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Chichester NH News

October 5, 2016

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Happy Birthday to Skip Jarvis and Colby Despres on October 8 and Brianne Stone and Camdyn Despres on October 9.



It’s not too early to put the Historical Society’s Harvest Fair on your calendar. This is a family friendly event with Fall-focused crafts and activities for all ages. Paint a pumpkin, put together a scarecrow using clothing and accessories provided by the Historical Society and enjoy freshly-pressed cider and donuts. This special event will be held on Sunday, October 16th, from 2-4 p.m. at the Museum. 49 Main Street. All are welcome. The event is free of charge.



The Chichester Heritage Commission will sponsor the program, “The History of Agriculture as Told by Barns” by John Porter on Thursday, October 20th, at 7 p.m. at the Grange/Town Hall, 54 Main Street. Mr. Porter uses photo illustrations of barns around the state to show the evooution of barn architecture. This free program is for anyone interested in old barns and/or New Hampshire’s agricultural history.



Have you been considering becoming a Realtor? We are looking for a few good agents!! EXIT Reward Realty and EXIT Realty Great Beginnings will be hosting a real estate pre-licensing class! November 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12, and 13. You will complete the course in 2 weekends! Hours are 1pm to 5pm Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Classes will be held in Concord. Please email Sandy Kelley to register, [email protected] or call 435-7800 ext. 201.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News

Submitted By Carol Hendee


We have been receiving wonderful donations of clothes. More for shoppers to choose from!  Thanks!  Some things we can use are: black garbage bags, bubble wrap, light bulbs (if you are changing over to LED, we can still use the old ones to test lamps), jewelry, and kitchen items.


A special school program can use “Cause & Effect Toys” such as baby toys (push this button and you get) type of toys.


Located on Rte 28 near the Pittsfield line.  Mon. 8-12; Tues. & Thurs. 8-4; Wed. 11-4 & Sat. 10-4.  247-7191.



Chichester Public Library News


Don’t forget the Knitting Circle on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 p.m.  The hats that have been knitted by the group and others have been gratefully acknowledged by the Pease Greeters.  Great Job!


There is a basket-making class scheduled for tonight, but space has been limited.  If you’re interested, make a quick call to the library, to see if there’s still room.  Diane Mann is graciously teaching this class.


Pre-School and Kindergarten Story and Craft Hour will be held tomorrow, October 6th, at 10:30 a.m.  It is scheduled now for every Thursday, except school vacations, unless unforeseen circumstances arise.


Also tomorrow, at noon, the Book Club will be meeting to discuss the book The Ginger Tree.  Come, too, to help decide the book of the upcoming month.  There are three choices, at this time, from which to choose.


The library will be closed on Monday, October 10th, for the observance of Columbus Day.  However, the Trustees will still be meeting at 4 p.m.; and this meeting is open to interested Chichester residents.


A quick reminder to all that the October Book Sale will be next week on Saturday, October 15th from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.  Also on that day, the documentary “Pieces of the Past” will be presented by the Teen Advisory at the Grange Hall at 7 p.m.  It is hoped that their efforts, as well as those featured in the film, will be acknowledged by many residents choosing to attend.





To the Voters of Pembroke and Chichester:

Please exercise your right to vote in November, particularly for candidates for the NH Senate and House of Representatives.  It may be worthwhile to consider what the Democratic Candidates stand for and what the Republican candidates oppose.


Democratic candidates support permanent Medicaid expansion, marriage equality, women’s health care and the right to make their own health choices, access to affordable, comprehensive health care, strong public education and keeping public dollars in public schools, full-time kindergarten funding, worker’s rights to organize and to collective bargaining.  Democrats also support increasing the minimum wage, funding commuter rail, reasonable and responsible gun laws and the right to everyone to vote without unreasonable restrictions.


Republicans generally support “right to work”, repealing the concealed handgun carry permit, moving public money to private education, repeal of the Affordable Health Care legislation, defunding women’s health care organizations, and restricting voting rights.


I would encourage voters to become more educated by examining the platforms of the two political parties and research the voting records of the incumbent senator and members of the House.  Also please look at the literature from candidates of both the Senate and House.



Joyce Armstrong






I am very grateful that you nominated me in the primary for the chance to serve Merrimack District 20 as State Representative. Already, I was able to represent Chichester and Pembroke at the Republican State Convention, for which I thank you. With your vote on November 8, I look forward to serving you in the State House as well.


My history includes earning a Ph.D. in mathematics with a specialty in Algebraic Geometry from Purdue University. With this degree I have taught elementary, high school, college, and graduate level students.


As your State Representative, I will work tirelessly for school choice. As a teacher I see first-hand the value of an education tailored to a student’s abilities, which I believe can best be selected by that student’s family. We have seen this philosophy implemented successfully in the town of Croydon, NH. In Croydon, families are able to choose specialized education, which resulted in a lower cost to taxpayers. The Croydon school board is under fire from the NH Attorney General for providing this benefit, and that seems wrong to me. I intend to work hard to facilitate choices like the one that Croydon made.


I also expect that my background in education and mathematics will allow me to make a meaningful contribution to discussions about taxpayer dollars. I wish to cast a mathematical eye to budget issues and maximize the use of tax dollars in Concord.


To achieve these ends I humbly ask for your vote on November 8 to serve you as State Representative.


Darren Tapp





To the Voters of Chichester and Pembroke:

On November 8 you will have a clear choice:

Doug Hall, Democrat of Chichester, will again represent us well in the legislature as he did 25+ years ago when he won “Legislator of the Year” awards from the NH Public Health Association, the Alliance for Children and Youth and the Women’s Lobby.


Incumbent Democrat Representatives Diane Shuett and Dave Doherty have voted for stronger gun safety laws, raising the minimum wage, funding women’s health care and commuter rail, Medicaid expansion (healthcare for the very poor) and full day kindergarten.


And voted against Anti-voting rights, Right-to-Work legislation (aimed at destroying the power of the state workers), and repealing the concealed handgun carry permit.


Republican (Libertarian) Representative Seaworth has voted exactly opposite on ALL of the above issues.


When you think about voting this year, I encourage you to vote Democrat up and down the ticket.  Dems brought you the five day work week, social security, the civil rights act, and women’s right to vote.  This is the party that cares about you.  Representatives Schuett, Doherty, and their running mate, Doug Hall, will continue in this proud tradition.


Leslie Ari







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