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Chichester NH News

April 17, 2013

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The Chichester Cemetery Trustees would like you to know that Cemetery Spring Cleanup will start soon. Please remove any items you wish to keep as soon as possible.



Happy Birthday to Tina Mobbs on April 17 and to Ron Duford on April 23.



On Thursday, April 18, Steve Taylor will give a talk on One Room Schools. The program begins at 7 p.m. in the Grange/Town Hall and is jointly sponsored by the Chichester Historical Society and the Chichester Heritage Commission through a grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council. The program is free and open to all. Pictures and other artifacts from one room schools in Chichester will be on display, and refreshments will be served following the talk.



Happy Anniversary to Rick and Tracie Davison on April 19.



The Chichester Youth Association (CYA) has been selected a recipient of a program that the Comcast Corporation promotes called Comcast Cares, where they reach out to help a local non-profit organization to better the community. This will happen on Saturday, April 27th from around 8 am - 12 pm and we will have a number of projects around Carpenter Park that we will be working on to brighten things up. 


The way that this works is they actually make a donation towards materials in advance and then based upon the number of people who show up, they will make another donation in the future. So it’s imperative that we get as many people to participate as possible.  Any amount of time is helpful and this is an event for the whole family. Kids are encouraged to participate and we will have projects for all including painting, gardening, building, field maintenance, etc. Please feel free to contact Joe Montambeault by email at [email protected] or by phone at 603-566-1507 for more info on how you can help.  Please help to make this a huge success and the park something that we can all be proud of.



Chichester Central

Quarter 3

Honor Roll



Grade 4

High Honors

Alex Chiavaras, Helen Cika, Corey Cleasby, Katie Edmonds, Haley Hapgood, Leah LaCross, Bridget Mercier, Robert Shaw, Mercede Wrightington


Grade 4


Ben Boyer, Ryan Casey, Rachel Clark, Macayla Fisher, Kelly Garnett, Sophia Gulo, Tim Harris, Jack Harkness, Lindsay Hawkins, Cody Montambeault, Grace Poirier, Elizabeth Stock, Alex Walter, Jason Quinno


Grade 5

High Honors

Jessica Boyajian, Katie Jameson, Lauren Lehoullier, Stone Marston, Iain McCormack, Colby Mitchell, Jade Pescinski, Jacob Skidmore


Grade 5


Halah Abdelwahid, Alexandra Bonacorsi, Samantha Boyajian, Levi Cooper, Tianna Evans, Julia Harrison, Kendra Luba, Jacob Marden, Carter Pillsbury, Jeffrey Wagner


Grade 6

High Honors

Angelo Besho, Alysse Cleasby, Jack Lehoullier, Sarah Miner, Levi Putman, Nolan Sykes


Grade 6


Jackie Arell, Jordan Birkle, Mikayla Cadorette, Eric Chapman, Madison McCormack, Sean Menard, Tim Pitman, David Preve, Brianna Randall, Samantha Weir


Grade 7

High Honors

Elizabeth Donzello-Jewett, Joseph Edmonds, Kyle Mitchell, Justin Smith, Julia Valotto, Kelly Wagner


Grade 7


Madeleine Boyer, Steven Cavanaugh, Zachary Davidson, Cole Hapgood, Kyle Harrison, Luke Jameson, Danielle Parent, Maria Skidmore, Tyler Smith, Delanie St. Laurent, BettyJane Weir


Grade 8

High Honors

Jeremy Bates, Killian Drouse, Meghan Hubbard, Ryley Marston


Grade 8


Kennis Barker, Alise Friel, Colby Justin, Ciara Labbe



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News 

Submitted By Carol Hendee


The clothing tag color of the month for April (not name brand) is red. There are some really great buys for 25˘ each! We were able to send several pairs of men’s pants to the homeless as they were left over from the black tag specials. 


If you are doing your spring cleaning and come across any of these items, we can use them: a large carrier for a cat, men’s shoes and belts, ironing board, and kids toys. We have soccer and baseball kids shoes for 50˘ a pair. We also have an interesting collection of flower pots. 


We had a good clean-out of baby clothes and there is a new selection of infant 12 month onesies, tops and bottoms in “the third room.” 


We are on Route 28; five miles north of the Epsom Circle. We are open Mon. 8-12; Tues. and Thurs. 8-4; Wed. 11-4; Sat. 10-4, or call us at 247-7191.



Chichester Firefighter Jaan Luikmil, III Completes Training


Jaan Luikmil was one of the New Hampshire firefighters who celebrated the completion of their firefighter I program with graduation on February 13, 2013. The 2012 Fall Evening Firefighter I program was conducted at the New Hampshire Fire Academy.


The program familiarized firefighters with firefighters survival skills, navigating stairs, ladders and tunnels, forced entries, search and rescue, self contained breathing apparatus, nozzles, water supply, Hazmat, wild land fire fighting training, CPR, fire detection systems and navigating smoke filled buildings.


Jaan will continue his training in March with “Out Of State Wildland Firefighting,” a course put on by the State of New Hampshire.



Chichester Library News


The first book sale of the year will be this Saturday, April 20th from 8-1.  Hardcover and adult paperbacks 50˘; kids books 25˘.


VCR tapes 25˘, DVD $1.00, puzzles 25˘, Harlequin Romance $2.00 a box top full. Many “Special” books will be available with subjects such as woodworking; hunting and guns; classic children’s books (Bobbsey Twins); Decorative and fine arts; architecture; and one early leather-bound Bible.


The raffle item for April is a hand crafted butterfly house. Tickets are 3 for $1.00 or 50˘ each.


National Library Week is 4/13-4/20. Come and see what there is new at the library, such as a 13 scene pen and ink Bicentennial Art Series by local artist Gene Matras!


Trustees and the librarian will be at the book sale and would love to speak with anyone interested in volunteering to landscape the gardens in front of the library.  Please call 798-5613 for additional information.



Chichester Library’s Featured Artist For April


Deb Davidson is the featured artist for the month of April at the Chichester Town Library.


Drop in and see her beautiful photographs.  Deb is fairly new to this medium, but her work is truly remarkable. Her pictures of natural landscapes and  wildlife are interesting and inspiring.


We will be having an artist’s reception on Saturday morning, April 20th from 9:00 to 12:00.  This is the same morning as the book sale. Stop in and see Deb’s work and enjoy a hot cup of coffee.


Thursday morning, April 25th  (during school vacation week),  at 11 am, Shannon Camara from the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA will  be at the library to teach us how to properly care for our pets, how to read a cat and dog’s body language, and how to be safe around unfamiliar animals. Some gentle furry visitors are expected to visit us as well.


Stories about animals will follow, if time allows.  This program is open to all preschool and school age children.






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