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Chichester NH News

January 30, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Chichester Grange will meet on Wednesday, February 5, upstairs in the Grange Hall. This will be the only meeting in February. The program is Show and Tell, so members are reminded to bring something to exhibit and talk about. For example, how about an invention that has helped you out? Prospective members are always welcome.



Contact Tammy or Joe Montambeault at 798-3806 or 566-5771 to buy your tickets for the CYA Valentine’s Day Dance featuring “The Shana Stack Band.”  The dance will be held at the Concord Lodge of Elks in Epsom on Saturday, February 9th, from 7-11 p.m. Tickets are $20 per person. Come for a great night of dancing and socializing. There will be appetizers and raffles to round out a great night of fun.



Happy Birthday to Darlene Cavanaugh and Brian Cavanaugh on February 5.



Chichester Library and Chichester Grange thank those who braved the cold to attend the Know Your Town Government session. Everyone in attendance learned something new, even those who have lived in town for many years. We may try another such session at a warmer time of year.



Bee Hole Beavers

Snowmobile Club News


Here’s the latest news from the Bee Hole Beavers Snowmobile Club:


Riding Conditions

Even though we have had a bit of riding weather, we recently had to close the trails down due to lack of sufficient snow cover. If you have any question on local trail conditions, or closures, check our website for the latest info.


Pig Roast

We will be having our 2nd Annual Pig Roast on Sunday, February 17th from 11-2 at Carpenter Park. We will be offering a complete dinner of roast pork, or two cheeseburgers, roasted potatoes, beans, and drink for $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Tickets are available at Chichester Country Store, Chichester Mobil, or through any member. If snow permits, you can ride your snowmobile to the park, or come by car if you are not so brave. Take out meals are available.


Trail Abuse

This is a subject that we unfortunately need to address. All snowmobile clubs work very hard to establish good relationships with our local landowners so we can use their private property for our recreation. Many times their permissions are granted based on strict adherence to their wishes. While the majority of sledders are responsible riders there is a minority that is threatening our trail system. In just the short time our trails have been open this year there have been several instances of riders deliberately riding areas posted as “No Snowmobiles.” If you are one of these riders, we request that you stop before you ruin it for all of us. Other riders, if you see a sledder riding in a posted area, digging up field, or causing other abuse, please get their registration number, as well as sled and rider description. Report this info to us via our website email and we will pass the info along to Fish and Game. We must work together to maintain our trail access.


Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be February 6th at the Chichester Historical Society Museum. 



Chichester Library News

Submitted By The Chichester Library Trustees


During 2012 the Chichester Library encountered many problems with overdue library materials.  Our policy on overdue fines is a food donation to the town pantry or a small monetary donation which is not mandatory. We love our patrons and in this tight economy we try to do the most with your tax dollars. We just want our items returned.  Many items, never returned, were written off this year. The price of books, DVDs, audios and CDs has risen greatly over the years but our book budget has not changed in 11 years. We lose $14 for every DVD not returned, and 40% of the price of a book. We pay full price for interlibrary loan books to the other library and this affects our credibility in keeping our promise to return the book(s) to the other library in a timely manner.  Remember library materials belong to the Town of Chichester.


Our overdue procedure is:

1. Call the patron

2. Send a handwritten note one week later

3. Send another letter two weeks after the initial call

4. Send a certified letter with a copy to the Chichester Police Dept.


If the items are not returned within a week of receiving the receipt for the certified letter, the police are asked to pick up the items. The police will have an invoice with them in case the patron does not have the items. The patron will be advised that their Library privileges have been suspended and can only be reinstated by the Library Trustees.


Effective February 1, 2013 all items except DVDs may be taken out for three weeks before becoming overdue. DVDs will remain at two weeks. Interlibrary loan books are 4 weeks. A telephone call to the Library will enable you to renew your items.


We are requesting that library patrons verify and/or update their phone number and address at the check-out desk. We want to thank you in advance for giving this your attention.



Out Of Your Attic Thrift Shop News 

Submitted By Carol Hendee


Does your child or grandchild know what a “record” is? A mom came in and asked if we had any records so she could buy one and show her child what a 33 1/3 or 45 record was.  We do have some for 25˘ each.  You might want one for “historical” purposes.  


We also have three Cabbage Patch dolls; one redhead, one blond and one with light brown hair.  We have some nice infant, toddler toys and stuffies.  Kids books are 25˘ each. There are board books, Golden books, classics and good old story books like Peter Pan, Snow White, etc.  A full grocery bag of books is still $1.00.  Throw pillows are in good supply.


We are at 345 Suncook Valley Highway, Chichester and are open Mon. 8-12; Tues. and Thurs. 8-4; Wed. 11-4 and Sat. 10-4. 


There is a new number for Baby Threads in Laconia. For info on sewing classes, quilt making and assembling gift bags, call 603-934-0087.  For the Attic, call 603-247-7191.






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