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Barnstead NH News

November 23, 2016

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A collection of Suncook Valley churches will be celebrating a community-wide Thanksgiving Eve Service.  Please join us on Wednesday, 11/23 at 6:30 p.m. for fellowship, worship music, prayer and a message.  All are welcome.  Service will be held at Grace Capital Church, 55 Barnstead Road, Pittsfield.  (Please note time change from last week's post.  Correct time is 6:30.)



On the list of “favorite things,” the Barnstead Parade Congregational Church’s annual Cookie Walk is Saturday, December 10, 2016, 9 a.m. to noon.  Come visit with us and fill a decorated tin with a variety of delicious home-made Christmas cookies.  What an easy way to bring a special treat to your holiday gathering—and, of course, you will need a second tin for home!



Free Workshop At The Oscar Foss Memorial Library

Awaken your Soul-Full Self, an Introduction to Making Collage Cards

Creative workshop for those interested in self exploration and expression, and a meaningful and fun connection with others using the Collage Card making and processing method. No previous art experience necessary, everyone is an artist and can have fun being creative.


Called “Making Creative Collage Cards” this workshop is for beginners to learn about making Collage Cards. We will work with amazing images from a large variety of magazines to create soul-tending cards (much like tarot cards) to assist in learning more about ones self, ones soul and in accessing ones inner wisdom and guidance. If time permits there will be optional card readings and sharing.


The workshop will run from 10:15 AM – 1:30 PM on December 4th.


To register contact Jane LeBlanc at (603) 509-8884 or email [email protected].


For more information about this wonderful and fun method of making Collage Cards, visit the website:



Letter To The Editor

In response to Russ Atherton’s letter of November 16, 2016:


You are correct, Russ, it is never too late to learn a life lesson. You are correct, I was not prepared and I did not do enough and so I will “buck up.” I will buck up and stand up and speak more clearly and persistently for what is right. I will buck up and speak out each time I see injustice against my fellow human being (or against our shared and only home, the planet earth).


This was not a game that was lost. This was our humanity and common decency and in grieving this loss, I cry and I protest – it IS about injustice. The person elected to the highest office in the land makes fun of the disabled, brags about sexual assault, and threatens entire races and religions. And while I do understand that many of the people who elected him may not be like that themselves, I am grieving to know that those traits could be so easily overlooked.


Yes, we are teaching our children the wrong lessons indeed. And I will buck up and try to change that. Peace and blessings, Suzanne Allison Barnstead



Ladies Night: Cookie Swap


On Monday, December 5, all ladies, near and far, are invited to our annual Cookie Swap at the Center Barnstead Christian Church.  Please join us at 7pm and bring 4 dozen cookies (or brownies, fudge, or other yummy treats) of the same type. We will provide containers for you to bring home a wide assortment of delicious holiday sweets!  During our time together, we will enjoy snacks and sampling, a chance to visit, and there will be prizes in categories like the most festive, the most unique, and best tasting.  Get in the Christmas spirit with us during our December Ladies Night!  The Center Barnstead Christian Church is located on Route 126, next to the Town Hall.



Barnstead Historical Society


The Barnstead Historical Society will be having a “Pre-Christmas Sale” and coffee on Saturday, December 3rd at the Barnstead Town Hall from l0am-noon.


We will have available for sale “The Last Stories” by G. Malcolm Locke, also old town reports, plates, post cards, etc.


So come in and join us, enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet We look forward to seeing you



Thanksgiving Day 2016


True thankfulness is more than being grateful for what we possess. It is an attitude that allows a compassionate relationship amongst civilized people.


Hunger. The homeless. Chronic diseases. Ignorance. Unemployment. Untimely deaths (to name a few calamities). These are words, these are things that should have nothing to do with Thanksgiving Day, however, despair threaten to reach out to what is most precious to us; our children, our legacy, our future.


The compassion equation: beliefs+ action = love+ help. It’s in the heart that counts.


When you see or know of someone in need, love demands a loving deed; don’t just say you love them true, prove it by the deeds you do.


Thanksgiving prayers for:

Our leaders that they provide us with a good government; Our military around the globe serving, protecting, and defending; To our civil servants who provide protection, peace, and security (police, fire, and rescue).


To employers, that provide jobs to people who need work, to support themselves and their families; To social and medical personnel, who provide service to the sick and homeless, for their troubled souls and ailing bodies; To you and me my fellow citizens, for those in the world who are alone. Help them realize that they are never really alone (we’re there for them).


Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! May God continue to Bless America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?


Dr. Leon Bly

Barnstead, NH








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