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Barnstead NH News

February 13, 2013

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Happy Birthday to Jacob Beaudet, celebrating his birthday on February 16th.



Chris Gnanakan To Speak At CBCC


This Sunday, February 17th Dr. Chris Gnanakan will be speaking at the Center Barnstead Christian Church. A native of Bangalore, Chris worked as an electrician in MICO factory for 3 years before theological studies at the Word of Life Bible Institute and School of Youth Mission (New York). He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Tennessee Temple University and went to do a Master’s in Divinity at Temple Baptist Seminary that he completed at the Asia Graduate School of Theology.


Currently, Chris works as the Director of Training for Outreach To Asia Nationals. OTAN serves in over nine Asian countries, where traditional missions are ‘restricted,’ by encouraging, equipping and empowering national, pastoral leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. 


Chris is happily married to Dorothy, and they have two daughters Alethea and Charis. This Friday and Saturday, Chris will also be speaking at a Prison Fellowship weekend seminar in the Concord State Prison. Come and hear what Dr. Gnanakan has to share from God’s Word this Sunday. 


Sunday School begins at 9:00 am and Morning Worship follows at 10:00 am.  The Center Barnstead Christian Church is locate on Route 126, next to the Town Hall.  For more information, please call the church at 269-8831.



Family Game Night At Barnstead Library!


The Oscar Foss Memorial Library is hosting a Family Game Night on February 25, 2013 from 6-8 pm. We invite all Barnstead families to come participate in the fun! Some board games, light snacks, and drinks will be provided but we would love families to bring their favorite games to share. Each family that attends will receive a ticket for our Board Game Raffle! 


In case of inclement weather, our snow date is February 28th, 6-8 pm. Our space is limited, so please call us at 269-3900 or stop by the library to sign up your family. We hope to see you there! 



Letter To The Editor


Dear Editor:

I recently attended the Belknap County Budget Meeting in Laconia. This meeting was well attended, and lots of folks had a chance to give their thoughts about the various spending line items and possible county tax increase. 


There were some who argued that any cuts would result in county employees not getting a raise, and possibly having to contribute a bit more to their healthcare costs. While I can sympathize with folks wanting to keep their level of pay, it is my opinion that the obvious escaped them. Many of us taxpayers are already paying more per month for our healthcare, thanks to the passage of Obamacare. For me, that increase is just over one hundred dollars a month. Many small business owners pay even more than I do in this difficult economy. Contrast that with county employees, who contribute approximately five percent towards their healthcare costs. It would seem reasonable to me that they could share some of the increased burden, just like the rest of us.


I do not begrudge county employees a livable wage and a fair benefit package. But they need to be reminded that every penny they earn comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket. We can no longer sustain the current levels of pay and benefits, especially when so many of the county residents are struggling to make ends meet. That is just not right, and something has to give. In all fairness, I think that should be the county employees.


Don Walker






This report to local voters will center on Belknap County while another in the near future will concern legislative progress at the Statehouse in Concord.


When the commissioners of Belknap County proposed a budget which included an 8.9% hike from the 2012 budget, there was a clear message sent to area representatives from constituents: do not raise taxes at a time when many people have difficulty paying their current tax bills.


Many of the representatives at the convention budget hearings expected to be criticized by those in county employ. We were,  but more numerous and louder were the voices of those who wish to keep spending in check. Unfortunately, keeping the 2013 budget in line with last year’s budget means not only withholding a pay raise but also passing on a large increase in health insurance premiums to our county employees. That is a difficult decision to have to make but one that the majority of the delegates to the county convention decided was necessary.


New Hampshire is trailing the region in job creation and faces numerous problems which will be difficult to solve.  Until the economy begins to grow, it seems that most of us will be making do with less.  In the meanwhile,  all of your area representatives are doing their best to hold the line on spending and on tax increases.


Richard B. Burchell

State Representative

District 5








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