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Barnstead NH News

January 23, 2013

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Word Of Life Hungary


In a recent survey, more than 53% of Hungarian people stated that they do not believe in any sort of Supreme Being.  As a result the spiritual decline in Hungary has been a steady downward spiral in the social fabric.  One of every five adult Hungarian men is an alcoholic, and the suicide rate is once again on the rise. In addition, 630,000 children and young people come from broken homes, which is more than 42% of the total number of children living in this country. 


Because of the obvious spiritual needs, Pastor Brian and Judy Gower from Center Barnstead Christian Church will be traveling to Word of Life Hungary at the end of the month to teach at their Bible Institute.  The Bible Institute which officially began in 1989 is located on an 18th century 77 acre historic castle property. The mission of WOL Hungary is the evangelism and discipleship of the youth of Hungary and Central Europe through means consistent with the Bible, for the building up and strengthening of the Church of Jesus Christ - with excellence, with enthusiasm, with integrity, and with a servant’s heart.  


With this mission in mind, the purpose of this trip will be to teach the students the Bible, so in turn the students can go back into their countries and teach the life changing truths of God’s Word. Not only will they be sharing with students from Hungary, but also teaching and interacting with students from 15 different countries.  


For more information about Word of Life Hungary please visit their website at


The Center Barnstead Christian Church is located on Route 126, next to the Town Hall. For more information about our church please call 269-8831.



The Nighthawk Hollow Seniors News

Submitted By Beverly A. Goodrich



The Nighthawk Hollow Seniors of Barnstead met on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at the Barnstead Town Hall at 12 noon. Members enjoyed a pot luck luncheon. We plan to play games at the February 6th meeting, also we will discuss ideas for future meetings on that date.


It was decided that if it is stormy, slippery, or if there is no school in the Barnstead schools, we will not meet the first Wednesday, but will have our meeting the next Wednesday.


We are eager to increase our membership with men and women alike. Dues are only $4.00 a year and we always have an enjoyable time.


Please call president, Christine Sanborn at 875-2676 for information.








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