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Barnstead NH News

April 8, 2015

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County Commissioner Hunter Taylor To Address BARC’G  


The Barnstead-Alton-Gilmanton Republican Committee (BARC’G) has arranged to have recently appointed Belknap County Commissioner Hunter Taylor of Alton to be the guest speaker at their next monthly meeting.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14 at 6:30 pm at J.J. Goodwin’s Restaurant (upstairs dining room), 769 Suncook Valley Highway (Rt 28), in Center Barnstead. 

For more information, please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].





Dear Barnstead Residents,

I want to let you know that although I cannot be in Concord over the next four weeks, due to major back surgery, I am still available to help and listen to your concerns.  Several have already called regarding the budget.  The present budget as being proposed in Concord, has an increase over the last biennium budget of $360 million dollars, a 3% increase.  The budget process is far from over, and the final budget will not be voted on until May or June.


Please feel free to call me with any questions/concerns you may have.



Representative Guy Comtois

Belknap 7




Lakes Region FFA Achieves Great Success

At The 85th Granite State FFA Convention

Barnstead 3+Members+of+the+Lakes+Region+FFA.jpg

Lakes Region FFA members that attended the Granite State FFA State Convention. Front Row: Jordan Pellowe, Alexandria Garland, Molly Libby, William Sevigny, Gabrielle Clavette, Bruce Hunter, Jedidiah Kendall. Back Row: Instructor Rick Martineau, Allison Custeau, Josh Smart, Christopher Raymond, James Moulton, Jeremy Malo, Randy Stilwell and Colby Wilson.


Fourteen students from the Lakes Region FFA chapter attended the 85th Granite State FFA Convention, at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH, along with their Advisor Rick Martineau.


The students attended sessions, competed in numerous events, went to leadership workshops and connected with students from other chapters throughout the state. The 3 day event had over 340 participants in attendance.


Our students competed in a multitude of events ranging from Floral Design and Chapter Display to Public Speaking and Forestry. Our students had the chance to discuss the FFA with numerous members of the general public (hotel guests) and represented our chapter, the FFA in general and the Lakes Region Technology Center in the highest regard. Jordan Pellowe and Gabrielle Clavette represented our chapter in the business sessions, where state and national issues were voted on by the delegation. Three members served as Courtesy Corp representatives and assisted throughout convention, they were Jeremy Malo, Jedidiah Kendall and Bruce Hunter. Several awards were presented as well. Allison Custeau received the prestigious Martin L. Mitchell Award for most improved student, Jordan Pellowe received the Star SAE in Agricultural Placement Award for her work with livestock and 5 members of the chapter received their State Degree, which is the highest degree achievable in the state for the FFA. The recipients are as follows: Joshua Smart, Allison Custeau, James Moulton, Christopher Raymond and Jordan Pellowe. 


In competition, the results of our member’s efforts are as follows:

In the Chapter Display event, we received 2nd place. In Floral Design, Honorable Mention went to Allison Custeau, Jordan Pellowe, Gabrielle Clavette and Randall Stilwell. 3rd place went to Molly Libby and 2nd place went to Jedidiah Kendall and Alexandria Garland. In the Agricultural Mechanics Quiz Bowl we placed 1st, with team members Joshua Smart, James Moulton, Christopher Raymond, Colby Wilson and William Sevigny. In Impromptu Speaking Novice Division, Jeremy Malo placed 4th and Jordan Pellowe placed 2nd. In the Experienced Division, James Moulton placed 2nd. In Extemporaneous Speaking, James Moulton placed 3rd. In the Demonstration Event, Bruce Hunter placed 4th. In Job Interview, Molly Libby placed 3rd in the Junior Division, Allison Custeau placed 3rd in the Senior Division, Christopher Raymond placed 1st in the Senior Division and won the overall event and will be representing the Lakes Region FFA and the Granite State FFA at the National FFA Convention in the fall. In the Forestry event, Randall Stilwell, receiving 1st place individually, Joshua Smart, receiving 2nd place individually, James Moulton and Christopher Raymond make up the state winning team that will be representing the Lakes Region FFA and the Granite State FFA at the National FFA Convention in the fall. The remaining team members who assisted in the 1st place success were Colby Wilson, Allison Custeau, William Sevigny, Jordan Pellowe, Gabrielle Clavette, Alexandria Garland and Jeremy Malo. 


Congratulations to all who participated and prepared so well for this event. Mr. Martineau would like to thank his students for their exceptional representation of the Lakes Region FFA chapter and their schools.



The Trouble With Unions

Submitted By Cole Atherton,

A 15-Year-Old Homeschooler From Barnstead


Unions, a controversial subject, with good and bad sides, are both a friend and an enemy to the working man.  When unions were founded, they actually did what they were intended to do, which is help workers who were being abused.  Now unions have become a group who advocate for the worker who wants more money for less work.  Controversial or not, unions are needed, but they must be moderated otherwise we will unionize ourselves right out of a business.


In the late 1800s and early 1900s, during the age of extremes, when immigrants flocked to the United States, workers were used like slaves.  They were not allowed to speak out against the major monopolies, as they owned the cops who would make up some fraudulent charges to place on activists.  Unions were greatly needed in these places to set a minimum wage, establish safer working conditions, and shorter workdays.  The book The Jungle is an excellent book taking place in Chicago during the time when Chicago was a meat packing city.  The main character works on the killing floor of one of the major meat packing plants shoveling guts.  When things got slow, they were still required to be present at the slaughter house, but they would not get paid until they began working when the animals arrived.  Upton Sinclair’s main character,  Jurgis says, “Six hours work would be done after standing on the killing bed till one o’clock, or perhaps even three or four o’clock, in the afternoon.” (Sinclair , 73).   During the age of extremes, the need for unions reached an all time high.


By the mid to late 1900s, the abuse of workers previously seen was over, due to the unions, but this was not the end of the problem.  Once the unions fixed the real problems, they still needed to justify the union leaders’ jobs, so they became a group that is counter productive.  For example, there was a paper mill in Groveton, NH called Wausau Paper.  They were the primary employer in the town when they got in financial trouble and needed to cut workers pay or go out of business.  The workers had agreed to take the pay cut in order to keep their jobs with the promise of raises once the company was back on its feet.  Unfortunately, the unions would not allow this, and the plant was forced to shut down.  All the workers lost their jobs and work was shipped overseas where there were no unions.  In the end, how does this situation benefit any one but the Chinese?


In the end, the old saying, “too much of a good thing can be bad,” holds true to unions as well as anything else.  When Unions were founded, they did wonderful things for the average working man. Now Unions have become more of a problem than a solution, because they protect people who should be fired and hold back people who just want to put in an honest days work for an honest days pay. Finally, we need to find a happy medium where people can be protected but still accomplish something productive.



Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle.

Mineola: Dover Thrift Editions, 1906.



Barnstead Elementary School Honor Roll - Second Trimester


The following students in Grades 4-8 at the Barnstead Elementary School have earned High Honors or Honors for the Second Trimester.  Students who have received A’s in all of their subjects qualify for High Honors.  Those students who have earned A’s and B’s in all of their subjects qualify for Honors.  In addition, students qualifying for HIGH Honors and Honors must have received grades in effort and conduct that are average or above.


Grade 4 High Honors: Luke Carter, Connor Catauro, Alexina Charity, Ashley Chmiel, Peyton Enis-Yearout, Olivia Fanjoy, Brook Fournier, Melisande Gautreaux, Jeremy Hayes, Kirstin Howe, Owen Mahanes, Glidden Martin, Liadan McDermott, Ella Misiaszek, Madelyn Penfield, Hailey Pitman, Bruce Rawnsley, Kaylee Riel, Jillian Simpson, Mallory Smith, Ian West, Abigail Wittenburg


Grade 4 Honors: Autumn Beaudet, Jayden Booker, Sam Caldwell, Thomas Chouinard, Tyler Cote, Samantha Christiansen, Maddison Corey, Lauren Croft, Zoey Crossman, Thomas Duquette, Cameron Gagnon, Brendan Jacques, Madelyn Kelley, Brooke Pepe, Makayla Richard, Ainsley Sabean, Willow Sanborn, Amber Shine, Zack Sullivan, Michaela Vernazzaro


Grade 5 High Honors: Emalee Bunker, Megan Burnette, Hannah Capsalis, Abigail Eaton, Emma Graffam, Kathryn Hamilton, Cloe Hillsgrove, Ethan Howe, Trevor Lavigne, Jeremy Lincoln, Ally Long, Alexis Lyle, Lyndsay Lytle, Rylee Marchildon, Dennis Simpson, Gilbert (Deuce) Smith, Don Terrio, Jaren Unzen, Ryan Warr, Liam White


Grade 5 Honors: Rachael Adkins, Colby Beauregard, Savannah Cheney, Kailee Cody, Kyle Cookinham, Dillon Corey, Ean Corliss, Meado Detris, Hannah Dufoe, Rylee Duquette, Juliana Grillo-Moore,  Spencer Grow, Steven Littlefield, Jon-McKaie Normand, Tazanna Roberts, Bryce Sanborn, Sophie Sarno, Emily Sanschagrin


Grade 6 High Honors: Lucas Bilodeau, Payton Everett, Audrey Jacques, Kassidy Kelley, Madeline Kriete, Emma Vignola, Fiona Wilson


Grade 6 Honors: Joseph Boudreau, Hannah Errington, David Fossett, Makayla Gagnon, Cyrus Gates, Xena Hill, Taylor Kiley, Skylar Presby, Dylan Nelson, Autumn Sheets, Ryan Treadwell, Ashley Vatcher


Grade 7 High Honors: Ava Blair, Tessa Carter, Sara Frenette, Cameron Michaud, Ava Misiaszek, Samantha Simpson, Keegan Unzen


Grade 7 Honors: Kylie Beauregard, Forrest Chase, Amberlyn Cookinham, Ariel Cormier, Alyssa Craig, Aiden Gehly, Kayla Graffam, Reilly Gray, Georgie Martin, Lily Michaud, Noah Sanville, Megan Sarno, Lexi Tallent, Marcus Terrio, Brodyn Varney, Gwen West


Grade 8 High Honors:  Tyler Chase, Hannah Robitaille, Mikayla Towle, Rebekah Wheeler


Grade 8 Honors: Cooper Adjutant, Alexus Caron, Madelyn Chase, Qun Li Fan, Gabrielle Fossett, Haley Gagnon, Laura Hamel, Diana St. Laurent, Tovah Stonner




George W. Riel


Barnstead Riel obit.jpg

George W. Riel, 66, died Saturday, March 21, 2015 at Concord Hospital with his family by his side.


Born in Pittsfield, he was the son of the late Warren and Evelyn (Stevens) Riel.  He spent most of his life as a resident of Center Barnstead.


He worked as a master welder and fabricator until he retired.


He is survived by his two children, son Kevin W. Riel and his wife Deb of Center Barnstead, and daughter, Melissa G. Moran and her husband Scott of Warner; four grandchildren, Nicole and Travis Riel, Christopher Salyer and Mason Moran; two sisters Judith A. Mitchell and Brenda J. Floyd and several nieces and nephews.


He was predeceased by a brother, Warren J. Riel who died in 1959. 


Calling hours will not be held.


A private burial will take place at a later date.








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