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Chichester NH News

July 1, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Happy Birthday to Karen Michael on July 4 and Derek Duford on July 6.



Chichester Grange meets only once in July. That meeting will be the Eat Out on July 15 at the Windmill Restaurant in Concord.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News

Submitted By Carol Hendee 


Now we’ll see who reads our article in The Sun!  Special: 1/2 price on ALL merchandise, clothing, everything in the store Thursday, July 2nd.  Ladies summer tops, sandals, toys (even Elmo & porcelain dolls), picnic stuff with utensils being 2/25¢! 


Happy 4th of July to everyone and we will be closed so our volunteers can celebrate with their families.  Regular hours: Mon. 8-12; Tues. & Thurs. 8-4; Wed. 11-4 & St. 10-4.  247-7191.



Chichester Central School Graduation 


On June 18, 2015, at 6 p.m. twenty-seven eighth graders marched under the light blue and silver balloon arch in the Multi-Purpose Room at Chichester Central School to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance.” They were led by class marshals Lauren Lehoullier and Jade Pescinski and followed by flag bearers Jacob Marden and Jeff Wagner, all members of the seventh grade class.


After class vice-president Jack Lehoullier led the Pledge of Allegiance, class president Nolan Sykes gave a welcome address. New this year was a brief message delivered by Dr. Gail Paludi, co-superintendent of SAU 53, congratulating the graduates. Alysse Cleasby then gave the commencement address.


The class officers presented a class gift of lights to be used for dances. They then recognized Mr. and Mrs. Fifty, who are retiring this year for 34 years (Mrs.) and 41 ½ years (Mr.) of service to the school.  All 27 graduates marched off the stage to give gifts to Mr. Fifty. (Mrs. Fifty was not there and received her gifts the next day.) While everyone was off the stage, the eighth graders shared their history video of World War II. The video was followed by Mrs. Dockham’s annual slide show. This year the pictures of each graduate were accompanied by music loud enough for a school dance.


Principal Brian Beaverstock presented the Sanborn Scholarship to Emma Donzello-Jewett and the Allan Clark/Freda Jones Volunteer Award to Betsy Purvis. Harvey Harkness of the Epsom American Legion Post 112 awarded the American Legion medals to Alysse Cleasby and Levi Putman. The PTO Awards were given to Jacquelyn Arell and Nolan Sykes by PTO President Heather Chiavaras.  


Evelyn Pike, Jason Weir, and Mason Weir, representing three generations of the Ricker family, came to the stage to present the Ricker Awards. The Irene Ricker Awards went to Samantha Weir and Sean Menard. Sarah Miner received the Kempton Ricker Award. On behalf of the Thomas family Jason Weir presented the Chris Thomas Award to Kati Cummings.


Kate Mara, President of the Chichester Teachers’ Association, gave the Sue Williams Scholarship to Madison McCormack. Janet Anderson awarded the DAR Youth Citizenship Medal to Jack Lehoullier. Bea Douglas presented the Michael Pszonowsky Award to Mikayla Cadorette. Alysse Cleasby received the Scholastic medal.


Following brief remarks by Principal Brian Beaverstock, he and Sally Kelly of the School Board presented diplomas to Jacquelyn Arell, Angelo Besho, Jordan Birkle, Tiara Brierley, Patrick Browall, Mikayla Cadorette, Eric Chapman, Alysse Cleasby, Kati Cummings, Matthew Flanders, Trystyn Gouin, Michaela Holst, Jack Lehoullier, Madison Lewis, Sean Marden, Madison McCormack, Sean Menard, Sarah Miner, Derrik Pierson, Tim Pitman, David Preve, Levi Putman, Brianna Randall, Hannah Ricker, Nolan Sykes, Samantha Weir, and Lucas Wood.


After singing the traditional “Farewell to Chichester” accompanied by Miss Paula Jacobson on the piano, the graduates marched out to their class song “Centuries” by the Fall Out Boys.



Letter To The Editor


First, I want to thank Jeff and Mike for their faith and support for appointing me to the planning board. I may be a little outspoken at times, but I believe the townspeople need to know what’s going on.


Last week I mentioned the no trucking signs on King Road, one week they’re there, next week gone. The road agent took it upon himself to post the signs, the selectmen did not AUTHORIZE the signs. So why were they put up? 


According to the road agent, it was a test, he wanted to know where the trucks would go (Really). Now, I could agree with this if either King Road or Canterbury Road had any kind of traffic meters or counters. They don’t. No way to monitor the traffic before the signs were posted, no way during the posted week, and again, no way once the signs taken down.


Unless, the town paid the road agent to sit on the side of the road and count each truck as it went by, THERE IS NO WAY to monitor the traffic.


The selectmen have talked about posting No Trucking on both Canterbury Road and King Road. I believe they have the right idea. I cannot urge enough that the people on both those roads should support the selectmen on this.


Craig McIntosh





An open letter to my constituents in Chichester and Pembroke:


You need to know what the state budget that  was passed by the House and Senate in Concord on June 24th will cost you.


According to the New Hampshire Public Radio website ( the additional costs which will be downshifted to property tax payers in these  two towns (which I represent as Merrimack County Dist. 20) will be $60,113 for Chichester and $246,519 for  Pembroke, respectively. That’s over a quarter of a million dollars so that a tax cut for multi-state corporations could be accommodated in the budget.


Oh yes, in-state businesses will benefit also, estimates are that average  small business will see approximately $150 savings a year!! Not quite enough to hire even one new worker or invest in much growth.


The rest of your property tax increase will likely stay at the out-of-state headquarters of those large corporations never to be seen in New Hampshire again. 


That is one of the reasons why I voted against this budget and Governor Hassan has exercised her veto. There are other reasons, such as not funding the contract for state employees and not increasing funding for creating more marketable employees in our state. A well educated workforce was a top priority businesses in New Hampshire testified that they need and want.


Dianne Schuett,

Merr. 20



Chichester Town Library News


Tomorrow at 10:30 a.m., the parent/librarian-led Summer Story, Activity and Craft group will meet.  The program is “Wild Animals,” with the books Dear Zoo and Good Night Gorilla to be featured.


The Down Cellar Poets’ Workshop for Adult Writers meets the first Monday of the month.  Come join this contemporary poetry writing and study workshop on July 6th at 7 p.m.


Chess players and future chess players should mark their calendars for Friday, July 10th at 2 p.m.  The Library is trying to put together a group of people who enjoy the game, as well as those who would like to learn it.


The Library is a collection site for the Chichester Food Bank.  Please don’t forget your neighbors who may need a helping hand for their families this summer.   Donations of non-perishable food items in cans, boxes or other non-breakable containers are appreciated, as well as paper goods and personal hygiene items.  With summer here, food for the younger set would also be a great idea, such as peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, breakfast cereal, snack packages, child-friendly canned meals, applesauce, puddings, juice boxes and graham crackers. 


Fred Miller, a long-time member of the Photography Club, has an exhibition of his works on display at the Library.  These photographs are so artistic, with lighting and color so real it is unreal, they could be the paintings of a master.  They really have to be seen to be properly appreciated.  Please come in and enjoy these beautiful pieces.


Submissions of works of various media from Chichester artists are still being accepted for exhibit at the Library in August or at another time.  Please contact Lisa, the Librarian, at 798-5613 for more information.


The display of the summer raffle times of the Kewpie doll, blanket and porcelain tea set are beautifully displayed at the Library for interested parties to see.  Tickets are three for a dollar and the winner will be selected at the beginning of September.



Chichester Central Quarter 4 Honor Roll 2014-15




Joe Bourbeau, Dale Brown, Colby Despres, Matthew O’Rourke, Michael Strazzeri, Jim  Valotto



Isaiah Berkeley, Brayden Casey, Ayslin Claudio, Kaydence Corson, Myles Davison, Isaac Dolan, Lydia Jameson, Camden Kunitake, Tristan Laflamme,  Kelsey Montambeault, Tyler Nolan, Landon Raymond, Isabella Sonia




Ryan Ardine, Emma Losey, Allison Miner, Summer Pescinski, Mason Pillsbury, Michael Pitman, Abigail Randall, Nathan Smith



Olivia Berkeley, Lucas Crowell, Brooke Davison, Laci Grillo, Marshall Hanna, Brooke Robinson, Matt Wagner




Ryan Casey, Alex Chiavaras, Rachel Clark, Helen Cika, Corey Cleasby, Katie Edmonds, Sophia Gulo, Tim Harris, Lindsay Hawkins, Leah LaCross, Bridget Mercier, Robert Shaw



Brett Cassel, Macayla Fisher, Jack Harkness, Benjamin Kunitake, Amelia Lewis, Jason Quinno




Jessica Boyajian, Katie Jameson, Lauren Lehoullier, Stone Marston, Colby Mitchell, Jade Pescinski, Jacob Skidmore, Jeff Wagner



Alexandra Bonacorsi, Levi Cooper, Emma Cox, Isobella Gill, Riley Kennedy, Jacob Marden, Iain McCormack




Alysse Cleasby, Levi Putman, Nolan Sykes



Jackie Arell, Angelo Besho, Eric Chapman, Jack Lehoullier, Samantha Weir, Tim Pitman, Sarah Miner, Madison McCormack






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