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Chichester NH News

March 4, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The School District Meeting will be Saturday, March 7, at the school beginning at 9 a.m. Please attend and find out how the school district portion of your taxes is being spent to educate the children of Chichester.



Town Election Day is Tuesday, March 10, at the Town Hall. Voting will take place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In addition to the Town and School District officers there will be two amendments to the Zoning Ordinance on the ballot. To better understand these amendments, pick up a Town Report at the Town Offices or at the School District Meeting or look on the town website.



Town Meeting will be Saturday, March 14, at the school beginning at 10 a.m.  Please plan to be a part of your town government this year by attending this annual meeting.



Letter To The Editor


As elections get closer, we all want to do the right thing, vote for the right person.


It really does matter who wins, so we all have to vote. I’m hoping the townspeople will vote for qualifications, not friendships.


That being said, in the past couple of years the selectmen have gone into non-public meetings to discuss town employees.  I personally thought that non-public hearings did not include town employees. I’m sure there is an exception to every rule, but it seems like our selectmen play the non-public hearing way too often.


We seem to have a lot of issues with people using town equipment for personal use. If this is the case, why the secrecy?  I don’t mean the existing employees, although the selectmen have gone to a non-public hearing with the current road agent and crew. But even before that, the townspeople have the right to know what’s going on with town employees.


If our employees are honest and hard working, keep them. If they deserve a raise, give it to them. On the other hand, if they lie, or cheat, or use the equipment for personal use, get rid of them, get rid of the selectman covering it up! 


We, the people, have the right to know what’s going on. Anyone with a questionable past, should not be allowed to run. Selectman walking out mid-term, should not be able to hold an office.


Use your vote to elect the most qualified candidate, check out his past, ask questions, and most important, VOTE.


Craig McIntosh



Letter To The Editor


As many of you know I decided not to run for another term as Selectman in Chichester.


As such, I did not “sign up” and my name will not appear on the official ballot.


My reasons for not seeking a fifth term were primarily that it has been twelve years and I thought it was just simply time to “move on.”  Also, my wife and I are planning on moving permanently to our property in Wells, Maine in the near future and as such I would not be able to serve out a full 3 year term if elected.


However, I am hearing from many, many people that they are very disappointed that I am not running and I am being encouraged to run as a “write in” candidate.   I am very humbled by the many voices of support and kind words on how I have conducted myself over my tenure as your Selectman.


I have always tried to put the best interest of Chichester first and foremost and have made it a point to treat people with the utmost respect, regardless of their opinions and temperament.  This is not always an easy task to do, but it is what you expect of your elected officials. It is who I am, and continue to be.


I am not running an active “write-in” campaign but would consent to, and would certainly accept, the will of the residents of Chichester, if elected this year as a “write-in” candidate for Selectman.  It is important to realize that I will not be able to serve out the full term if elected, but for as long as I can serve, I would continue to do so in a respectful, fair and impartial manner with Chichester’s best interest in mind.


Richard DeBold



Letter To The Editor


I recently attended a candidates night in Chichester where I found myself  agreeing with virtually every position taken by one of the candidates for selectman.  I will however not be voting for that candidate. Why not?


Sadly, during the past several years we have seen a never ending series of negative personal attacks on our fellow citizens who serve  the town as selectmen, schoolboard members, and road agent. Judging by the minutes, almost every Select meeting is dominated by such attacks.


For me, the final straw came during the recent state  election, when anonymous  (and therefore illegal) signs personally attacking Richard DeBold appeared across town. Shortly thereafter Mr. DeBold chose not to run for re-election. 


While he may well have had other reasons, it is hard to believe that the toxic atmosphere of personal attacks didn’t play a role in his decision.


My decision is to say no to meanness and incivility.


I will therefore write in the name of Richard DeBold for Selectman and also vote for the equally unfairly abused Jim Plunkett for road agent.


Finally, I would like to note that if we could perhaps improve the tone of town politics, we might just succeed in attracting the ideas and talents of a broader range of citizens, including the half of citizens that are women, who have largely already said no to the meanness by finding better use of their time and energy.


Paul Twomey




Letter To The Editor


I was glad to see so many out for Meet the Candidates night.  A BIG Thank You should go to Hannah West for a great job moderating the meeting. I think the meeting gave everyone present a good look at how the candidates differ on the issues at hand. 


I did want to touch on one point before we go to election, and then on to Town Meeting. A discussion arose as to the Warrant Article of an elected vs. appointed road agent. The comment was made that “you would expect the road agent to have that side of the argument.”  Well, I see the good and the bad on both sides of this issue.  


As I said at the meeting, what will be the job qualifications?  Are we going to make them up to “fit the person” the selectmen might be interested in?  Once this is appointed, remember, any type of discipline will be in private or closed session. If two of the three Selectmen don’t like the road agent, he would be removed. You could ultimately remove and appoint a road agent every year! 


The elected position would still end with you, the people, having a voice. If you don’t like what is being done, you can VOICE your complaint, SEE the outcome, and your vote counts.


The argument was made as to the amount of the budget and assets that the road agent has control of, and that is why we need to appoint.


You have to remember, the ultimate control of the road budget still sits squarely on the shoulders of the selectmen per RSA.  To take that thought one step further, the selectmen oversee a 2.2 million dollar budget with ALL of the assets of town, (fire, police, roads, town buildings, etc.). They are elected, and what qualifications do they have?    


Don’t forget to vote on March 10th.  If you cannot make it to the Town Hall to vote, you can always get an absentee ballot from the Town Office.


As always, thank you for your continued support.


Jim Plunkett

Chichester Road Agent



Letter To The Editor


For years I had trouble maneuvering both my Jeep station wagon and truck up Horse Corner Road during winter; yet have had limited problems since Jim Plunkett has been Road Agent.   


When there is an issue, whether a tree has fallen across a road during a storm, a small glacier crossing a road in winter or availability of sand and dirt, a simple phone call is all that is necessary.  I appreciate the fact that any resident can call the current Road Agent and get results.  Mr. Plunkett is always doing for the other town departments and certainly does his part in maintaining safety for all town facilities.  During his free time, he kindly helps the many town organizations all of which is very much appreciated.


Plunkett maintains a proper department budget.  He knows pertinent RSAs and agricultural issues that he is always willing to share with questioning residents, how to write and obtain grants to offset taxes, all in addition to a working knowledge of equipment, road construction and maintenance.  Jim is one of the most knowledgeable, helpful and considerate officials in town; Jim Plunkett is a true ambassador of the Town of Chichester.  I urge everyone to vote and re-elect James Plunkett for Road Agent.  


2015 is an important voting year…I hope all Chichester voters to pause and think “Who will best serve the Town?”  Objectivity, no family/friend ties and integrity are qualities we want and need. Take particular care while reading this year’s Warrant Articles. Remember the town residents now have a say about the amount of money spent; a municipal budget committee can lead to a select few making all the decisions.  If the road agent position reverts back to appointment rather than election, it again puts control back into the hands of a select few.  


Ann Davis




Chichester Town Library News


The Pre-school Story and Craft Hour will meet tomorrow, March 5th, at 10: 30 a.m.


The Down Cellar Book Club will also meet tomorrow, but at noon.


Sunday, March 8th is the presentation we have all been waiting for, as Rebecca Rule presents “Moved and Seconded: Town Meeting in New Hampshire.”  Just in time for our Town meetings for school and town budgets, we plan on enjoying a somewhat humorous take on these otherwise serious events.  The presentation will be at the Grange, 54 Main Street, at 2 p.m.


Library Trustees will meet on Monday, March 9th, at 3 p.m.  This is a public meeting.


The Adult and Teen Craft Group will be meeting on Monday, March 9th, at 6:30 p.m.


Don’t forget to vote for Town officials/officers at the Grange on Tuesday, March 10th, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Let your voice be heard.


The Library has passes for 50% off the regular admission fee for up to a family of four/day for the Children’s Museum in Dover, NH.  This is an interactive arts & science museum for children & families of all ages.  There is a snack room or you can bring your own lunch. Parking is free.  Before the discount is applied, regular admission is $9.00 for adults & children over 1, $8.00 for seniors and free for children under the age of 1.  It is certainly less expensive than a movie and has more to do for everyone!  You can access more information on what is available at the museum at their web site:



Letter To The Editor

Serving Chichester for 40 years.


When I first started exploring a run for Road Agent, I looked at Chichester’s history. I come from a very large family, deeply rooted and dedicated to Chichester.  Twenty five years of service on the Select Board, 9 of which had 2 family members serving simultaneously.  Twenty six years of service as Road Agent, 15 of which, were served under the supervision of a family member on the select board. Thirty two years of service as Tax Collector. Thirty two years of service as Town Clerk. That’s over 120 years of service as elected officials. 


I am very proud of my family and their dedicated service to our town. As the next generation, I look forward to providing that same level of commitment and dedication, as your Road Agent.


Thank You for your Support.


Christopher Weir

Candidate for Road Agent



Letter To The Editor


Jason Weir wants the Selectmen to have control of hiring and firing of the Road Agent. I would like that same control to be applied to all town employees.


Should there be extra bonus money or surplus in the town, it should go to the Road Agent and Fire and Police Department members who are on call 24 hours a day EVERY day. 


If the school has surplus or bonus money this year, the money should be used to defray taxes to help elderly residents remain in town.


Fred Chagnon



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News

Submitted By Carol Hendee


Can it be?  Winter is going away?  That would be the best news yet!!!


This will be the last week for winter jackets and coats at 1/2 price, then we can put them away and bring out spring fleece and jackets!!!  March 4-11th we are offering all single plates, dish sets, cups, and saucers 1/2 price!  Help us make room for some new merchandise.  Also, check out the St. Patrick’s merchandise!  Mon. 8-12; Tues. & Thurs. 8-4; Wed. 11-4 & Sat. 10-4 on Rte 28 North, Chichester.  247-7191.





To the Residents of Chichester.


It is time for a change.


My name is Gilbert Vien and I am running for Selectman. I have lived in Chichester since 1984 and have been involved with the operations of the town as a cemetery trustee, a trustee of the trust funds, a member and chief of the fire department as well as an employee of the highway department. From these experiences I understand how to budget and how the town departments operate. As Fire Chief I held a level budget for three years.


I believe with a lot of hard work the town should be able to control the budget and the tax base from getting out of control. This is a challenge I would look forward to taking on as a member of the Chichester Board of Selectmen. I’m not afraid to take a stand and to make the hard decisions that would be best for the residents of Chichester.


It has been said that any person running for a Selectman’s seat in the town has an agenda. This is true and mine is to keep taxes at a level where we can afford to live in Chichester and also help our town departments keep functioning in a safe, orderly and productive manner for the residents of Chichester.


For anyone that would like to speak to me about my views or ask any questions, you can call me at 603-303-4666 or email me at [email protected]


It’s now time to get Chichester back on track and make the Board of Selectmen more objective.



Gilbert Vien



Be Extra Cautious


Many of our high school students walk well-traveled roads on their way to their PA bus stops.  With the preponderance of snow, the visibility of these walkers is often reduced!  


When you are driving on Routes 28 & 4, Main St, etc. during your morning and afternoon commutes, please be extra aware of walkers!  Students, wear something bright – red hat, etc.  You don’t have to wear it on the bus, but this small act can prevent a big injury.


Safety reminder from your Chichester School Board.



Letter To The Editor


The cornerstone of a peaceful, secure, thriving country is a peaceful, secure and thriving populace. Our founding Fathers recognized that progress hinged on an informed populace.


Access to a “free” education, supported by taxpayers, was essential to avoid creating the aristocratic society our nascent nation rebelled against. Thus, in egalitarian New Hampshire, voters will soon occupy fold-able, metal seats of great power. They’ll sip lukewarm coffee and eat muffins baked by teachers, parents and townsfolk with some measure of culinary talent. Budgets will be presented. Sighs, grumbles and prayers will fill auditoriums as schools await verdicts on whether they can replace broken furniture, absent or aged textbooks, or even retiring teachers. Citizens will speak on behalf of those whose tax burdens are nearly too great to bear. Others will speak to the necessity of students of yesteryear supporting students of today. Both sides of the dialogue are absolutely correct. Taxes keep rising. Children keep learning. Yet the choice is clear. Our nation’s children deserve the same opportunities we taxpayers were given to become literate, informed, motivated, well-prepared citizens who can find gainful employment so America can remain a peaceful, secure, thriving country.


If you’re concerned about taxes, I recommend contacting, not only your local and state governments, but Congress, who continues to provide public tax dollars to the N.F.L so the star quarterback can earn millions running a leather ball down a grassy field. There is rampant waste in spending, it is true. But it is NEVER a waste to educate a child.


Resa Audet





To all Chichester residents,

The Road Advisory Committee (RAC) was established by a vote of the townspeople at the Chichester Town Meeting of March 19, 2005 FOR A BETTER WAY TO MANAGE OUR ROADS.


The original warrant article did not call for an annual report or for a continuing committee. Subsequently the RAC’s Charter was amended February 15, 2011 under the authority of the Board of Selectmen to make the RAC a permanent ‘standing committee’ and requiring an annual ‘Road Management Plan’.


The Mission of the Committee states that its primary responsibility; after having developed a written Road Management Plan is to update this existing plan annually with established members. The Charter removed the oversight, planning, and the reporting of roadway maintenance work from the RAC. The maintenance accomplishments are reported yearly in the Road Agents Report.


The RAC has gone from 11 members in 2013, to 6 in 2014 and will most likely be 5 as of the Town Meeting on March 14, 2015, yet the volunteer Committee has continued to work very hard to cooperatively promote better road repairs by assisting the Road Agent, Selectmen, Budget Committee, and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) with the evaluation, planning, and scheduling of road work. With the efforts of us ALL and bids going out early, it looks like again this year, with an affirmative vote of the Town, these goals will again come to fruition.


The road deficiencies in the Town of Chichester are quite evident and we are now dealing with major rehabilitation and/or complete reconstruction, both of which are expensive. Applying maintenance to roads that are in poor condition rather than taking care of roads still in good condition is ineffective in the long run. The RAC continues to fulfill its duties of infrastructure improvement without compromising municipal cohesiveness or future roadway integrity.


Thank you,

Philip J. Hitchcock, Jr., Chair

Chichester Road Advisory Committee



Chichester Saturday School Meeting Details

Submitted By Harold, Losey, Ben Brown, Sally Kelly, Chichester School Board


• Our School District Meeting is being held this Saturday, March 7th at 9:00 AM at the school.


ALL Chichester registered voters are encouraged to come and vote!


• Due to lack of parking at the school, we will be having a shuttle service beginning at 8:30 AM from the Town Hall and will make continuous round trips from the Town Hall to the school.


• For further information on what you will be voting on, go to the town web page @  then click on School Board on the left navigational board and then click on School Warrant & CBA, (In the top, center of the page at the bottom blue link).


As a school board, we commend and thank all of you who have come to our meetings and questioned, suggested and invested the time to learn about the budget process over the past several months.  We also thank you who have been sharing your thoughts and knowledge via Letters to the Editor and Social Media!


See you all on Saturday.






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