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Barnstead NH News

December 28, 2016

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Barnstead Elementary School First Trimester Honor Roll


The following students in Grades 4-8 at the Barnstead Elementary School have earned High Honors or Honors for the First Trimester.  Students who have received As in all of their subjects qualify for High Honors.  Those students who have earned As and Bs in all of their subjects qualify for Honors.  In addition, students qualifying for High Honors and Honors must have received grades in effort and conduct that are average or above.


Grade 4

High Honors

Hannah Chmiel, Victoria Cowser, Rebecca Hopkins, Mary Hupper, Anne Killinger, Ashley Lyle, Samuel McGrath, Darien Milioto, Daniel Nourse, Diondre Thoroughgood, Wyatt Varney, Juliette West, Alexis Wilson



Gavin Barham-Elliott, Noah Biron, Michael Barnes, Luke Biscoe, Victoria Christie, Joseph Deane, Heath Dunn, Trey Everett, Kyle Gauvin, Avaiah Goldsmith, Anthony Hamilton, Leon Hill, Taylor Huse, Tristen Karmeris, Ava Lytle, Ethan Ring, Kida Smith, Canaan Stonner, Christopher Tedcastle, Avery Thoroughgood, Jonathan Whitten


Grade 5

High Honors

Connor Bagnell, Grace Brooks, Serafine Cormier, Lani Demers, Lia Doyle, Derek Hopkins, Shannon Kelley, Ethan Kenerson, Eli Kriete, Vera Littlefield, Rylee Lounsbury, Dillon Miller, Sarah White, Reagan Webb



Samantha Bergeron, Ethan Capsalis, Gwenivere Christie, Ren Connors, Cole Cote, Ariana Gilbert, Abigaile Grillo-Moore, Joseph Howlett, Kaela Marchildon, Charlie, Nourse, Erin Rawnsley, Phillip Roberts, Anthony Sanborn, Trinity Shampney, Ella Smith, Jake Tash, Aijah Thoroughgood


Grade 6

High Honors

Luke Carter, Ashley Chmiel, Samantha Christiansen, Tyler Cote, Olivia Fanjoy, Brook Fournier, Cameron Gagnon, Glidden Martin, Ella Misiaszek, Madilyn Neathery, Hailey Pitman, Bruce Rawnsley, Madilyn Ray, Makayla Richard, Ainsley Sabean, Jillian Simpson, Mallory Smith, Ricky Vasquez, Michaela Vernazzaro



Autumn Beaudet, Samuel Caldwell, Alexina Charity, Thomas Chouinard, Lauren Croft, Zoey Crossman, Thomas Duquette, Tyanna Gagnon, Robert Goodwin, Summer Gunther, Kodi Horan, Kirsten Howe, Brendan Jacques, Theodore Janczak, Aurora Kennedy, Ramsey Lytle, Owen Mahanes, Brooke Pepe, Anthony Powers, Kaylee Riel, Savannah Russo, Willow Sanborn, Amber Shine, Zachary Sullivan, Abigail Wittenberg


Grade 7

High Honors

Megan Burnette, Hannah Capsalis, Spencer Grow, Ethan Howe, Don Terrio, Jaren Unzen, Tazanna Roberts, Ryan Warr, Liam White



Rachel Adkins, Emalee Bunker, Jaden Burt, Kyle Cookinham, Dominique Couturier, Breanna Dumond, Rylee Duquette, Emma Graffam, Kathryn Hamilton, Cloe Hillsgrove, Steven Littlefield, Alexis Lyle, Lindsay Lytle, Emily Sanschagrin, Deuce Smith, Melody Sylvester


Grade 8

High Honors

David Fossett, Xena Hill, Audrey Jacques, Kassidy Kelley, Madeline Kriete, Ashley Vatcher, Fiona Wilson 



Connor Benninghove, Lucas Bilodeau, Joseph Boudreau, Theodore Broska, Natalie Cates, Emma Doyle, Hannah Errington, Payton Everett, Cyrus Gates, Taylor Kiley, David Parker, Skylar Presby, Adam Ross, Trevor Smith, Caleb Towle, Ryan Treadwell, Rebecca Wenzel



Oscar Foss Memorial Library News

Art Display


New Hampshire artist Gerri Harvey will be displaying some of her artwork here at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library throughout the month of January. Come by anytime during our open hours to view her beautiful paintings.


New Hours!

We have new hours! Thanks to the feedback from our patrons and our community survey, Oscar Foss Memorial Library will be changing our hours. We hope that our more consistent schedule and longer days will make it easier for everyone to use the library! Our new schedule will be Sunday and Monday: closed, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-6pm, Thursday and Friday: 12pm-8pm, Saturday: 10am-1pm. This new schedule will take effect on Tuesday, January 17th. You can find the new hours on our website, or pick up a bookmark at the library.


Please call the library (269-3900) or visit our website ( for more information about our programs or events. There is always something happening at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library! Library hours are Mondays, 2 to 8 p.m., Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursdays, 5 to 8 p.m., Fridays, 2 to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to noon. 








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