband gave me to start me off, I walk through the door.


Wait, I feel okay. The interior is bright, open, people are smiling, right away I am noticed and not brushed off as a female who wandered into the men’s department. I feel welcomed. After almost an hour’s interview with Mark, Jeff and Craig, I still feel welcomed. I feel like renting a Bobcat. Here’s why.


Started in 1987 and purchased by the Blanchard family in 1998, Bobcat of New Hampshire has made it their business to make customer service their number one priority. Bobcat has two locations, one right here on Route 4 in Chichester, and the other on Tracy Lane in Hudson, NH. Locally owned and operated, Bobcat is a customer-oriented, community-minded, and employee driven.  They specialize in the homeowner. If you’re doing renovations to your lawn, moving a shed, building a fence, placing sonar tubes for a porch, putting in a garden, setting a mailbox, landscaping, clearing a lot, reclaiming a field, plowing and snow removal, or pretty much anything else you do-it-yourselfers can come up with, here’s where you want to rent. Regularly, their rentals are to homeowners, people like you and me; men, women and DIYers. They strive to make the customer number one and that’s why they’re bigger than they’ve ever been in 29 years and are still concerned with their number one priority; you.


Maybe you want new machinery to rent for your project? Check. Perhaps it’s delivery and pickup of your rental that will satisfy you? Check. Maybe you think they don’t have a machine small enough for your job? Not so! General Manager, Jeff Trombley assures me, “If you need to do some work under your deck, in tight spaces or you just need to dig a post hole, we have walk-behind machines you can use.”


Craig Harmon, Rental Manager, who’s right there when you walk in the door, can answer any question you may have; How long can I rent the equipment for? What do I need for the job? Can I run this equipment myself? How difficult or easy is it to work the machines? And so on. Craig is the guy you’ll see at the trade shows. He’ll also let you know that while Bobcat may be closed on weekends, weekend equipment rentals happen all the time, so you don’t have to take time off from your day job to do your home improvements. “Daily, weekend, weekly and monthly” are your rental options, so whatever the job, Bobcat is here for you.


Mark Blanchard, owner of Bobcat of New Hampshire, preceded by his father and former owner, Jeff Blanchard, will gladly tell you that renting a Bobcat should not be a daunting task, even if you’ve never run one before. The equipment is fairly easy to operate and if needed you can be given a tutorial on the machine by his knowledgeable staff. Mark wants you to know, “We’re focused on giving the best product possible, the best experience possible, to our customers.” This is important since they’re up against 19 other companies that are ready to take their business.


“So, what makes you better?” I ask.


“Customer Service.” Is the reply. “If we don’t take care of you properly, somebody else is waiting to and we don’t want that to be why you go elsewhere.That’s what sets us apart. This is what we do and we do it well.”


Mark will also tell you that working at Bobcat isn’t really considered a job, per se, but a lifestyle. He grew up talking equipment around the dinner table. He would ask what new equipment came in and where it was going. Mark continues to run the business as a family-friendly place and smiles as he quips, “In my family, ‘BYOB’ means Bring Your Own Bobcat.” After all, besides rentals, they are a full-service dealership as well.


When you do decide to bring your own Bobcat, your rental, that is, you’ll be pleased to know that these machines are turned over almost every year. You’re not getting an old, worn-out piece that are only for amatuer landscapers who may not notice the scatches and dents, instead you’re getting a practically brand new piece of machinery. Case in point, while I was there today, a man came in to pick up his rental that was only a few hours old!


Most likely, if you see a Bobcat in someone’s backyard, at their place of business, or doing a job, it came from Bobcat of New Hampshire. And while that should be reason enough to stop by and check them out, it’s the low-key, genuinely friendly, helpful staff that will be the reason you return.



Buried In Treasure Or “Just Stuff?”

We all have STUFF!  The question then becomes, “How much ‘stuff’ do we need?”  Why do we acquire it and, then, why do we save it?  Why can’t we just throw things away?


The Chichester Library will help everyone explore this by bringing Dave Downs, a veteran educator and entertainer, to the Chichester Grange, 54 Main Street, on Saturday, May 7th, at 7 p.m.  With his upbeat and unique approach, Dave Downs explores the many reasons that our drawers, closets and garages get filled with STUFF.  He will offer helpful hints for managing this difficult problem by using colorful stories throughout the talk to engage, as well as to inform, the audience.  We may all recognize a part of ourselves in these stories.


Participants/attendees will leave knowing that if we are thoughtful about what we acquire, what we keep and what we discard, we will start to reverse the tendency to bury ourselves in “treasures!”  In essence, Dave, a performing magician for many years, will help us make our “stuff” disappear!


Dave Downs is a retired educator with a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts in Education from Lesley College.  After many years of performing as a magician, he has turned to developing an array of entertaining and amusing programs for libraries, historical societies, civic groups and senior centers.



Chichester Central School

Kindergarten/New Grade 1

2016-2017 Registration Dates


Do you have a kindergarten child or first grader new to Chichester Central School entering in the fall of 2016 and are unsure of what to do?  Kindergarten/New Grade 1 registration will begin on March 1st and run until April 22nd.  Parents/Guardians must stop by Chichester Central School to pick up a registration packet and will need to return the completed package in person to school by April 22nd.  Parents will be asked to supply a copy of their child’s birth certificate & immunizations, parents/guardians driver’s license, and proof of residency in Chichester.  The age requirements for entry is age 5 (kindergarten) and age 6 (grade 1) by September 30.  School hours for registration pick up and drop off are between 7:30-3:15, Monday-Friday.


Children will go through a screening process in May that will allow the kindergarten committee to assess abilities so that the morning & afternoon classes will be evenly balanced.  Transportation is provided to school in the morning and to home at 2:40 (there is no mid-day transportation).  The New Morning Program does provide an on-site before school and after 2:40 care program for a minimal cost.  Please call Mrs. Plunkett, School Secretary @ 798-5651 for more information.






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