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Chichester NH News

November 4, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Happy Birthday to Ansley McLaughlin on November 4.



The granite planter at the Grange/Town Hall is now finished. Stop by and check it out; it’s beautiful. Thank you to the many granite donors. Heartfelt thanks to Stonefence (Dan Schroth and brother Mark) of Pittsfield who volunteered their time, talent, and skill to build this beautiful planter for our town.



The Chichester Historical Society will present “Dying to Get In” on Monday, November 9th, at 7 p.m. in the Society’s Museum, 49 Main Street. This program, prepared by the Cemetery Trustees, will give us a glimpse of the lesser-known burial grounds and their locations. Distinguished deceased from some of these cemeteries will be portrayed by Society members and friends. There is plenty of parking across the street from the museum. Refreshments will be served. For more information, call 798-5709.



The Chichester Methodist Church is having Community Suppers for all to enjoy. The November 11th supper is going to be pork roast and rice pilaf.  The November 25th supper is going to be Thanksgiving.  If you know of anyone not having Thanksgiving with family this year, please tell them about this great supper.  The suppers are at the Methodist Parish Hall on Main Street at 6:00.  Please join us for great food and good company.  Be sure to mark your calendars.



Soccer Closing Ceremonies will be Thursday November 5th at Chichester Central School to begin at 5:30pm. Teams will be announced first then pizza, salad, water, and cake will be served.


Field Clean Up will be Saturday November 7th at Carpenter Park at 11am. People are needed to help move the soccer goals and clean up the park for the season. The more people there are the quicker it will go.  Please let the CYA know if you can help. The next CYA meeting is Sunday November 8th at 6pm at the Grange/Town Hall. All are welcome to attend.





The OLOL/St. Joseph’s Women’s Club will be having their annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, 11/7/15 in the Parish Hall in Northwood (located next door to the Northwood Town Hall) from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM). There will be craft items, knitted goods, baked goods, raffle items, a white elephant table with new and slightly used items, and a jewelry corner with great Christmas ideas. You will find our famous cookie walk and a luncheon to enjoy while you shop.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News

Submitted By Carol Hendee


Hello November!  With that, we have Thanksgiving items, 3rd room: platters, utensils, single plates and sets, nutcrackers, wine glasses, linens and decorations.  If you need extra cups, come see us!


We have Barbie dolls 1/2 price!  Not too early to put away Christmas presents, especially Transformers!


We could use some batteries, all sizes and bigger bags, as the winter jackets and coats are “leaving the building!”  Don’t forget to bid on our Coach bag!


Rte 28, 5 mi. north of the Epsom circle, Chichester.  Mon. 8-12; Tues. & Thurs. 8-4; Wed 11-4 & Sat. 10-4. 247-7191.



Chichester Town Library News


Awaken Your Force:  Come watch Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace.  Jedi Knight, Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-wan Kenobi are dispatched to the planet Naboo to settle a dispute between the Trade Federation and Queen Amadal.  


Friday, Nov 6th, 6:00 for craft, 6:30 – 8:45 for movie.  The program will be at the Town Library.  Sign up by calling the library at 798-5613.


Parents can enjoy the evening with their child or drop their child off and enjoy an evening on their own.


The dates for the Star Wars Programs are:  Nov 14, Attack of the Clones & Origami, Nov. 20th Revenge of the Sith & Cooking, Tues, Nov. 24th A New Hope & Legos, Dec. 4th, The Empire Strikes Back & Fencing, Dec. 11th Return of the Jedi & Costume Party.  Come enjoy the activity or the movie or both.


Saturday, Nov 7th at 7 p.m. at the Grange is the one-woman play, “Granny D:  The Power of One.”  There is no cost to the public. If you are interested in politics, the political process or the passion of this noted woman, please plan to join us.


The featured artists at the Library for the month of November will be members of the Photography Group.  The show is title “Old Stuff.”   A reception for them is being planned for Saturday.  Nov. 21st from 10 am to 12.  Please come in throughout the month to see the fruits of their labor.



Chichester Planter.jpg

Many thanks from the Chichester Charrette team to Stonefence of Pittsfield (Dan, Mark, and Jim) for volunteering their time and talents to build the beautiful stone planter at the Grange/Town Hall in Chichester.



Letter To The Editor


To the good citizens of Chichester,

I think it was mid-September when Kate Hall called and asked if we could build some stonework like we have in Pittsfield around the message board at the Town Hall in Chichester.


She told me the Heritage Commission would help. Sounded like a deal to me. That same evening Lucille Noel called to see what she could do to move the project forward. I told her we needed granite and plenty of it to do a 10’X5’ rectangle around the sign.


Within two weeks, my brother Mark and I were looking at granite with Lucille. She found Jim Plunkett, who gave us and trucked in 7 or 8 beautiful foundation granite from up on Bear Hill from an old barn. This we used mostly on the cap.


Gary Tasker took a chance and let me on his stone yard in Loudon. With a can of orange paint, I marked his best 8 pieces. We used his material for two base corners and some cap, and more base. He delivered his best pieces to this project.


Barbara Frangione donated 5 pieces of granite from her farm. This is the corner stone left toward the road and several pieces in the wall and one cap piece. Somebody delivered these pieces.


Somebody delivered some other nice pieces: 1 corner stone rear right corner and several other pieces we used for base. Somebody brought other pieces which were invaluable.


My brother Mark Colby split the granite. My son James helped build also.


Thanks for the granite.

Dan Schroth Piermarocchi



Letter To The Editor


We hear that now is the time of Open Government, much talk and no change.


In Chichester, however, a way has evolved to make this work for you. First, avoid paying property taxes for five, six, and perhaps even seven years. Make promises, excuses, and threats. All have proven effective. It would help to get out of state investor sand lawyers involved. Plead your financial status. This, of course, behind closed doors, so it won’t be checked and does not need to be accurate.


This course, pursued in closed executive sessions with the select board, will result in The Deal. It is the time of The Deal, see national news.


Currently, taxes, interest, and penalties, with proper cahooting, should result in a deal.


Sixty percent of the bill you keep, forty percent of the bill the town gets. Of course, you keep the property. Smile. You are now in cahoots Hold Fast.


Allen Mayville




Letter To The Editor

To the taxpayers of Chichester


I hope that you have noted how critical the property tax rates are becoming. We all need to stand up and do our share. 


Unfortunately, we have a situation where one individual has resorted to threats, confusion, and lies to make deals away from public view, with the selectboard, purposely to reduce his tax bill, seven years in arrears, by more than half.


Outraged taxpayers will have an Orange Flyer delivered with The Sun. 


Concerned citizens, please take notice. This flyer will outline the important facts. 


Allen Mayville



Chichester potter.JPG

Chichester potter Andy Hampton is participating in NH Open Doors studio tour this coming weekend November 7th & 8th. Sponsored by the League of NH Craftsmen, it is designed to allow people to go  to the web site and create a tour of many craftsmen within their area. Andy has been a potter for over 40 years. His work includes wood fired  pieces, dinnerware and accessories from his gas fired kiln and some sculptural work as well. The website is Please create a tour of your own and be sure to stop by and see Andy’s work as well.






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