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Chichester NH News

September 4, 2013

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The Chichester Historical Society’s 4th Cemetery Walk will be held on Sunday, September 8, at 2 p.m. in the Leavitt Cemetery on Canterbury Road. Wear your walking shoes and be ready to meet Viola Robinson, Charles Saunders, and three other distinguished deceased citizens of Chichester. End your afternoon with refreshments at the Historical Society Museum. Parking near the cemetery is limited, but you may park in the lot beside the Town Hall and walk or take a shuttle to the cemetery.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News 

Submitted By Carol Hendee


If you use crochet thread, come see us. We had a box full delivered from Laconia.


If your intent is for the Attic to resell what you drop off as a donation, Do Not leave it outside when we are not open and there to take it in. Sunday, large bags were left by the back door. A volunteer saw them on her way to Concord, but did not have a key. On her way back, they were gone.  Please, no furniture, TVs computers or anything large and make sure we are open.


Thank you to whomever gave us a large collection of very nice costume jewelry.  It will be out soon.  Come see us. We have a couple of girls backpacks left for those who need them.


We are 5 miles north of the Epsom Circle in Chichester and are open Mon. 8-12; Tues. and Thurs. 8-4; Wed 11-4; Sat. 10-4. You can call us at 247-7191.



Chichester Agricultural Commission Regroups

Chichester Agricultural.jpg

A recent meeting of the Chichester Agricultural Commission resulted in the reactivation of the group as well as the election of officers.  Steve MacCleery was voted as Chair; Teresa Paradis, Vice-Chair; and Ann Davis, Secretary.


The Commission was originated in 2010 and among its accomplishments was the passing of RSA 79-F regarding the taxation of farm structures and land under farm structures. 


In 2008 the general court found it to be in the public’s interest to encourage the preservation of productive farms and associated structures. These structures are important in sustaining the economic viability of the state’s farms, ensuring a reliable and safe local food supply, and providing an attractive environment for recreation, tourism, and wildlife.  Farming in New Hampshire has a long and proud history which shaped our state’s landscape.  It is further declared to be in the public interest to prevent the loss of farms and their associated structures due to property taxation at values incompatible with their usage.


The selectmen or assessing officials in any municipality adopting the provision of 79-F shall appraise: (a)  qualifying farm structures for no more than their replacement costs less depreciation; and (b) the land under the qualifying farm structures to no more than 10 percent of its market value.


The Agricultural Commission’s responsibility is one of oversight to protect Chichester’s farmland and to encourage agricultural-based business. The Chichester Agricultural Commission is offering its assistance and technical support to other land-use committees regarding any zoning issues pertaining to agricultural land and the Rural and Agricultural section of the Master Plan.


The purpose of an agricultural commission is to protect farmland, support the local agricultural economy, preserve rural character and promote local agriculture to community members and visitors.  As ambassadors of the farming community, agricultural commissions act as educators, advisers and promoters to help keep agriculture viable in New Hampshire.  In other words, the Chichester Agricultural Commission is an advocate for farming in Chichester and general farm advocacy. 


The Chichester Agricultural Commission which meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the Town Hall, currently has openings for one member and up to five alternates.  If anyone is interested in becoming a Chichester Agricultural Commission member, please contact its secretary Ann Davis at [email protected]. All are welcome to the monthly meetings.






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